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EPISODE 7: Who to Trust




After blindsiding BACKPACKER Ralph at tribal council, the group headed back to camp. A flustered York was approached by Mon. "What happened?," asked Mon. "I voted for Aaron just like what we planned. Who did you vote for?," asked York to which Mon responded that he also voted for Aaron. In reality, Mon joined forces with Nick and Kenji to throw away Ralph's possibility of controlling the game and the votes of The BACKPACKERS. Nick, Mon and Kenji were successful in overthrowing their co-BACKPACKER Ralph with the help of Kaye's and Aaron's votes.

BP Mon
"I am preserving connection with York, telling him that I am still with him on this. But my loyalty now is with Nick. But I want York on my side. I need every possible end vote right now. I am loving this game,"
Mon on lying to York's face that he voted with him and Ralph last tribal council.

"The game has officially started. It was my second time at tribal council and everything was so intense. I already have the confirmation of the people who would vote for Ralph but I was still very nervous as people can switch their votes thus ruining my plan. But I am glad everyone stuck with their word, now I am invincible," stated a proud Nick whose first big move was voting out his rival co-BACKPACKER Ralph. What Nick did not know was one of his drafted Final Four alliance did not side with him. "I did not vote out Ralph because I personally feel that The BACKPACKERS should stick with the plan to take each other all the way to the end...," confessed Ghei.

"The move to vote out Ralph was saddening but that is really part of the game," said Kenji, one of the original Tapulao member who voted out Ralph.


BP York

York, who was Ralph's closest ally, was still confused on what was Pinatubo Tribe's strategy. but one thing's for sure, "I am not in control of the game, I am no longer in control of the tribe. I really do not know what will happen next," stated a vulnerable York.
Regardless of the surprising blindside, his hopes were still alive that he would be able to go through the game. "At this point, Mon and I are on the outs. So I still have a 50% chance of staying. It will just depend on how the people in power are gonna be voting," York added. But what York did not know was Mon already shifted his loyalty from him to Nick.

Nick, who seemed to be in control of the tribe, was approached by Ghei if he was still willing to cut The BACKPACKERS one by one. "Are we going to vote York next?," Ghei asked. "Right now, our best bet is to do that because he is not really part of our alliance. He is not included in our Final Four," Nick answered. "But even if we keep him, we still hold the majority. Even if we vote Aaron out next, we are still in control," insisted Ghei.

"Right now it will not really hurt to eliminate a guest - whether Aaron or Gino. We clearly have the majority anyway," Nick was open to Ghei's suggestion which he confided with Kenji afterwards.


The castaways were called to go to the tribal council area. While they were given time to relax at the tribal council area, survey forms were handed to them which were a part of the next immunity challenge.

Guest Gino

"We were asked to fill up a questionnaire with questions pertaining to our impression on the other castaways left in the game. This should be fun," commented Gino after being handed the survey forms.

"Who will not survive alone in an island, who has multiple alliances, who would you trust your life...etc etc. The next challenge will pretty much be a revelation on what we think of our other tribe mates," says Kaye who is in a confident spot because of aligning with Nick.


Immunity challenge video uploading....


Guest Aaron
Aaron could not believe that he won in an Immunity Challenge wherein a clear disadvantage was lack of knowledge about the co-castaways, "I am one of the new guys here, and I obviously do not know much about the others...but I still won. Nice," says Aaron while wearing the Immunity Necklace.

York, who felt the need to win immunity summed up what he learned from the challenge, "The question which who has multiple alliance, and the answer was Nickson confirmed my doubts about him. He is the mastermind and he is clearly in control," says York. York approached Aaron and asked about how he currently fares in the game. "I just go with the flow, I know who are in control, and it is obvious dude. Me, I am just enjoying my time here," responded Aaron.

"York asked me if he is going home and I said I am not sure. As much as I love the guy, I think the majority is voting him out tonight," Aaron confessed. With Aaron winning the challenge, it put a dagger onto York's fate as it was either him or Aaron for the majority alliance. It was the best timing for Aaron winning immunity.


The castaways were given instant reward in the form of a post merge feast and booze while inside the tribal council area for the immunity challenge. Most of the castaways were too exhausted to enjoy the booze but they did enjoy the little food reward that went with it. No one really paid attention to the free alcoholic drink except Kenji. "During the immunity challenge, Kenji was very drunk already. He was all over the place. And it was just a small amount of alcohol but it got to his system maybe because of the sheer exhaustion from this game," Ghei narrated.

