Friday, April 26, 2013

The BP Gives Back: Project Give Love Ugo

The BP Gives Back: Project Give Love Ugo
Domolpos Children Deserve a Bright Future
By Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.

The BACKPACKERS with Domolpos Community School pupils

Everybody was undeniably blessed with ample amount of endurance that day. All we needed after seven to eight hours of trekking, and soon as we have reached the "sitio", was a short rest. After that, every one was on his feet again, sorting out give-aways, repacking snacks, and preparing the school supplies that we were about to give to the pupils of Domolpos Community School. Perhaps, the strength which we had that day was sustained because of our great desire to help coupled with the thought that we must deliver so as not to put into waste KaEskwela's generosity.

Mt. Ugo Traverse

Mt. Ugo Traverse
The BACKPACKERS' Induction Climb
by Ivan Ignacio


The BACKPACKERS love the Cordilleras! And when is the most appropriate time of the year to visit this mountainous region - none other than during summer! One astounding mountain here is Mt. Ugo, the target venue of the group for its second stint this summer.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon

Cagbalete Island
By: Mark Nickson P. Garcia

It’s the time of the year when most people, especially beach lovers, look forward to escaping the metropolis with their backpacks on - summertime!
With my classes that are finally over and office that is at Shutdown Break for a week, not to mention that PAGASA has already declared the start of the summer season, what activity could be more exciting to do than to hit the beach? And, yes, i did.

My original plan was to go somewhere far from Manila, but due to a tight budget, and because not all of my friends are not on a Shutdown Break, i thought that a two-days-and-one-night itinerary would be just fine. After researching online, I decided to travel to Mauban, Quezon ane explore the well know island called CAGBALETE.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Norzagaray, Bulacan

Five BACKPACKERS joyously celebrated the start of summer by hopping on a road trip in the beautiful town of Norzagaray, a first class municipality in the nearby province of Bulacan. The town is endowed with a lot of natural resources and beautiful scenic spots. It is the headquarters of the biggest cement making companies in the Philippines. Among the beautiful scenic spots are the historic Pinagrealan Cave, Bakas, Bitbit bridge, Hill Top, Ipo Dam and Angat Dam which is the biggest hydroelectric dam in the country. We visited four of these mentioned visit-worthy spots.

by: Ivan Ignacio