Sunday, March 24, 2013

Matabungka Falls and Exotik Restaurant, Laguna

The BACKPACKERS' Unang Hirit Sa Tag Init continues with the gang descending from Mt. Humarap and enjoying the cascades of Matabungka Falls - a good fifteen minutes from the top of the  mountain. Then they head to one of the most famous restaurant in PH; the one that has a mini zoo and serves exotic dishes: Exotik Restaurant in Brgy. Longos, Kalayaan, Laguna.


Unang Hirit Sa Tag Init 2013
Part 2: Matabungka Falls and Exotik Restaurant
by Weng Topasi

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mt. Humarap and Paete Church

It is officially the start of that season everyone's waiting for - SUMMER! Last year, The BACKPACKERS enjoyed this season in the provinces of Bataan, Oriental Mindoro and Benguet. This year, the group are expanding the celebration as we have plotted four instead of three Hirit Sa Tag Init Adventures.

The first official group summer adventure is in the towns of Paete and Kalayaan in the province of Laguna which involves an easy climb in a minor mountain, a visit to a century old church, dipping into a majestic waterfalls and a feast at a restaurant that serves exotic dishes! 

Unang Hirit Sa Tag Init 2013
Part 1: Paete Church and Mt. Humarap
by Weng Topasi

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baguio City: The Summer Capital of the Philippines

Baguio City and the Panagbenga Festival

by Marion Erika Macapagal

Baguio City, also known as the City of Pines, has been a famous tourist attraction in the Philippines. Though, it’s not my first time here, this is the first time that I’ll be writing about my experience in a non-dramatic way (sorry naman! drama princess lang ang peg minsan :p). I'll try to be more informative in this blog, then share my emotions through the photos posted here instead. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mt. Apo (Part 3)

The Final Trail Going Down

By Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.

Reaching the summit of the Philippine’s Highest, Mt. Apo, provided each and every one of us the sense of having great accomplishment. After years of climbing mountains with varied difficulties, we were able to see ourselves standing at the topmost peak of the grandest mountain in the archipelago. It felt like we have finally received the trophy as Pinoy mountaineers! And that was the ultimate reason we were able to surpass post-summit assault challenges.

Mt. Apo as seen from the west.
Feeling accomplished and content, we treated those challenges as part of the adventure. We laughed despite the sharp icy temperature. We continued despite the unknown weather that was waiting for us. And we survived the sleepless, extremely cold, and raining night in a camp by the Lake Venado. God is good! The following day brought the prize- a promising weather for us to fully enjoy the adventure along the final trail going down.