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A couple of weeks ago, we have witnessed the incredible adventure of sixteen people in one of the most beautiful province in the country: Zambales!

They were divided into two tribes Tapulao and Pundakit, named after two breathtaking mountains in the area. The Green Tapulao Tribe was composed of The BACKPACKERS - adventure seekers and official members of this group, while our Guests comprised the Blue Pundakit Tribe. The tribes were divided and had to live on two separate areas in the beach.

This promising season offered twists which really impacted the game of the castaways. From the get go, Guest Jane was transferred to the Backpackers to even up the tribes. On Episode 3, an individual immunity was played where the winner, Guest Rommel did not squander his power, using it to create a last minute panic for the Backpackers tribe. Angel took the fall and was the first Backpacker voted out. On Episode 4, the tribes were shuffled leading to a possible shift in game play. On Episode 5, the stakes were higher as the losing tribe was given an ominous message in a bottle which contained a back-to-back tribal council announcement. Guests Mina and Jane were eliminated in this episode.

The season had several unforgettable blindsides starting with Episode 3 when Guest Isabel was blindsided by the majority of her tribe mates. Pairs proved to be a disadvantage as Guest couple Rommel and Jane were blindsided by the Backpacker amigos when they questioned the loyalty of Jane. It also featured alliance shifts and rivalries. Backpacker Nick initiated a monumental blindside on Episode 6 which started the fall of the Backpackers despite their advantage in numbers. Backpacker Nick was victorious in taking out his biggest rival, Ralph. After that, the Backpackers got eliminated one by one until only Ghei was left of the BP alliance.

This season, blood, sweat and tears were shed. Brutal tribal challenges tested the castaways' physical abilities and limitations. In Episode 2, a lot of castaways including Backpacker Ghei, Guests Weng, Kaye, Aaron and Gino, stumbled in the most physical challenge in the entire season. Guest Jane gave up in this challenge. A controversial immunity challenge was witnessed on Episode 4 where Backpacker Nick outsmarted rival Ralph when they clashed head to head. The longest challenge on Episode 5 which involved an intricate and confusing puzzle frustrated Backpacker York when he failed to grab victory for his tribe. The social aspect of the game had the castaways' experience comparable to a roller coaster ride. An unforgettable meltdown in Episode 8 led to a cast off being completely expelled from the event. A medical evacuation, Backpacker Kenji celebrated too much and was removed from the game in the same episode. And during the last Episode, the ride of the biggest power player in the game crashed and he was the twelfth person voted out...Backpacker Nick.

Twelve castaways fell short and were eliminated: Red, Weng, Isabel, Angel, Rommel, Mina, Jane, Ralph, York, Kenji, Mon and Nick.

One of the biggest surprises of the season is the underdog story of three Guests; Kaye, Aaron and Gino, who came in the merge outnumbered. All of them saw the torches of five Backpackers being snuffed consecutively after the power players started to cut each other out. The Backpackers alliance was almost obliterated if not for Backpacker Ghei who survived the fiasco and is still in the game.

Throughout all of these exciting events, four have survived...

***drum roll***

The father who easily became the alpha male in the Guests tribe. At first, the unfamiliarity of the game made him question its dynamics. But despite this and the Guest's rough start during the tribal phase, he was never a target as his tribe considered him as an asset in challenges. However, he had a huge target when the tribes merged. Everyone saw him as a threat and wanted him out. But he was able to maintain his position when the rival tribe of the Backpackers started to target each other, and after being victorious in one individual immunity challenge.

Aaron never had a precise game play in the beginning. He never had a strong alliance until the last episode when the Guests swore to stick together. Will his unawareness of game dynamics be a hindrance for him to go all the way? Or will this first time guest prove to be the best player and win the title of Ultimate Sole Survivor?

The youngest survivor who shed tears when her mom was voted out in Episode 2. She was vocal in being the joy of the Guests tribe. But her youth, and competing with strong guys almost got her out pre-merge. She became a part of the stronger Pundakit Tribe after the switch and solidified an alliance with Backpackers Nick, Ghei and Kenji. Her loyalty to her original tribe was not tested as they were winning, but she was vocal in sticking with the Backpackers. When the Backpackers started to vote each other out, she threw out her naivete and innocence and proved that she is no coattail rider. Holding the most power in the last episode, she instigated the elimination of her ally, the master strategist Backpacker Nick. 

