Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Episode 3: Their Legs Are Longer

Previously on Survivor Pangasinan:

The tribes were given a catalog where they had to choose two out of ten items as reward. Malabobo's Rexie and Resty wanted the Lucky Strike cigarettes so bad but Marion and Liz shut them down. Joyjoy grabbed victory for the Amorong Tribe when she won in a showdown against Resty of Malabobo. Amorong Tribe won bread & jam and cold Sprite. Rexie tried to recruit Resty in his alliance (with Leah and DeePee) but Resty's door seemed close for any negotiation. In the Immunity Challenge, poor performances from the Malabobo Tribe may have shifted the momentum in favor of Amorong. And once again, Joyjoy managed to grab a win for her tribe when she won against Chons in the fifth round of the challenge. Back at Malabobo Tribe, almost everyone was gunning for Leah except her three person alliance. But when Marion decided to give way, The Backpackers promised to stick together before ousting her. Marion became the second person voted out of the game. Fourteen are left. TWO PEOPLE will go home this episode.


The afternoon after Marion got voted out, the remaining Malabobo Tribe members were relieved. "I appreciate the fact that Marion gave way for us, and that she made us swear to look after each other in this game," mentioned Heinz.