Saturday, March 7, 2015

QUIRINO PROVINCE: #DiscoverTheUndiscovered

The BACKPACKERS for #DiscoverTheUndiscovered
By Nickson Garcia

What comes out of your mind when you hear someone says "Quirino"? Some would ask "Is Quirino and Quezon Province the same?" Some would say "Ito yung lugar na laging binabagyo." Some would even ask "Are you referring to the Quirino Grandstand?" And perhaps the least wanted response, but we do hear is - "Quirino? Where is that?"

For some travelers, Quirino is at the bottom of their "List of Places to Visit". Maybe the reason is its very limited presence everywhere - online, prints, news on TV and on the radio. I must admit, before this adventure, I would say "There is nothing to see and experience in Quirino."

This trip we had in the Quirino Province gave a concrete answer to those question. For me and for the people who were with me in this adventure, we found a peaceful and a beautiful province. We discovered the undiscovered! And, we wanted to be among the firsts to put this name on the map - QUIRINO. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

SAGADA: Kiltepan View Point, Orange Farm and Lemon Pie House

No, this is not a movie review.

This is The BACKPACKERS wrapping up our Sagada series with our last day in...

by Ivan Ignacio