Kaye is the biggest surprise out of all the Final Four contestants. She appears to be harmless and co existing greatly with her fellow castaways but she is thinking long term - on how she will win the game. Will this crafty and strategic side of her, and the joy she brought to her ex-tribe mates enough for her to be crowned the Ultimate Sole Survivor?

The nice guy who fell short of his expectations of himself in playing the game. He seemed physically dominant but he never was the key in winning any physical tribal immunity challenges, and has never won any individual challenge. But his best weapon was his charm which got him to evade the majority of the votes in every tribal council. He was pleasant and generally nice to his tribe mates which made them adore him despite his passive game play. After the merge, he received votes because of his likability when power players started to see him as a threat in the finals. He was vocal about his goal in getting to the finals. And now, he is inches away from making it to the Final Tribal Council.

Gino was shy at first and was just coasting along. He did not make any big moves nor work his way in a solid alliance. But that means that he did not ruffle any feathers as he advanced. Will his nice and charming demeanor and clean game play help him be the Ultimate Survivor or will the competitive jury members consider his game play bland and cost him the victory?

The last remaining Backpacker in Survivor Zambales. She never thought that she would make it far in the game. She volunteered for execution during her tribe's first tribal council but was spared. Until the tribes switched and she aligned herself with Nick. From then on, her success story from being the girl who was afraid of the game started to actually conquer the game. Her strategy was flying under the radar and letting the power players self destruct. She worked independently although it was difficult for her to see the fall of her Backpacker alliance. She did not go with what people wanted her to do. She was never seen as a threat post merge, but she has the ability to dominate in mental challenges as seen in the last one which she won.

Ghei can be the redemption that the Backpackers need in this game. Will she make it to the finals and appeal to a Backpacker dominated jury that she deserves the title of Ultimate Survivor or will the stigma of being associated with the persons behind the downfall of the Backpacker alliance cost her the votes of the jury?

Welcome to the EPIC FINALE of 



The Final Four returned to camp after the intense elimination of Nick at tribal council. Nick thought that his allies Ghei and Kaye would stick out for him but the tables were turned and he did not receive any help from the two.

Aaron, Kaye and Ghei after Nick's elimination

"Nick would tend to whisper to people's ears on who they need to vote...and it worked for him when Kenji and Mon were still around. But it did not jell well with me. I wanted the Backpackers to stick together but I can not vocalize it because Nick was such a power player," Ghei said. "If I did not win immunity, I know that I would be gone by now. It's just either Nick or me," she continued.

"Kuya Nick has helped me a lot in this game. He helped our tribe win immunity challenges. He's great in mental challenges. He made me aware of the dynamics of the game. But now that we are almost in the finals, I am not going to be the student anymore. I will play my own game," Kaye stated. 

There wasn't any room for underground conversation as there were just four of them left. That afternoon, the final four were just huddled together at camp or swam in the beach. The three guests seemed to be sticking together which meant that Ghei was on the chopping block. Until Aaron spoke.


Aaron and Kaye
"What I'm thinking, and put your inputs here Gino, is that I would love to see the two of you (Kaye & Ghei) battle it out in the finals. It is going to be classic if it's the two girls there," announced Aaron. "We still have lots of things to encounter, I can be voted out next, Ghei can be voted out next," responded Kaye. "No no no, what I am saying is that I am willing to give way for the two of you to be the final two. How about you Gino, what do you think?," asked Aaron

"Suddenly, Aaron had this brilliant idea that Kaye and I should be in the finals. I was like, what were you thinking, are you serious? But I did not oppose the idea. If he wanted to give way, it's perfectly fine for me. So don't count me out yet!" said Ghei.

Ghei joining the conversation in the water
    "Aaron proposed that we let the girls battle in the finals. All this time there's only one thing I wanted and that is to make it in the finals. So his idea does not really thrill me...but what can I do," Gino sulked. Gino did not want to go against Aaron's ego. When the girls happily approved of Aaron's proposal, the nice guy did not want to disagree with everyone. "Since everyone agreed with Aaron's plan, I also said it's okay to give way for the girls to make it in the finals, although in reality it is not okay for me..." added Gino.

