Sunday, September 30, 2012

Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort

Brgy. Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas

Relaxing in A Stony Shore
By Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.

As part of the plan, the group proceeded to Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort to have a relaxing side trip after a good climb in Mt. Banoi.

We left the jump-off point in two batches as we had Tami (Wilson’s L300), which transported members of The BACKPACKERS (BPs); and our hired van, which carried our guests and few BPs.

It was a 30 – 45 minutes travel from Sitio Malabnig of Brgy. Balabat to Brgy. Malabrigo, Lobo Batangas. Because of that, most of us opted to sleep to replenish lost energy on the way to the resort. The first group had to stop over King's Eatery at the side of the Plaza to buy our late lunch at the resort. The owner of the eatery was very accommodating and friendly to us and we recommend that you to check out that small eatery when you get to visit this town.

Smiling locals while in their decent houses greeted us while we were entering Brgy. Malabrigo. That gave us the impression that the people of this small community, aside from being friendly to visitors, are living a comfortable life. Most probably because of the opportunities brought to them by tourism. The place is part of Lobo, Batangas’ coastal area thus resorts are almost everywhere.

Punta Malabrigo beach is not your usual type of a beach. It is different from what you would imagine when you heard the word “beach”. It has no white sand at all, but rather a stony shore. It has lesser number of coconut trees, but is abundant in trees with widespread branches that are perfect for setting up hammocks. Personally speaking, it is equally beautiful with semi-developed beaches that I, or even the Group, have visited in the past.

The Resort is a fairly vast private beach property. Perhaps, regular visitors keep on coming back to this place because of the breathtaking view of the ocean when sight-seeing by the century-old Punta Malabrigo Lighthouse, which according to the resort’s crew, is a 15-minute hike on a cliff. Unfortunately, none of us was able to go to the lighthouse because most of us preferred swimming, some played volleyball, and others got contented relaxing and grabbing power nap while in their hammocks.

BPs Tin, Angel, and Ana's water jump shot

BPs York, Mon, Heinz and Tin played volleyball with guests Mommy Fe, Nacho and Mina
Wilson relaxing in a hammock
It was everybody's free time...

Walking along the stony shore in barefoot was a real free foot massage. I could not help myself from uttering “ahhh, nice…” whenever I got to step on better stones that provided a good press. And when I found myself already in the shoreline, I took a deep breath and looked around. Then, I noticed that Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort is directly facing two islands. Out of curiosity, I approached the resort’s guest attendants who were in a shed near where I was standing to ask which islands are those. “Verde Island and Mindoro Island,” they answered while pointing left to right.

The stony shore
The Beach

The sea was almost calm on that afternoon and we were blessed with a mild heat from the sun. Because of that, we did not mind standing in the open and by the shore to capture scenic views.

Frank, the BP Photographer in action
BP Lead Ivan
BP Mon
BP York
BP Heinz
BP Ralph
BP Chons
BP Angel
BP Ana
BP Jovy
BP Tin
BP Clue

We were already in the middle of our enjoyment when Mommy Ems and her son Daniel, who are good friends to The BPs, came out to my view.

Mommy Ems and Daniel had fun swimming too!

Their arrival marked the Group’s surprise celebration of Frank’s (a.k.a. “King”) birthday. After singing the Happy Birthday song for him, Ivan read a surprise letter that came from Frank’s one and only special girl, Red. Frank’s happiness was evident in his eyes and was blushing all throughout. And when Ivan was done reading the letter, the birthday boy found himself speechless and overwhelmed with happiness that the only thing he was able to say was a sincere “Thank you, guys!”

BP Lead Ivan reads a surprise love letter for the birthday boy, Frank the BP's "King"
It is always like fiesta when BPs gather =)
Regular guests Nick, Freddie and Mina, helping themselves to a nice treat
Nacho, BP's first foreign guest, enjoyed and finished his plate of pancit bijon.
Guests Ruby and ES
Guest Resty
Guest Gerald
BPs Ivan, Heinz and York ready to devour Mommy Ems pasalubong - Braso de Mercedes
Everybody was again given the chance to enjoy the place after the simple celebration. Most of us rushed to the sea to make the most out of this Malabrigo Beach experience. And guess what, Nacho taught us some swimming basics. He even showed us how to do the difficult butterfly swim!

Nacho gives a free swimming lesson
Mina's jump for joy!
Guests Cyrus and Mommy Fe
Before the clock hits 5:00 PM, the Lead requested everybody to finally prepare going back to Manila. We then packed our things up and cleaned the area - another The BACKPACKERS way.

And of course, we had our usual Side Trip Photo Ops before loading our backpacks to our service cars.

The Girls

The Boys

Mt. Banoi Climb 2012 Guests: Wilson, Resty, Nick, ES, Mommy Fe, Gerald, Ruby, Nacho, Mina, Cyrus, Freddie and EQ.

It was another good climb and a relaxing side trip for The BACKPACKERS and Guests. We all boarded the car and all hoped for a safe trip going home.

But tell you what... if only i had enough budget that day (?), I could have stayed overnight in there. Yes, cottages are available for rent. And pitching a tent is also allowed for a minimal fee. Isn't that nice? Let's see next time.   

Photo Credits: King Aguilar, Liz Honrade, Clue Fajardo and Emily Pacursa Peralta
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