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EPISODE 2: Hunger, Sweat and Tears


VIDEO: Survivor Zambales Official Intro


After a sad tribal council for Pundakit Tribe where Red was voted out, the morale was low at camp. "We are very sad going back to camp. I am personally saddened because it felt too early for Red to be voted out. I know that she can help the team grab victory especially when challenges will involve puzzles and mind games. But at the same time, I know the feeling, she was uncomfortable," lamented Isabel after getting back to camp.

The beautiful Zambales

Mina of Pundakit Tribe got worried when his name came up last tribal council
Mina, the  24-year old IT Assistant knew that Red voted for him. "When I saw my name came up at tribal council, I got really worried. Although I know I did not contribute a point at the last challenge (Tribe Wars), I was still on a high for me to leave the game this early," confessed Mina. Mommy Weng strengthened the tribe's spirit by doing another pep talk. "It is still too early in the game, and I know that we can do this! We can still win the rest of the challenges," cheered Mommy Weng.


At Tapulao Tribe's camp, everyone was curious on who got voted out. Some of them speculated that it was Mina who got voted out. Ghei thought it was Isabel while Nick thought it was Red.

The fun and confidence continued as they spent the afternoon bonding at the beach. Since they do not really have camp provisions such as a tent, they roamed around the beach area to unwind and bond. "Right now, we are all still pumped up and happy that we won," Angel narrated, the 24-year old TSR from Leyte.

VIDEO: First Look at Pundakit Tribe: Red Voted Out


Ralph, Mon and Nick, carrying Marcelino the big tent during the second Immunity Challenge

Both tribes gathered at Challenge Beach where they were told that the next challenge is a combination of Reward and Immunity. Four persons from each tribe will serve as the runners, and three persons as chasers. The runners will be tasked to carry Marcelino, the big and heavy tent and a 5L water. The chasers from the opposing tribe whose hands and feet are chained will chase the runners in an oval course. The tribe who will catch the opponent with the lowest time will win Reward and Immunity. Because Tapulao had a one man advantage, they chose Kenji to sit down in the challenge.

VIDEO: Tapulao Tribe Strategizes Before The Challenge

Ghei, Angel and Jane of Tapulao Tribe after stumbling down in the challenge
For the first round, Tapulao's Ghei, Angel, Jane and York will be chasing Pundakit's Mina, Rommel and Isabel. After two minutes, the chain from the Tapulao chasers feet were unlocked but it was not enough to even gain on the Pundakit's runners. At one point, when Pundakit was confidently walking across the course, Ghei saw an opportunity to run and gain grounds on the opposing tribe. This was the best time to do it except it only sent Ghei tumbling around the course. After just four minutes of cat and mouse chase, Jane from Tapulao Tribe gave up due to sheer exhaustion.

Round One snapshots

Round Two!
Pundakit Tribe had the chance to grab immunity if their chasers Kaye, Mommy Weng, Aaron and Gino can catch Tapulao Tribe's runners Mon, Nick and Ralph. But the guys of Tapulao proved passionate and by the time that the two minute marker lapsed for the chasers to remove their chains, Tapulao was literally on the heels of Pundakit who should be chasing them. But Aaron, Kaye, Mommy Weng and Gino did not give up. They tried to run but ended crashing on each other's backs. After this, Mommy Weng seemed to be really exhausted but she did not want to concede. It was almost eight minutes in, and they were still very far from the Tapulao guys. Aaron decided to call it off and the challenge resulted in a tie, 0 - 0 for both tribes. Everyone was exhausted but nobody wanted to go to Tribal Council.

The toughest challenge yet


For the tie breaker, both tribes will pick their strongest and fastest which will face off in the course. First round, York from Tapulao will be chasing Rommel who will solely be carrying Marcelino from Pundakit. York proved to be a swift runner when he caught Rommel after 12 seconds.

VIDEO: York vs Rommel Sudden Death Round

VIDEO: Mon vs Gino Sudden Death Round

Second round saw Gino of Pundakit chasing Mon of Tapulao. Gino caught Mon after 16 seconds, which meant that Pundakit lost immunity again and had to go to tribal council to vote out another person. As a reward, Tapulao Tribe won Marcelino, the big tent which they pitched in their camp.

VIDEO: Tapulao Girls Cheer After Winning Reward


Tribe flags
After a grueling challenge, both tribes felt fatigue and hunger. "We are really starving. We are exposed under the sun for several hours. came from an exhausting challenge, and we do not have anything except water!," says Mommy Weng.

"The food situation is hard. We are all starving and who knows when the producers will let us eat? Maybe never? I don't know for sure," Angel of Tapulao Tribe confirming that their tribe was also hungry.

Jane felt bad after giving up in the challenge. But she lamented that she was worn out and hungry. "It is pure hunger. I do not know if I can still continue especially participating in challenges if we will not eat. I am very very weak right now."


At the winning Tapulao Tribe's camp, Nick secured an early alliance with Ghei. "I'll never vote for you," offered Nick, "and I'll never vote for you too. Deal," Ghei closing Nick's early alliance deal.