"I have pondered that Survivor Zambales Backpackers vs Guests will have an excellent ending if it will be the two girls battling it out in the final two, one Backpacker versus one guest. So in the upcoming challenge, if Gino wins, I am volunteering myself to be voted out. If I win, we will all vote out Gino. Then whoever stays, will give way so that the Final Two will be Ghei versus Kaye," narrated Aaron. The guys were giving out a disappointing game play as they all were vying for the same thing. And considering that they have been through a lot, this spur of the moment decision was very surprising.


The Final Four entered the challenge arena. "Welcome to your last immunity challenge!," greeted host Ivan. The castaways were all surprised. If this was their last challenge, only one more person will be voted out.

The mechanics of the challenge: all of them were given cards composed of four by three gridlines. They had one minute to look at Ivan's card with twelve objects taped on it. Each object was placed on a specific square in the grid line numbered one to twelve. The objective of the Final Four is to sprint in the spacious arena in the island trying to recreate Ivan's card by filling up their cards with the items that they saw on it. The thing is that they had to put the item on its correct square. Every correct item is equivalent to a point. They have five minutes to run around the course. The castaway with the most number of points after five minutes wins and will be guaranteed a spot in the Final Tribal Council.

SURVIVORS Ready... Go!

The Final Four sprinted in the huge arena. Their speed and memory were tested on this challenge. They had to be fast in locating the items scattered but they also had to rely on their memory banks on where the item was supposed to be placed.

Time's up...

KAYE - 4 items correct

AARON - 5 items correct
GINO - 6 items correct
GHEI - 7 items correct

GHEI wins Individual Immunity for the second time in a row!
Ghei wins Individual Immunity Challenge!


Coming in from their last challenge, Ghei was very confident and happy after being victorious. "I am very happy I was able to finally prove myself that I am worthy of being here, of being the last BACKPACKER in the game after winning two immunity challenges in a row," exclaimed Ghei. She is now the only person guaranteed to participate in the Final Tribal Council. The things she had to consider were  who she will get rid off in the looming tribal council and how she will perform in the finals. "I am the last BACKPACKER standing and I am now playing not for myself only but for the group. I am happy to represent the group in the finals, and I hope they can appreciate that."

The three guests congratulated Ghei for holding on to the immunity necklace again. Aaron was especially proud of how he helped Ghei win. "I know that I proposed to get rid of either Gino or I, but after hearing from host Ivan that it is a Final three,..I had a hunch that Kaye and Gino would stick to the Pundakit alliance, and there's a big chance that Ghei will be voted out," Aaron started. "So in the challenge, I was playing for Ghei to win. And what I did was to give Ghei two of my items which helped her win. I want Ghei to stay because I want Gino and I to battle it out in the next tribal council. May the best man win."

Gino and Aaron are in danger of being the last person voted out

"Ghei won immunity so my choice is either of my two Pundakit brothers. Aaron asked to be voted out saying he'll give way to the girls. But I am hesitant in bringing Kuya Gino in the finals (with me and Ghei). I don't want Gino in the Final Three because he'll win hands down," Kaye speculated. "Gino has been nice throughout the game, and the battle in the finals is who the jury thinks played the game clean and flawless - and in my opinion, Gino is my biggest competition," Kaye continued her assessment. Aaron approached Kaye and whispered, "who are you voting for?," Aaron asked. "I still don't know. This is difficult," Kaye answered. "If you can vote Gino over me, so that it will come down to a challenge between the two of us - that'll be awesome, I'm just saying...," suggested Aaron. In an interview, Aaron was quick to defend his earlier decision, "I want the girls to be in the Final Two, but when we learned that it's a Final Three, of course I want to be that third wheel," said Aaron.

"After learning that it's a Final Three, and not a Final Two, I had this feeling that Aaron is now scrambling for a place in the Final Three. Who wouldn't be? I heard him ask Kaye if Kaye can vote out Gino instead of him. So now, he's changing his mind. Moral lesson: never ever wave the white flag in a game that's as unpredictable as Survivor," commented Ghei.

"Ivan mentioned that this will be the last voting out session. I am very close to reaching my goal which is to be in the finals. I hope, I really hope that I will not be voted out in the upcoming tribal council. There had been talks of pitting me and Aaron in a challenge by forcing a tie, so I am kind of more nervous than excited. I haven't won any challenge. I hope this will be my redemption," expressed Gino.