BP Kenji

"Going back to camp, Kenji just flat out laid inside the tent. Nobody can really talk strategy to him. He was drunk! And it was  supposed to be crunch time as the next tribal council's looming," said Nick. When his tribe mates tried to wake him up, he would just make some indistinct sound. Until he finally spoke, "I am dizzy...," complained a half-drunk Kenji.

"Apparently Kuya Kenji does not know his limit. During the challenge, he went on and on with the alcohol when there's still the game ahead of us. Now, he is complaining of feeling dizzy...and he really will be dizzy after doing that earlier at the challenge," Kaye pointed out.


Despite Kenji's state, Nick still had his hands moving by whispering to everyone except York that they were to write York's name at tribal council. "It takes a lot to make sure the drunk Kenji understands the plan and votes with us. It can only take one drunk person to ruin my plan, I would be so agitated by Kenji if he throws a wildcard vote," says Nick. Kenji nodded whenever Nick whispered York's name to his ears.

Guest Kaye

"Right now, we are acting like we are voting Kuya Gino out. But cementing the plan, it is actually Kuya York whose name we'll write down. Him and Kuya Ralph were the big threats in our alliance.... This part of the game is the one that I did not like, but I realized that you have to be cut throat in order to play the game flawlessly," mentioned Kaye.

BP Ghei

York, who was still hoping for the unity of The BACKPACKERS turned to Ghei and asked her who she is voting that night. "I will vote Kaye tonight," says Ghei. "Kaye? Why Kaye?," York responded. "The choice is really either her or Gino for The BACKPACKERS because Aaron has immunity," says Ghei. To which, a still confused but hoping York asked, "So it's still The BACKPACKERS sticking together then?" "Yes, I would love that," Ghei.

"I do not know who to trust and who to believe now. My supposed alliance betrayed me and Ralph last time. And now, my hope of sticking is if they will spare me but I am getting different plans from different people. Nick and Mon are saying that we vote out Gino, and then there's Ghei who is saying that we vote out Kaye. So I do not know. There's nobody to trust," lamented York who went and talked to his original Tapulao tribe mates before tribal council.


The eight castaways entered tribal council where host Ivan introduced Ralph as the first jury member. Moving forward, the people who will be voted out will form the jury. The jury will have the ultimate power of voting the person who they think deserves to win in the Final Tribal Council. This tribal council was different as Ivan observed a turn around from intense exhaustion to people who have been rechanneled to play the game. "This is it, all eyes are set on the prize, and we are now in it to win it," says Ghei. "We realized that we are all close to the finals, so our spirits are very much focused now," added Aaron. Ivan pointed out that the three guests (Aaron, Gino and Kaye) have survived the last tribal council despite being outnumbered by The BACKPACKERS. He then asked Kaye if it was still The BACKPACKERS versus Guests, to which Kaye replied, "It is a new game now. I mean, Aaron, Gino and I have made it here because of our efforts of surviving every Pundakit tribal council. And it is going to be not good for being voted out because you are just a guest." Nick agreed with Kaye that the game has seen a major turnaround at this point. York was asked on how he will vote, "I am going to trust my guts and trust the people that I trusted from the beginning." Kenji was just quiet the whole tribal council chat time. It was now time to vote...

Tribal council video uploading....

Kaye received Ghei's vote as Ghei mentioned in the confessional that she would love to be the last remaining female in the game. Kaye also received York's vote. But despite Kaye's two votes, everyone else voted for York. His trust towards Kenji, Mon and Nick was completely shattered and he was the ninth person voted out of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers versus Guests. He now joins his amigo Ralph as the second member of the jury.


YORK, the tribe has spoken....

YORK voted for KAYE
GHEI voted for KAYE
GINO voted for YORK
KAYE voted for YORK
AARON voted for YORK
MON voted for YORK
KENJI voted for YORK
NICK voted for YORK

Mark this on your calendars: The most EXPLOSIVE episode
of The BACKPACKERS and Guests' Zambales adventure as
one castaway erupted violently which could have a
tremendous effect in the game

Castaway 1: "That was the biggest melt down in the history of all reality game shows."
 Castaway 2: "It was super duper scary. What happened was beyond normal."
 Mommy Weng: "I feared for the safety of my daughter (Kaye). She was all I was thinking of. Survivor really brings out the true colors in people."

One castaway has an explosive announcement that
can also change the course of the game
IVAN: "Do you want to quit? We are down to the Final seven and you want to quit?"

Two events that can totally change things
You think you know who is cool?
You think you know who has the will to make it all the way?

You think you know who is in control?

 IVAN: "What happened did not need to happen. For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. And there is a consequence on what you did..."
The most controversial episode of Survivor Zambales is up in two weeks!
We are almost at the end of our memorable adventure!
Who will be voted out next on SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers vs Guests!

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