"This game is all about numbers. We can go forever on how we cherish being in Tapulao, but the fact is by the end of the day we will be dwindling down on numbers. That's why alliances are important in this game," explained Nick who started strategizing after their second immunity win.

Nick and Ghei - form an alliance
After securing a quick deal, Ghei and Nick joined the others in their usual happy bonding at camp. Ralph noticed again Kenji's lax attitude at camp and in challenges. "In the challenge which involved running, I asked Kenji to sit down. Since we have a one man advantage, he sat out because he admits he is not a runner. We saw that in the first challenge," says Ralph. "If our tribe goes to tribal council, I think we all know who should go first - that's Kenji," he concluded.


Gino: I did my best

"The challenge made us see who are strong and who the weakest player is. As much as I love Mommy Weng but Aaron and I were literally dragging her in the challenge today," observed by Gino. Although admitted that he lost to York by four seconds, he thought he did his best and Mon (of Tapulao Tribe) was just really quick.

Rommel: I'm sorry guys...

Rommel admitted that he contributed to the loss by carrying the tent the wrong way. "I was carrying it by one hand, which made it difficult and unbearable as I needed to run at the same time. I'm sorry guys."

Mina: I am partly to blame too

Surprisingly, a fourth member of the losing tribe joined in the bandwagon of "Blame-Me". "Guys, I am sorry too, I think I contributed to the loss as well," Mina told the group. "I forgot to tell you guys that Mon has been carrying Marcelino in most BP climbs. So he knew how to handle it and I think it is a crucial information that I failed to transmit to all you guys."


Mommy Weng asked the tribe to gather up. "I feel that if you want to win, you all know who to vote for. I am not cut out for physical challenges," she confessed. "I am doing this for the tribe, I know you can carry on without me. Just promise me that you will all be united and do not betray each other so that the six of you will all be in the finals. Vote me out. But  give it your best shot and win the game for me!"

Pundakit Tribe's Mommy Weng
"If it is another physical challenge, I know I will be a big liability in the tribe so I asked them to vote me out. We just need the other tribe to lose in one challenge, and the psychological effect of that will be big," explained Mommy Weng.

"Mommy Weng literally asked to be voted out in our huddle so that we will all be at ease at camp before tribal council. It is not really cool for me, but I admire her for doing that," narrated by Aaron who seemed to be half hearted in voting against their tribe's 'mommy'.

"I super admire Mommy Weng. She is a kind person. Despite her age, she managed to blend well with all of us. Having her in the group made us feel secured because we feel like we have our mother with us on this journey. I am new to the group and I do not feel left out because she is always ready to listen. Now, she is doing a motherly move by making way for us to stay in the game and enjoy this moment. Thank you Mommy Weng," said by an emotional Isabel after hearing Mommy Weng's plea for the tribe to vote her out.


Everyone was thinking twice in granting Mommy Weng's wishes. But for one castaway, Kaye, who is her daughter, she felt very distraught with her mom's move. "I definitely am not ready to lose her here yet. Not now.." explained a heartbroken Kaye. Mommy Weng, on the other hand, was building up her daughter to be strong on whatever may happen that afternoon at tribal council.

Kaye of Pundakit is in a dilemma
"I want her to be independent. I know that she can do this alone. I know my daughter, she is strong and I admire her for that. I am doing this also for her to enjoy this with full independence," narrated Mommy Weng.

Kaye mentioned to Aaron that she will rather vote for Mina than vote against her own mother. She was hoping that she can sway the others to not vote for her mom. "I am hoping and praying that a miracle will happen and some other people will also not vote my mom."


The seven remaining members of Pundakit Tribe entered tribal council. They lamented on their tribe's second consecutive loss which sparked unity amongst them. They discussed that their long term game plan is to stick with each other and eliminate the Tapulao Tribe one by one.

Watch this VIDEO to see on who voted for who
VIDEO: Voting Confessional

Watch this VIDEO to see who got voted out of 
SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers versus Guests
and who cried after an emotional exit

VIDEO: The Second Person Voted Out Is...

Kaye casted a vote against Mina, while her mom Weng couldn't vote for the guys or her daughter, so she voted against Isabel. Everyone else in the tribe granted Mommy Weng's wishes and in a 5-1-1 vote, Weng, the single mom and entrepreneur got voted out of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers versus Guests. She left while tears were dropping from Kaye's eyes.


KAYE voted for MINA
WENG voted for ISABEL
ISABEL voted for WENG
MINA voted for WENG
ROMMEL voted for WENG
AARON voted for WENG
GINO voted for WENG


A surprise Double Tribal Council shakes up the confidence of Tapulao Tribe and nails the morale of Pundakit Tribe even lower as they will be down, 7 (Tapulao) to 5 (Pundakit).

RALPH (Tapulao): "Kenji, can you sacrifice yourself for the tribe?,"
KENJI (Tapulao): "Go, I am willing to be voted out so the team can move forward in the game.

MINA (Pundakit): "I am honestly not confident in going to this double tribal council because of my voting history. Some people have been casting their votes against me, so I will not be surprised if it is me this afternoon."

And in a twist, one person of the opposing tribe has the opportunity to screw the other tribe before Tribal Council

TWO people will be voted out next on SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers vs Guests!

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