The Final Four entered tribal council. This would be the last time that they will vote out a tribe member. Ivan congratulated Ghei as she was the only person guaranteed to make it in the Final Tribal Council. "I needed this immunity as I am the only non-guest left. I am unsure if I'll make it to the finals if I don't have this around my neck," Ghei mentioned. Ivan asked the Final Four on how they'll vote and Kaye responded, "I am going to vote out who I think is a threat to me in the finals." Aaron narrated his proposal to Ivan to which Ivan responded, "You've come this far, why do you have to think of that? I guess we need to sort out who here really wants to win? Do you want to be in the Finals, Aaron?" Aaron defended himself by saying, "I want to challenge Gino in a duel so whoever will make it in the Final Three will deserve to be there," Aaron responded. Gino was asked on what were his thoughts on this and he said that he wanted to be in the Finals as much as everyone else. It was time to vote...

GINO: Aaron


KAYE: Gino

GHEI: ----

IVAN: Voting is over. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately.





IVAN: We have a TIE. To determine the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES, Aaron and Gino, you are going to participate in a tie-breaker challenge.

AARON: I am expecting the mother of all challenges! Bring it on!


Aaron and Gino faced each other in a tie breaker challenge. The loser will fall short of his dream of becoming a finalist in the game. Both men were expecting a battle of endurance which will showcase their physical strength. But they were shocked when the tie breaker challenge was actually a test of their social skills throughout the game which is a vital aspect in the game of Survivor.

The mechanics: Ivan will ask questions about the other castaways who got voted out. Aaron and Gino will write their answer on a piece of parchment. Whoever gets the correct answer wins and moves on to the Final Three.


Question: Mina (the sixth person voted out) is actually a surname. What is his real name?

No one knows the answer.

The correct answer is Reynante.


Question: What is Mommy Weng's (second person voted out) real name?

Aaron: Luzviminda.

Gino: Menchi. Mommy Menchi.

Ivan: The name's cute Gino, but you are wrong! 
You are both wrong...

The correct answer is Rowena.


Question: Who works under the Office of the President as an Events Staff?

Aaron: Kenji

Gino: Rommel

No one got the correct answer.
The correct answer is Isabel.


Question: Who has just resigned as a Legal Assistant in ABS CBN?

Aaron: Kenji

Gino: Red

No one got the correct answer.
The correct answer is Nick.


Several more questions thrown and both challengers seemed to have flopped socially. The key in winning here was how well they interacted with their fallen comrades. Until this question was asked:

Question: Who works as an Account Manager in Rustans?

Aaron: Ralph

Gino: Kenji

The correct answer is Kenji

Gino wins the tie breaker challenge!

Aaron is the thirteenth person voted out of 
SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers vs Guests.


Aaron, the tribe has spoken....

IVAN:  It was a rather interesting battle, congratulations Gino. Aaron, it's time for you to go. Aaron, the tribe has spoken. You will be the last member of the jury, who will decide who deserves to win the title of ULTIMATE SOLE SURVIVOR.

GHEI voted for AARON
GINO voted for AARON
KAYE voted for GINO
AARON voted for GINO

In the continuation of the Season Finale of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES: Backpackers vs Guests, the JURY will not hold back in lashing out at the Final Three!

Be sure to check this page again on October 19, 2013 to see who will win



After returning back to camp, Ghei, Kaye and Gino decided to hit the waters of Zambales to relax and celebrate. They have conquered what the others failed to do - to make it all the way to the end. They had to prepare for the final tribal council where they would face the jury - the people they voted out over the last tribal councils. All of them were thinking of what to say to the jury. Every statement should be calculated but the challenge was how to appease the people who they voted out of the game. 

"have the biggest advantage in the final tribal council because almost all of the jury members are Backpackers from the original Tapulao tribe. So I will use my personal relationships with these guys to my advantage. They want a Backpacker to win," stated Ghei.


"I am going to be very honest - that I came here to play the game - to make alliances and vote people out to advance. And I hope they should respect that I was able to reach the finals despite me being the youngest or me being a girl," pondered Kaye.

"I would appeal to them that I played the game as clean as possible and with integrity in tact. I did not step on anyone's toes. I did not instigate any fights. I came here and played with morals and right conduct," explained Gino.



The memorable Final Tribal Council was held that afternoon. The Final Three faced the jury where they had to answer some questions from the jury member. And the jury members did not hold back in castigating the Final Three. 

