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EPISODE 3: Double Trouble




VIDEO: Pundakit Tribe Swims
After an emotional tribal council, Kaye was joined by Aaron, Gino and Meng at the beach. They swam in the sea to ward off the gloom and sadness brought by the previous tribal council where the tribe's mom was voted out. Kaye was mostly affected by Mommy Weng's departure.

"I am really intrigued by Mommy Weng. In the short time that I spent with her in the tribe, I felt that her personality is very interesting," says Rommel, the 24-year old Product Analyst from Tondo, Manila.

"The mood at camp was sad. Mommy Weng has been the strength and cheerer of the tribe," lamented Aaron.

A sorrowful afternoon for Kaye
"I was emotional at tribal council because I am very close to my mom. She has been my rock all the time. And I do not know how to continue without her here," stated by a still emotional Kaye.


While Kaye, Aaron, Gino and Rommel were swimming at the beach, Isabel and Mina who both received votes at the last tribal council stayed at camp. "I was surprised when I saw my name on the ballot, but I am thankful that I was not voted out. It made me realize that, hey I am really playing this game. This is surreal," explained Isabel. "I am sad because I did not really expect my name at tribal but I see it in a way that the others see me as a threat. And I am really a very competitive person."

"Two tribal councils in a row, and I still am receiving votes. It is a really scary feeling," said Mina.

Mina ponders on receiving votes two tribal councils in a row

"What I can say about Mina is that looks can be deceiving. He seems harmless but he is a physical player. During our first challenge, he ran like supersonic. At the same time he is also smart and analytical. So it is a question mark why he has been receiving votes at tribal council," Gino on his tribe mate Mina.


VIDEO: Ghei Gloats

The tribes were called to gather in the tribal council area. They were told to prepare for their next immunity challenge. There was a clear distinction between the two tribes. The Blue Pundakit Tribe who had been to two consecutive tribal councils was quiet while the members of the Green Tapulao Tribe were all over the place. "We were not in the mood to celebrate. We were losing and we were losing badly" explained Kaye. Ghei on the other hand defended the tribe's spirit, "We are at cloud nine because we are on a winning streak. Pundakit tribe, give us some challenge, come on!"

"Ghei gave this sarcastic remark that we (Pundakit) are easy to beat. I think this is part of their strategy to mess with our minds. We are at the lowest of lows losing Red and most recently Mommy Weng," Rommel assessed. "I am pumped up in this next challenge, we should win. We should at least win something before morale dips to the lowest level," he added.

"Coming in at the challenge, we can feel that the other (Tapulao) tribe  is really enjoying and that makes us, or me really jealous. When we gathered around, we saw how fierce our competition was. And they are doing a good job because they haven't been to any tribal councils," fireman Gino said.

"I don't think that our tribe is gloating. We are just positive persons. And we are a happy group. It all boils down to the point of view of the other tribe. But as far as our celebration is concerned, it's just really how we treat each obstacles - we are a positive group," York, the 27-year old Network Engineer remarked.


Ivan announced that the game is full of twists and surprises. He then mentioned that all fourteen of them are gonna be playing for Individual Immunity. Then the shocker that afternoon: both tribes will be going to tribal council to vote one person out.

Arranged in a circle, Ivan will read a multiple choice type of question and each of them should answer either A, B or C. The castaways who will answer incorrectly is/are automatically out of the challenge. The questions are about Backpacking and Survival in the Outdoors.

An insect diet can actually save your life by providing you with 
which of these much needed bodily source of energy?

A Protein (correct)
B Carbohydrates
C Fats


Noone got the correct answer

You are walking on a trail with two hikers. Three miles in from the road, one co-hiker slips off a steep slope. He is now 20ft down a steep embankment with a badly broken leg and a vicious bruise on his forehead. What should you do?

A Stay with the hiker while the third member hikes back three miles to call for help (correct)

B Knot your clothes and the third member's clothes for the injured hiker to grab onto, then both of you try to pull him up

C Act like you have never seen an injured hiker before, complete your climb and watch the evening news to find out what happened


After the third question, only four remained: Isabel, Rommel, Ralph &York

The Final Four at the first Individual Immunity

Which feature of a snake is used to determine if its venomous or not?

A Tail
B Eyes (correct)
C Tongue

Noone got the correct answer

Which of the following is correct about the survival rule of three?

A You can survive 3 days without water (correct)
B You can survive 3 hours without oxygen
C You can survive 3 weeks without warmth


Which should you avoid when you're looking for insects to eat?

