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EPISODE 4: Drop Your Buffs



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After the dreaded double tribal council where Isabel and Angel were voted out, Tapulao Tribe was still stunned about the twist. "Last tribal council, we all agreed to vote out Kenji. But when Rommel from the other tribe gave him immunity, we realized we did not have Plan B," Ralph narrated.

VIDEO: Kenji on Surviving Last Tribal Council

"It was a good game play by Rommel. I commend him for choosing the right thing and really shaking up our tribe. All of us got slapped in the face when we scrambled at tribal council on who to vote. Angel and Ghei volunteered, and since Ghei and I have an alliance, I voted for Angel," Nick on explaining the recent shakeup at Tapulao Tribe.

Ghei received three votes and almost got voted out last tribal council. "I was sad to see Angel go, but it was either me or her. The tribe pretty much had an agreement to keep the guys to preserve the muscles of the tribe. That's when Angel and I volunteered for the execution. But I know I have built an alliance with Nick so I knew he won't let me get voted out."

Jane, who was immune in the last tribal council, was stripped down of her immunity necklace. She is now vulnerable in getting voted out. "It is a fair game now. My protection has already expired. I admit I am still unsure with my standing in the tribe," Jane narrated. When asked last tribal council, she exposed herself by saying that she was still not confident that she will be safe. "Jane mentioned that even with the Immunity Necklace, she is still vulnerable in the tribe... That is not a nice thing to means that she does not trust us. Well especially after that tribal, her immunity is now gone," said Ralph.


Drop Your Buffs!

Host Ivan gathered the castaways that afternoon. He started out on how Isabel and Angel got voted out and how the twist of Rommel awarding immunity affected the game play of Tapulao Tribe. "Survivor has lots of twists and turns. This is an unpredictable game. And now, drop your buffs," he added. Some castaways were clueless on why they had to drop their buffs. "We are now switching the tribes up. Backpackers versus Guests is no more. You will now be mixed," Ivan explained. "Ooooh," expressed by Mina.

Drop Your Buffs Tapulao Tribe
Drop Your Buffs Pundakit Tribe
The switch surprised everybody. The new Pundakit Tribe became AaronGinoKaye, (of original PundakitGheiKenji and Nick (of original Tapulao Tribe). The new Tapulao Tribe became JaneMonRalphYork, (of original TapulaoMina and Rommel (of original Pundakit).

"The switch threw everyone in a loop. I was transferred along with Ghei and Nick. But we will stick together, which is the original plan of The BACKPACKERS of original Tapulao," Kenji stated on his reaction towards the switch.

"I never anticipated the switch. After Isabel got voted out, I told my tribe mates to do our best because we were really down in numbers, but because of this twist, we became more hopeless," Rommel reacted.




The switch evened up the tribes 6 on 6. But at the new Tapulao Tribe, the advantage was clear: original Tapulao was four against original Pundakit who were only two, Mina and Rommel. However, the guys Mon, Ralph and York became unsure of Jane's loyalty. Jane, who was the only guest in a tribe of The BACKPACKERS reunited with her beau Rommel after the switch.

Ralph and York were not secured with the idea of having Jane and Rommel in the same tribe. "A couple in Survivor is very powerful. So we have to break that couple and kind of betray Jane for now," Ralph insisted on breaking up a potential power couple.

York welcomes Rommel and Mina at the New Tapulao Tribe
"A lot of us expected the switch. But before we were mixed up, The BACKPACKERS (Tapulao Tribe) sealed the pact that we will stick to the plan: eliminate all the guests of the original Pundakit Tribe," York on their game plan after the switch. "Jane is part of the plan of the original Tapulao to eliminate all original Pundakit. But, I am worried right now because Rommel, who is her boyfriend, is now here in the tribe with us. And Rommel, even though he is an asset in challenges, is a clear threat. I will not be surprised if Jane goes with her heart and switch allegiances in a heartbeat," he added.

"I am happy that Meng (Rommel) and I are now in the same tribe. But I see him as a competitor regardless of our personal ties. And I think I will remain loyal to the original Tapulao because I gave them my word," Jane confided.


In the new Pundakit Tribe, Nick was happy that his ally Ghei was in the same tribe as him. It was apparent that they were on equal grounds as three original Tapulao (Ghei, Kenji, Nick) versus three original Pundakit (Kaye, Aaron, Gino). Nick knew that it would only take one person to switch to have the majority.

Nick strategizes at the New Pundakit
"This afternoon, I am observing who from the original Pundakit can be easily swayed so that we can get the majority," Nick creating his new strategy in this phase of the game.