(Here's the Exact conversation)

IVAN: Final Three, come on in!
Finalists and jury enter the Final Tribal Council

Ghei, Gino and Kaye enter.

IVAN: Jury, come on in!

Ralph, York, Kenji, Nick and Aaron enter

IVAN: We can now see our jury complete, with the addition of Aaron, voted out at the last tribal council. Let us all be seated, and we will start. 

Ghei, Gino and Kaye, congratulations! You have done what thirteen other people failed to do. You have outwit, outplayed and outlasted your friends, tribe mates and possibly alliance mates, and now you earn your spot here in the final three. The power now shifts to the jury and by the end of this council, they will ultimately decide who will be victorious in this event and be the ultimate sole survivor.

You have came a long way. You beat the exhaustion, the hunger, the physical and mental challenges, and the social aspect of the game - all three of you. Today we will determine who played the best? One by one, the jury can ask you questions, or give comments; anything they want to get anything they need for them to decide who they will vote as their winner in this whole event. But before we get to that, I would each give you a chance to address everybody in explaining to us why you should be the ultimate sole survivor?

The Final Three plead their case to the jury

KAYE: I should be the winner because for me, despite being the youngest castaway and also being a female, i tried hard and gave it my all. I was able to give my best and compete with the guys, and actually beat them, to prove that there is an equality between boys and girls.

GINO: Me... uhmmm.. I gave my best in the game despite of not winning any immunity. I gave it my all to blend with everyone - and every team. I was a team player. So if ever I will be  the lucky one who will win this, I offer my sincerest thank you.

GHEI: For me, I contributed my skills and effort in all the team activities. There were times when I fail and stumbled but there were also times that I was victorious. I won two individual immunity challenges where I redeemed myself and gave me this chance to become the ultimate sole survivor.

IVAN: Thank you Final Three. We now start with the jury. Once I call your name, come in the center to address the Final Three. This is your chance to vent it all out - after all those tribal councils where you were just allowed to observe and not speak. This is your time to speak what's on your mind, jury. Let's start with Kenji.


Jury Kenji asks why the Final Three should personally earn his vote

KENJI: Actually, I wanted to be one of the finalists. I was on a roll. I was with the power alliance and we were taking people out one by one. But due to unfortunate circumstances, I am here, and you three are there. I don't think that any one of you deserves to win, like, honestly speaking. But you all did what you have to do to be seated there so I'll give some props to you. My question is...since I all have known you when I got transferred to Pundakit tribe - I want to know, me decide... Why should you get my vote? 

GHEI: I have known you since January of this year with the help of our group, The BACKPACKERS. Because of that, we have bonded a lot already. We know each other well. We have an idea of what the character and traits of one another are. So I will let you decide, based on knowing me on a personal level, if I am deserving of your vote to become the ultimate sole survivor.

GINO: Well we do not know each other personally as we have seen each other only in this game. So I will base my answer in the context of the game. When you were transferred to Pundakit, whenever we are together, we always had fun. There were a lot of good times. Even if you were not an original member of Pundakit, I jived well with you. I was genuine and sincere in knowing you. And I think that is enough for me to get your vote sir.

KAYE: For me, when you got transferred to Pundakit tribe, I welcomed you wholeheartedly. I treated you as one of us. Our acquaintance in the game got to the point that there were laughter and jokes; we ate together, smuggled some food when there's chance, etc. Unfortunately, we did not have that chance to get to know each other more but I tried my best to get to know you in the little time that we were given.

IVAN: Thank you Kenji. Let's now move on with Aaron. You were almost there but was still short of being the finals. Aaron, you have the floor.


Jury Aaron castigated his alliance for not winning any immunity
and castigated Ghei for bringing up personal relationships in the Final Tribal Council

AARON: Like what Kenji said, all of us who signed up for this adventure wanted to win. So you all should be privileged in being the lucky ones making it to the top three. The three of us - me, Gino and Kaye, it's not a secret that we had an alliance. But how will you prove to me that you are both deserving when you haven't won any immunity challenge? And you Ghei, you said that you have to get Kenji's vote because you know each other for a long time. Do you really think that is a valid basis to vote for you in this game?