A Big Ones
B Bright Ones (correct)
C Ugly Ones


First Individual Immunity Challenge Final Round: Ralph vs Rommel

Final Two in the first Immunity Challenge: Ralph vs Rommel
After the fifth and sixth questions, Isabel and York got eliminated respectively leaving a head to head battle which was true to the theme of the game: Backpackers versus Guests in Ralph and Rommel. One may think that Ralph, who was clearly the lead person of Tapulao Tribe and who is an outdoors person, had this in the bag. The last test was a very simple question of "What is the number 1 cause of injury in the outdoors?" Ralph answered A-Drowning and Rommel answered C-Falls & Slides. And the Guest beat the Backpacker when Rommel won the Individual Immunity challenge as the correct answer was C-Falls & Slides.

"I really gave it my all in the Individual Immunity Challenge. I know that like in the real Survivor, the confidence and power are priceless when you win that necklace. And this win is for our tribe, although individual, I know that they are all happy for me," Rommel on winning the challenge.

Rommel of Pundakit wins Immunity


While waiting for the unexpected double tribal council, Ghei brought up the idea of voting out Mon, whom she saw as a fierce competitor but might be crossing the line. "Remember our first immunity challenge, there was one point he was intentionally holding the plate incorrectly to win. I want to win but I want to win fairly," said Ghei. "There were also times when he becomes hot headed at challenges," Nick added. The two convened Angel, Jane and Kenji to vote out Mon.

Kenji is in danger of being voted out at Tapulao Tribe
But when Ralph walked inside the room, he huddled the group again and suggested strength conservation so that they will continue their winning streak at tribal challenges. "We need to work this out as a team. Who do we think contributes the least at camp and at challenges," Ralph asked. "I heard that people are plotting against Mon, but I want to keep Mon in my side. He may be hot headed but he is an asset in challenges. In this phase of the game, we need to pick the weakest players. Kenji is a good person, and a good BP, we love Sir Kenji to death, but he ain't helping us win.." 

"Kenji, can you sacrifice yourself for the tribe?," Ralph asked Kenji. "Go, I am willing to be voted out so the team can move forward in the game. It is okay. I enjoyed my time here," Kenji responded.

"The tribe had an agreement to vote out Kenji and Sir Kenji knows it. So this is better than blindsiding him. Some people are talking about voting out Mon but he is one of the strongest. So at tribal council tonight, Sir Kenji will sacrifice himself for the tribe," Angel narrated.

"The initial plan was to vote out Mon but it was altered later. Everybody agreed to vote out Sir Kenji, even Sir Kenji agreed, so it's going to be an easy vote" Ghei remarked.

VIDEO: Kenji and Survivor

"The new plan of the tribe is to vote me out. And that is okay with me since I really haven't contributed anything. It is my birthday next week and this is my selfless act for my birthday. This is not quitting the game, but I am doing this for the group," Kenji on agreeing with the plan to be voted out.


Meanwhile at Pundakit Tribe, the mood was at an all time low even though Rommel won Individual Immunity. "This game is not working for us. We feel that every twists and challenges work to our disadvantage. We are down to six members and suddenly, it's a double elimination. We can't do anything about that. It sucks," complained Aaron.

The afternoon was especially worrisome for the analytical Mina who had been receiving votes every tribal council. "I am honestly not confident in going to this double tribal council because of my voting history. Some people have been casting their votes against me, so I will not be surprised if it is me this afternoon."

"Going into tribal council, I think even though we do not have consensus, it is going to be Mina's time. He had been constantly receiving votes at tribal council. And it did not come from me, I have never voted for him. So if I want to save myself this afternoon, I should vote for him," explained Isabel. But what Isabel did not know was Mina and the other guys were thinking on voting her or Kaye out.


The guys at Pundakit Tribe contemplated on voting out the girls to preserve the strength. "Mommy Weng wanted us to go to the finals and beat Tapulao. And the key to do that is to vote either Isabel or Kaye especially for the physical challenges," Aaron as he described the situation.

"Ma'am Isabel is beautiful, she reminds me of the former Binibing Pilipinas who was Andrew E's tandem, I forgot the name... She is kind, calm and collected. Sometimes I don't know if she is strategizing but I do think she is a clever person," Gino describes Isabel who was one of the potential votes for the guys.

Isabel and Kaye are in danger in Pundakit, and also Mina
"Kaye, is the youngest person here. And what I like about her is despite her mom (Mommy Weng) leaving last time, I can not see that she's beaten or whatsoever. She did not lose her drive to play although some people may think that she should follow her mom so she won't be sad. That's not the case, she still gives joy to the group," Gino continued, this time describing Kaye.

"It can be a toss up between Kaye and Isabel especially we have four more guys and we agreed to keep the tribe strong. People may think this is an easy vote but it is really not," said Rommel who was still unsure on who to vote. "I am lucky that I have immunity so thinking about myself is one less of a baggage. We will see how it plays out at tribal council."