"How about one of the guys?," asked Ghei. "I really don't have a read at the guys right now. I do not know where their heads are in this game. This plan may backfire if we choose the wrong person," responded Nick.

In the end, Nick played on Kaye's youth and unfamiliarity with the game and got into her mind to create an alliance with him and Ghei.

"Right now my final three is Ghei and Kaye. I have already made up my mind to choose Kaye over Aaron and Gino to ride my coattails until the end of the game. I am pretty confident with where I stand right now. I have an original alliance with the original Tapulao over at the other tribe (Ralph, Mon, York and Jane), a three person alliance with Ghei and Kenji, and a final three deal with Ghei and Kaye. I just have to figure out which will work best for me," Nick after creating multiple alliances in the game.

The New Pundakit Tribe (minus Nick)

However, unbeknownst to Nick, Kaye was still wavering towards her loyalty to her previous Pundakit tribe mates Aaron and Gino, "New people in the tribe want me in their alliance, but I am still unsure right now. My old tribe, we were losing but we have already deeply connected and bonded," stated Kaye.

But when Nick opened up the idea to Kaye that he may have an edge in the game (a hidden immunity idol), Kaye openly reconsidered her options. "There's nothing harmful in siding with Nick and Ghei and Kenji, especially that we are down in numbers. Nick promised to protect me when we merge and Tapulao has majority. So I might actually go with that."

NICK: I am gonna be the game's villain

"I hate to be the bad guy here, but I think I am becoming the villain of this game. I am playing with a couple of naive people," a smirking Nick remarked.


The New Tapulao Tribe discusses at the Reward Challenge

The new tribes gathered for a Reward Challenge. In this challenge, they will be asked a series of questions where they will answer either A, B, C, True or False. The questions are based on the tiny details that can be found in the tribal council area where they stayed during the last immunity and double tribal council. The first tribe to get three points win reward. The reward is one box of donuts and juice.

The new Pundakit listens in
The new Tapulao answers False

Mina of the new Tapulao Tribe was one of the most observant all throughout the competition and he was able to help the team score their way to victory. "I remember the paddle at tribal council, the number of beds and chairs. I have a pictographic memory of these except the one thing I failed to notice: the nude woman in the confessional, it's wooden! Not metallic!," laughed Mina. "The nipples maybe metallic but the woman is wooden!," mocked Kenji after the opposing tribe answered the question incorrectly. But despite losing a point because of the wooden nude woman, Tapulao Tribe still won Reward! "Mina has helped us a lot in winning the challenge," York stated.


The New Tapulao Tribe
Despite winning a sugary treat at the Reward Challenge, the Tapulao Tribe obviously led by Ralph, decided not to eat the reward, "Ralph suggested the crazy idea that we may give up this reward and trade it for immunity," narrated Jane.

Tapulao Tribe conserved the sweet treats as well for fear that the donuts would make them full and slow them down at the next challenge, should speed be a determining element. "We do not want to be full before the challenge," explained Mina.

"We anticipated the switch and our (original Tapulao) plan since we have the numbers advantage was for the team with more Tapulao numbers to purposely lose immunity so that it would instantly send one of the guests packing. But we are wavering that plan since we are unsure if Jane would still stick with us or not since Rommel is now part of the tribe," Ralph laid out their plan which was ruined. "So we will do our best to win in the next challenge."

Before the challenge, Ralph told everyone but Mina that should their tribe lose, the votes should come Mina's way. "We are going to vote out Mina if we lose this one okay?," asked Ralph. "Okay, noted," responded Jane. In an interview, Mina stated that he may be really be on the outs in the tribe as his only ally was Rommel. "The switch has just put me in a bad position. I was the strategist in my previous tribe but here, I am with familiar faces but of the enemy. What's worse is that they're four and we are only two (Rommel), I won't be surprised if I get the boot, luck is not on my side in this game ever since the beginning," complained Mina.


The New Pundakit Tribe strategizes before the challenge
The newly switched tribes met at the challenge beach for the next immunity challenge: Cover Me. Two persons from each tribe will go head to head in a race. They will run a stretch to check some items lined up on the other side of the beach. One person from either tribes must cover the items and race back to their tribe's table to recreate the set of items in their proper order. The first person to do that wins a point for their tribe. First tribe to score five points win. If the items are not covered, no point will be awarded. The key to this challenge is speed and memory, but the provision that the items must be covered to get the point can also bring strategy to the table.

In one of the rounds, Mon (Tapulao) went against Kaye (Pundakit). Mon was clearly the better runner as he was able to cover the items even before Kaye got to observe them. But Kaye proved to be an eagle eye as she successfully recreated the set of items first despite just glancing at them fifteen feet away. Kaye wins a point for Pundakit! It led to a tie, four - Pundakit vs four - Tapulao.