GHEI: I'll just repeat what I said? I think I answered your question so there's no need for me to justify it... Kenji asked the same question... Okay, I will answer it... Kenji and I have bonded outside this game. We have a friendship . We saw the uniqueness of each other's character. I saw it in him, and I know he saw it in me too. So it's up to him if he will award me his vote.

GINO: From the beginning, when we were in the original Pundakit tribe, we had one voice. Then the switch and the merge, we still have that one voice... even if there were times that we were influenced by others on who to vote, that one voice was still there. This is one reason why we would never ever forget this stint of us three in this game, even after this is over.

KAYE: Just like what Kuya Gino said, we survived - the three of us despite the fact that it was 6 versus us 3 when we merged. We were the only guests left and all of them already knew each other for a long time. Even if I was swayed by the other alliance, I still tried to get back to my original roots. When you mentioned during one tribal council about original tribes and faithfulness, that's when I had a realization that faithfulness is a powerful virtue. There's a big difference between faithfulness and trust. What I offered you was my faithfulness.

IVAN: Thank you Aaron. Up next is York...


Jury York asks the Final Three how important loyalty is

YORK: Like Kenji, I also feel that I should be there. And like what Aaron said, there were alliances from the very beginning. We always say, alliance alliance alliance, but we can not deny that there has been some betrayal, backstabbing and deceitfulness that happened during the game. Now, my question for you is how important is loyalty? And how would you say that throughout this game, have you really given your loyalty to your group - Ghei for Tapulao tribe and you two for Pundakit tribe?

KAYE: With loyalty... I depended so much on loyalty. Yes, you were one of those that we voted out but that's because I think you were one of the threats. I followed what they said to vote you out when it was your time. It is very hard to function and act when it's only you who will decide. So you need someone that you trust. You need that someone that you can depend on. You need that someone who can plan with you. So loyalty for me is very important.

GINO: This game has deceiving characters. Those who may just be playing you or is not straightforward with you. But what I learned most from this game is that you can move mountains as long as you are loyal to your comrades. You maximize this experience if you create a harmonious relationship with people that you trust. And you don't need to break that trust and loyalty.

GHEI: From the very start, I had been loyal to our tribe because I trust all of you, The Backpackers. I know that you will all take care of me and that we will all take care of the group. I trust whatever plans and strategy we came up with. I even volunteered myself to be voted out if that's what you think is the best for the group. I know that whoever gets ousted, we will all be proud of our accomplishments as a tribe. And I knew that whoever will remain in our alliance, all of us will be very proud because I know that we all are loyal to The Backpackers group. By letting the person who remain wins, we all win as a group.


Jury Ralph asks Ghei what happened with the BP alliance and asked the two guest finalists
Kaye and Gino on why they think the others are not deserving to win

RALPH: Like what Ivan said, congratulations to the three of you for doing what the other survivors failed to do - reaching the finals. First is for Ghei. Obviously we all know that I've got blindsided. Ever since we were in Tapulao tribe, our original tribe - we had a plan. Because this is Backpackers versus Guests, we planned to stick together, BP all throughout. So what happened? Why was I voted out first after the merge?

GHEI: I never voted against you. I stuck with the plan. Although some people tend to whisper in my ears to go against the alliance, I still stuck with the plan because I wanted a Backpacker to win. I stuck with the strategy and with our alliance.

Finalist Ghei: I never voted against you, Ralph

RALPH: Did we ever attempt to do something about it? So that our strategy would work?

GHEI: I tried to do something. But of course, I had to think of myself as well. Do I want to win or do I let other people who are passionate about the game to win? There are lots of things running in my mind. Of course, I still considered what's good for the group.

RALPH: For the two guests - Kaye and Gino... I can just simply give this away for Ghei because she is a BP (Backpacker). But I want to know... Why should I not vote for the two people beside you in the finals? What are the reasons why they don't deserve to have my vote?

GINO: With Ghei - uhmmm... She reached the finals because of special reasons. If she was a strategist, most probably she will not be here. She would've been first to go.

RALPH: So be specific. What are the reasons why I should not vote for Ghei?

GINO: Maybe because... of trust... The trust you have with Ghei as a part of your group, or as a tribe. Because from what I observed, there were some blindsides and alliance shifts that happened.

Finalist Gino answers Jury Ralph's difficult questions
RALPH: And you are implying that Ghei was a part of it? Okay. Why should I not vote for Kaye?

