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EPISODE 1: Welcome to Survivor Zambales!



SURVIVOR ZAMBALES Backpackers versus Guests 
Official Intro Video


Sixteen people; 9 guests and 7 BACKPACKERS arrived at Uacon Beach in the blessed town of Candelaria in Zambales. They were divided into two tribes: The BACKPACKERS became the TAPULAO TRIBE who will be wearing the green buffs while the Guests became the PUNDAKIT TRIBE who will be wearing the blue buffs. They were welcomed by BP Lead Ivan at the challenge beach where they were briefed about the mechanics of the game.

Zambales is a haven of beautiful coves and beaches

In two full days they will be camping out stripped off of any luxuries and electronic gadgets. They will also be  competing in a series of challenges and will be participating in unforgiving tribal councils. In the end, only one among the sixteen participants will be crowned the ULTIMATE SOLE SURVIVOR.

Mommy Weng of Pundakit Tribe

"I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I saw my tribe mates and realized that they were really young ones. I knew instantly that I will be playing the mother card," said Mommy Weng of Pundakit Tribe.


Guest couple Jane and Rommel
got separated when Jane was  transferred 
to Tapulao to even up the tribes

Because of the uneven number of participants, 9 versus 7; The BACKPACKERS were tasked to pick a female member of the Guests to join them in Tapulao Tribe. Ralph gathered the whole tribe and suggested to split up the power couple Jane and Rommel. The first twist of the game forced Jane to transfer from PUNDAKIT to TAPULAO TRIBE.

"I must admit I am kind of scared with my position in my tribe," Jane confessed. "But I think they chose me because some of them know me and my capabilities. Part of it also is that I think they want to use me because I have my boyfriend (Rommel) in the other tribe. So we will see.. Either I am just a pawn or I may be a potential power player here in Tapulao Tribe."

The BACKPACKERS talking on who to get from the other tribe
"We strategically chose Jane so that we can bribe Rommel to lose in challenges or else we will vote out his girlfriend, *evil smirk*," says Nick, the 25-year old Legal Assistant of Tapulao Tribe.

Jane was handed the Immunity Necklace which will protect her
if Tapulao Tribe goes to Tribal Council

However, host and BP Lead Ivan revealed that part of this twist is that Jane will be handed the Immunity Necklace, therefore she will be immune in the first tribal council participated by Tapulao Tribe. Jane definitely needed this protection as she was the lone person in a tribe whose members already knew each other.

Jane: Kinakabahan Ako


The castaways competed early on in their first Reward Challenge. In this challenge, six members from each tribe will race one by one across the sand to retrieve an ice bag hanging on some pedestals with varying distance. When everyone gets a bag for their tribe, two puzzle solvers will get the letters inside the ice bags. They will then unscramble these letters to solve a one sentence puzzle. The sentence that they need to form is ITS MORE FUN IN ZAMBALES. The first tribe to solve the puzzle wins reward: a tent to pitch in their camp!

View Reward Challenge Video:

Ghei and Angel
are the puzzle solvers for Tapulao Tribe
Jane (Tapulao) racing against her beau Rommel (Tapulao)

All runners were neck in neck during the first phase of this challenge except for Kenji (Tapulao) who slowed Tapulao Tribe down when he raced against Mina (Pundakit). But Tapulao caught up with the help of Ralph and Nick when they raced against Kaye and Isabel. It came down to the puzzle solvers Angel and Ghei from Tapulao and Red and Mommy Weng from Pundakit. All girls figured out one word: ZAMBALES but couldn't arrange the other adjacent common words. Tapulao's Angel and Ghei formed IM IN ZAMBALES TO SURF, but it was not the correct sentence, two letters were not used. After several minutes, Red from Pundakit tribe finally figured out the phrase and she spelled ITS MORE FUN IN ZAMBALES and won reward for the Guests of Pundakit Tribe! The tribe rejoiced after their victory. After the challenge, they headed to their respective camps without their backpacks, just the clothes that they were wearing.

Weng: The Key in Winning The Reward Challenge

The tribes were also given paint and brushes and were tasked to design their tribe's respective flags - blue to highlight for Pundakit and green to highlight for Tapulao.


