Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River

Return to the Mountains
(Unang Hirit sa Tag-Ulan)
It has been seven (7) months since TheBackpackers had their official climb and it was the induction climb at Mt. Damas last January 2014. From February to July, we have visited different provinces not to climb but to explore their well-known beaches. However, we all know that despite those beautiful beaches and relaxing experiences, we will still go back to our first love and that is the pain of ascending, the slippery and muddy trails, small crawling inserts, leg breaking descents…in short, we miss body pains!

But on a serious note, we will always go back because of the experiences, the breath-taking views, the different stories shared, meeting new people and most importantly, the people within TheBackpackers. This is our home, this is where it all started and this is where our family will always go back.