The six remaining members of Pundakit Tribe entered tribal council: Isabel, Kaye, Aaron, Gino, Mina and Rommel; with Rommel entering with Immunity Necklace around his neck. The tribe was at an all time low for being present in three tribal councils in a row. The spirit may be low, but their hearts are still in it, assured Isabel. Kaye also cheered the tribe and assured them that she will continue to bring joy in camp. Mina and Aaron revealed the long term plan of Pundakit Tribe: that the over all winner in the event should be an original member of the Blue Pundakit Tribe.

It was time to vote... Rommel was the only one safe and everyone else were vulnerable of being the third person voted out.


WATCH: Third Person Voted out is...

The members of Pundakit Tribe cast their votes where Isabel threw a crucial vote at Mina. The rest of the tribe voted  for either Kaye or Isabel. Isabel could have made it a tie if she voted for Kaye, but in the end, in a 3-2-1 vote, Isabel, the the 26-year old Special Concern Staff was the third person voted out of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers versus Guests. She clearly did not expect to be voted out. She admitted to being blindsided by her co-guests.

The tribes were asked to head back to camp except for Rommel. Part of his reward was a privilege to join Tapulao Tribe's tribal council where he can gain information on how the rival tribe is doing.


The eight members of Tapulao Tribe entered tribal council and were surprised to see Rommel seated across them "Why are you here," Angel asked Rommel. Ivan mentioned that part of winning the challenge was a Reward to listen in the tribal council of the rival tribe. He also stressed out that Jane was immune that council for being the only Guest in a tribe of The BACKPACKERS. Ivan interviewed the tribe which was still complete. York dismissed the remark that the tribe was gloating, "The BACKPACKERS is really just a happy and positive group," explained York. When Ghei was asked if she already made up her mind on who to vote, she made sarcastic remarks on how one person in the circle irritates her. "He is hot headed, he does not know when to shut up, which can cause us the game. There was a challenge when we do not have strategy and he was very loud and noisy, how can we concentrate? He is detrimental to the team," explained an agitated Ghei. When asked if she can reveal the name of this person, she straightforwardly answered that she was pertaining to Mon. Mon defended himself by saying that the tribe needs him at challenges. Kenji was asked if he was enjoying the game, and he defended his relaxed approach.

VIDEO: Ghei lashes at Mon

The interview ended and everybody was preparing to write down Kenji's name when host Ivan announced that aside from Jane, one more person will be immune from the votes. He revealed that part of Rommel's Reward was the ability to pass the Immunity Necklace to somebody from the rival tribe. This was a nice strategic opportunity to produce chaos in the confident Tapulao Tribe if Rommel was to give protection to Kenji. Rommel thought about it for a minute and later said, "This is for strategy, I am going to give Immunity to Kenji." The confidence of the whole tribe was shattered. After Kenji received immunity from Rommel, the latter left and rejoined his tribe (Pundakit).


Rommel's move delayed the tribal council of Tapulao Tribe as everybody panicked. Everyone had their minds in writing Kenji's name down, but all of a sudden, Kenji was immune because of the twist. Ivan called for the voting to begin, but the group dismissed the order. They openly talked about who to vote. Ralph suggested to preserve tribe's strength which led to Angel and Ghei volunteering their names for the sake of the tribe. Angel even asked the host, "Can Sir Kenji pass the immunity to another person?" which proved that she did not really like to volunteer herself for execution. But to her heartbreak, the answer was no. Ghei assured the tribe that if they vote for her, she will not take it against the tribe. It was finally time to vote...


WATCH: The Fourth Person Voted out is...

The members of Tapulao Tribe cast their votes where only Kenji deviated from the plan to vote for either Angel or Ghei. He voted against Mon. In the end, in a 4-3-1 heartbreaking vote, Angel, the 24-year old Technical Support Representative from Leyte was the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers versus Guests.


Isabel, the tribe has spoken...

ISABEL voted for MINA
MINA voted for KAYE
GINO voted for KAYE
AARON voted for ISABEL
KAYE voted for ISABEL

Angel, the tribe has spoken...

KENJI voted for MON
ANGEL voted for GHEI
YORK voted for GHEI
JANE voted for GHEI
RALPH voted for ANGEL
NICK voted for ANGEL
MON voted for ANGEL
GHEI voted for ANGEL



IVAN (host): "Just like what happened last time, this game is full of twists. You can never be complacent as this is a very unpredictable game."

It only take three words to put the castaways' world upside down

 Nick continues to play the game as a rivalry with a former teammate starts

NICK: "I do not want to be the bad guy here, but I think I a becoming the bad guy... 
Everyone's just so naive."

Its time to switch up the tribes! Who will be the casualty and will be voted out next on SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers vs Guests!

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