The guests of the Blue Pundakit Tribe returning to camp happy
after winning the first challenge

The guests were thrilled after their first victory. The guys worked hand in hand to pitch their tent reward. "The guys in the tribe are just great. Particularly we have Gino who is Mr. Nice Guy and Aaron who is Mr. Muscle Man.", says Red who was the key for Pundakit in winning the challenge. Mommy Weng was also confident that they have the stronger set of guys in the game. "We have a lot of macho alpha males here, and I love it!" exclaims Mommy Weng, the 46-year old entrepreneur and single mom from Caloocan.

Kaye, the 22-year old daughter of Mommy Weng, started to work on Pundakit tribe's flag. And everyone was quick to help while they bond and tell stories about anything under the sun.

Rommel and Isabel of Pundakit Tribe

"This is our getting to know each other stage," says Isabel, the 26-year old Special Concern Staff under the Presidential Communication Office. Most people knew each other, except for Isabel, Kaye and Aaron, who were first time guests of The BACKPACKERS in an event. But this did not stop them from socializing with the other castaways.

Red: Pundakit is in a Getting to Know Each Other Stage

Pundakit Tribe Camp Video


The BACKPACKERS of Tapulao Tribe had no tent to pitch so they jumped in designing their tribe's flag. While working on the flag, they could not help but throw jokes at one another to lighten up the mood. "We do not need a tent, this is Survivor, come on," says Ghei.

"I am especially amazed at how Mina (of Pundakit Tribe) ran at the challenge. He was like superman in glasses! " mocked Mon, the 25-year old Tactical Coordinator from Bulacan.

Ralph then opened up the idea that the group should be united and strong, and take out all the guests in the game. "The primary goal is for all The BACKPACKERS to be in the finals," Ralph added. Everyone in the group agreed, even Jane, the lone guest in a tribe of BACKPACKERS had sworn loyalty to Tapulao Tribe.

Ralph of Tapulao Tribe - is a fan of this game

But right after prepping the tribe to be strong for the finals, Ralph, the 27-year old Order Manager from Fairview, whispered to everyone's ears, "Kenji - he needs to go. He's the slowest in the challenge," whispered by Ralph to Nick. Ralph did this to everyone in the tribe, without the knowledge of Kenji.

"Ralph is a strategist. He is definitely taking the leadership role in the tribe. I will just take the back seat for now, and as long as it ain't me, I am fine with it," says Nick.


Red of Pundakit Tribe

One member of the Guests of Pundakit Tribe was hiding a trouble inside her. Red, the 23-year old Data Processor was having her first menstrual day. "I am very hesitant to tell my team about this because they may vote me out.. and I am still enjoying the game." But after some time, she decided to open it up to the group.

"It was funny because I tried to indirectly tell them about my menstrual cycle but the guys don't seem to get it. So I slowly explained: let's put it this way, if there will be a need to plunge in the water, I might accidentally convert it into a tea." Red on explaining to the guys of Pundakit Tribe her ordeal that afternoon.


Gino (Pundakit) vs Ralph (Tapulao) during the first Immunity Challenge

The castaways convened for their first Immunity Challenge. In this challenge, they will square off against each other inside a circle, holding a plate with their tribe mascots on top of it. The objective is to knock down the mascot of the opposing tribe. The castaway whose tribe mascot lands first in the sand loses a point for their tribe. The first tribe to get eight points win immunity and is safe for that hour's tribal council.

Watch immunity challenge videos here:

YORK (Tapulao) versus AARON (Pundakit)

RALPH (Tapulao) versus GINO (Pundakit)

KENJI (Tapulao) versus ISABEL (Pundakit)

JANE (Tapulao) versus KAYE (Pundakit)

GHEI (Tapulao) versus RED (Pundakit)

MON (Tapulao) versus MINA (Pundakit)

NICK (Tapulao) versus ROMMEL (Pundakit)

ANGEL (Tapulao) versus WENG (Pundakit)

After the first Round Robin, 
Tapulao bagged four points and Pundakit also bagged four points

YORK (Tapulao) versus AARON (Pundakit)

RALPH (Tapulao) versus GINO (Pundakit)

KENJI (Tapulao) versus ISABEL (Pundakit)

JANE (Tapulao) versus KAYE (Pundakit)

GHEI (Tapulao) versus RED (Pundakit)

MON (Tapulao) versus MINA (Pundakit)

It came down to a tie; 
7 points for Pundakit Tribe and 7 points for Tapulao Tribe. 
The tie breaker round was between Nick and Rommel.