VIDEO: Final Round: Ralph versus Nick

For the final round, it was Ralph (Tapulao) going against Nick (Pundakit). The former allies became rivals as they were separated after the switch. Ralph and Nick were both quick at the portion that required speed. Ralph opted not to cover the items and ran back to the table before Nick. He then realized that Nick did not really cover the items. Nick did not want to give the immunity that easily. He was teasing Ralph to get back in the other end of the course to even up the table. Ralph did not have any choice but succumb to Nick's strategy. When he was near the set of items, Nick dropped the cover and quickly dashed to the tables. He successfully recreated the set of items before Ralph and won immunity for Pundakit Tribe! "Nick was the man during the immunity challenge. He is really a very smart and clever guy. I am very excited because this is my first immunity win, it feels great," Kaye on Nick's win for the new Pundakit Tribe.


The defeated Tapulao Tribe discusses the vote
It was Mon, Ralph and York's first immunity loss and they were not happy about it. They were particularly not happy about what transpired in the last leg when Nick of Pundakit tricked Ralph to get back in the course to cover the items. "The instructions were not clear, when it was Kaye versus Mon, Kaye ran back even without getting to the other end," Ralph protested. "Nick was an ass in the challenge," he added. What the team did not get was that regardless of who runs back to the table, the rule was clear that someone from either tribe should cover the items so that a point will be awarded. Mon then claimed that he did not cover the items when Kaye won the point against him. "I did not cover the items! That point from Kaye should have been voided!," protested Mon. But after reviewing the tape, it was found out that he indeed touched the sheet and covered the items. How bitter can Tapulao be?

"Mina.. We'll vote Mina," Ralph whispered to Mon and Jane. Mon then told the plan to York while Jane told the plan to her beau Rommel, who was supposedly Mina's only ally in the tribe.

"Mina is a co-guest of mine who started in Pundakit. But we are both on the edge now. Everybody's whispering his name around camp, so I guess my safe game play is to vote with the majority, because it's just either him or me," explained Rommel.

Mina is unsure of his position in the tribe

"I do not know what will happen because nobody has said a word to me at camp. I will just vote with my instincts and hope for the best," pondered Mina who seemed alienated with the on going strategy talk at camp.


When Jane and Rommel went away from camp, Ralph met Mon and York to solidify their plan. "If we vote Mina, and carry Jane and Rommel until merge, I am still nervous about the possibility of Jane switching against us," explained Ralph. Jane, who had sworn loyalty with Ralph, Mon and York, was still a question mark in her allies' minds. "Dude, Mina is not a threat, so we can afford to break the couple first to be sure about Jane's strategic position," added York.
Jane and Meng reunited after the switch

"It is almost tribal council time and the three of us are still not decided whether we will stick with a unanimous Mina vote or is this the best time to blindside Rommel. With Jane and Rommel working as a pair, a pair is extremely dangerous in this game," said a confused Ralph. "Whatever the decision will be, I know it will still end in a disappointing note. We need Rommel because he's got the muscles and Mina's got the analytical skills. Rommel is a big asset in physical challenges...and Mina was the reason we won in the reward challenge."

"The plan this afternoon is to vote out Mina. And then Rommel might be next. Yes he is my boyfriend but I know that whatever my decision is, this is just a game and it will not affect our relationship. I choose to be loyal with Tapulao at this point. But hopefully after Mina gets voted out tonight, we will win all the immunity so that Rommel and I can spend some more time here playing together," Jane concluded.


The Tapulao Tribe entered tribal council, still bitter about the loss. Whenever a question was directed to them, they try to point out the 'unfair' challenge rule which was in essence, fair had they only become as strategic as Pundakit. Jane confirmed that she may be reunited with her boyfriend but she might still side with her original allies. Mina confirmed that he did not have any allies except Rommel, and his time may just be up.

VIDEO: Voting Confession

VIDEO:5th person voted out is...

The couple Jane and Rommel voted for Mina. Rommel apologized to Mina in the voting confession, saying that "it was the group's decision to vote Mina out." Mina voted for Jane. And in a shocking blindside, Ralph, Mon and York blindsided Rommel and in a 3-2-1 vote, he was the fifth person voted out in SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers versus Guests. The couple were both stunned. Jane did not know how to feel. She was betrayed by her own alliance and her real life partner was brutally blindsided. And Mina, surviving every tribal council every episode, is still alive in the game.


Rommel, the tribe has spoken...

MINA voted for JANE
ROMMEL voted for MINA
JANE voted for MINA
RALPH voted for ROMMEL
YORK voted for ROMMEL
MON voted for ROMMEL



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