Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christmas in October #GiveLove

(TheBACKPACKERS #GiveLove in Ifugao 2014)

It was exactly a year ago when majority of TheBackpackers and some very close friends made one of the most heartwarming adventure of 2013 in Ifugao Province. In coordination with the KaEswela, they have spread happiness by giving school supplies and sports equipments to students throughout some schools located at the remote but beautiful Mt. Humalophop

Every aspect of it was memorable. From the preparation of donations to climbing Mt. Humalophop up until the distribution of the donations to the schools were definitely an event to remember in the hearts of all those who participated. 

Conducting an outreach program is not new with TheBackpackers. In fact, we conducted several outreach events spearheaded by different BP members such as BP Marion, BP Chons and BP Ivan. During that time we refer to it as an outreach but as time passed by it evolved into the term "GiveLove" meaning conducting an outreach. This GiveLove usually happens in the month of October.