NICK (Tapulao) versus ROMMEL (Pundakit)

Watch this video to see who wins and how the winning tribe was very ecstatic about their victory


Aaron, a daddy of two boys at Pundakit Tribe
Guest Aaron of Pundakit tribe was devastated about the loss of the tribe. But moreover, he was confused why the tribe needed to vote someone out that early. "I don't get it. The other tribe lost the first challenge (Race & Solve) but they were not asked to vote someone out. I think this is kind of unfair," protested Aaron, the 28-year old daddy from Claveria, Cagayan. He pointed out the matter with his tribe mates and they discussed on disputing it to the producers, organizers and to the host, BP Lead Ivan. But later on, Ivan explained that there are two types of challenges in Survivor: Reward and Immunity, and when the latter is not claimed, the losing tribe had to go to tribal council.

Aaron: Naka-tsamba lang sila

But the discussion in camp focused more on Aaron's confusion rather than the reality that they had to vote someone out of the tribe. There were no talks of strategy. Everyone was vulnerable and scared because they were enjoying their time out there. Until Mommy Weng spoke.


"To those who will stay, just enjoy the game. Have fun!" Mommy Weng tried to raise the spirit of the beaten Pundakit Tribe. She stated that it was just the beginning and it was still a long way to go. "Give it your best shot and work as a team!," exclaimed Mommy Weng who seemed to gain six more children by being placed in the Pundakit Tribe.

uploading Weng's Interview

"I wanted to volunteer myself because I think it is for the betterment of the tribe. The stronger people staying, the higher the possibility of us winning... But I really can not demand it up front because I must admit I enjoy being part of this experience," confessed Mommy Weng who was worried about the tribe's first tribal council.

Before tribal council everyone contemplated on who to vote out. Because they were newbies and somewhat unfamiliar with the game, no one talked about alliances or strategy. "Mommy Weng just advised us to vote with our hearts," remembered Gino, the 25-year old dedicated fireman from Bulacan.

Gino was thinking of voting out Mommy Weng. While others, like Red, thought of voting those that did not connect right away. "Mina, I thought was weird at first, but I am sure he is nice. Rommel is also one of the quiet guys. We did not really talk a lot at camp," said Red who was also having a battle of her own. "I have my personal reasons why I should go, I must admit I am uncomfortable with my period but I also would love to stay longer.. but I hate to see my tribe undergo difficulty and stress in choosing the right person to vote. All of us are having such a good time.," added Red.


(watch tribal council video here)

VIDEO: Voting Confessional

The eight members of Pundakit tribe entered Tribal Council. The dispute was presented by Aaron, but was dismissed by host Ivan when he explained again the mechanics and elements of the game. It was clear that the tribe had no plan so everyone might be throwing some wildcard votes until Ivan interviewed Red who indirectly expressed that she may be having fun, but she knew that she may not last long anyway because of her period. This triggered her tribe mates to vote for her unanimously. And in an emotional voting confession, Red threw a vote at Mina, but everyone else voted for Red. So in a 7-1 vote, Red, the 23-year old Data Processor was the first person voted out of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers versus Guests.

RED, the tribe has spoken...

RED voted for MINA
KAYE voted for RED
WENG voted for RED
ISABEL voted for RED
MINA voted for RED
ROMMEL voted for RED
AARON voted for RED
GINO voted for RED


Hunger strikes at both camps...

ANGEL: "The food situation is hard. We are all starving and who knows when the producers will let us eat? Maybe never? I don't know for sure."
The tribes competed in their most exhausting physical challenge where eight people struggled and stumbled down the course. And the fate of TAPULAO Tribe depended on Mon and York while the fate of PUNDAKIT Tribe depended on Gino and Rommel.
IVAN: "The pressure is now under the shoulders of York (vs) Rommel and Mon (vs) Gino! Who will bag immunity?"
One tribe participated in an unforgiving emotional tribal council where it was hard to let go of one team mate.
SWEAT and TEARS will fall, coming up next on SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers vs Guests



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