GINO: From the very beginning, Kaye has been pure and genuine so I can't say something bad about Kaye. I'm fine if you vote for Kaye.

RALPH: Oh okay, so I should just vote for Kaye and not for you then. Kaye, why should I not vote for Ghei or Gino?

KAYE: You should not vote for Ghei because you need to be transparent sometimes. You don't vote for her just because she is your friend. You need to see the strengths of the others to be fair. And then for Gino... we all agree that Gino is great. So for me, if ever Gino wins, or any of the two of them wins, I am fine with it.

Kaye is intimidated with Ralph's questions

RALPH: So you are saying that they don't have weaknesses?

KAYE: None.

RALPH: Okay. Satisfied.


Probably the most polarizing castaway in Survivor Zambales
Love him or hate him - Nick did not fail to deliver a memorable jury speech!

NICK: Congrats to the three of you. As of now, I haven't made up my mind on who to vote for. Because, I don't know why you three are there in the first place! Let's start with Kaye... 

...KAYE, from the start - Pundakit - always a losing tribe. Until Ghei and I came. Then you became my puppy. You do whatever I ask you to do. You vote for whoever I tell you. But surprisingly, you're there. Why are you there seated in the finals for a shot in winning the title of ultimate survivor? When for me, you're just like a grass here in the island - USELESS, nothing.

...GINO... In the Survivor Zambales facebook advertisement, you and I were paired up against each other. I was expecting a strong competitor... But what happened? You never won an individual immunity. You have never won an immunity for your tribe! If it wasn't for me switching to your tribe - you wouldn't have experienced the sweet taste of victory. I was like - what the hell - are you serious - is this the Gino that you paired up against me? I even honestly think I'm more at par with Isabel than you. I can't accept that you are there Gino.

Then GHEI... From the beginning we had an alliance. We promised each other final two or final three with whoever, as long as you and me are there. We switched tribes, we got each other's assurance that we are going to stick to the alliance - the two of us. Then this happened - I got voted out. You know that painful feeling when you are complacent because you trust someone. You are confident that either two or three Backpackers will be in the finals because that's the plan. Looking at the BPs, I can tell that Kenji has more shot of winning this than you. I was hurt Ghei. So even if you are a Backpacker, I am in doubt if I would vote for you. I don't know if I'll vote for you. For me, this is not Backpackers versus Guests anymore. It hurts me that since the beginning I always win that crucial leg in the challenge for the tribe. Yes, I accept that you saw me as a threat that's why you voted for me. But... looking at you three... I can't believe that you guys are the Final Three... So I really don't have an idea on who to vote right now.

Kaye was compared to a useless grass!
She was clearly affected by Nick's comments...
Gino was castigated by Nick for his poor performance in challenges
Nick to Ghei: You hurt me Ghei...

NICK: Maybe you can just give me.. THREE NAMES.. Give me three names of the people who you think deserve to be in the Final Three rather than you three. And based on your picks, who will win? So that everyone will think that you three do not really deserve where you are right now in the game. Perhaps with the exemption of Ghei because she won immunity.. but Gino... you're a guy for crying out loud, and you haven't won? So just give me three names of the people who you think should be sitting in the finals. For the benefit of everyone.

KAYE: So you were the one who manipulated.. (interrupted by Nick)

NICK: No, Kaye, my question is I'm just looking for names.

KAYE: Us three still.

NICK: No, except you three.

KAYE: It would be Aaron, Kenji and... Isabel. Then Aaron would be the ultimate sole survivor.

GINO: For me, it's Aaron, Nick, you sir, and then.... Kaye...

KAYE: Except for me.

GINO: Oh, except for us three.. third would be Rommel. Then Aaron will win.

GHEI: For me, my final three would be Ralph, you Nickson and Aaron. But based on what I have experienced, the winner should be you Nickson.


IVAN: Now that the jury's done asking questions and making their comments, we will proceed to the final vote. Let me remind you that right now, you are voting FOR a winner. The person with the most number of votes wins the title of Ultimate Sole Survivor and the prizes that go along with it. For the last time, it's time to vote...





And the winner of SURVIVOR ZAMBALES --- KAYE!

Winner revealed!


Yna Kaisan Bulaon also known as Kaye is the 

Thank you to all those who helped in the success of this event - the organizers, 
the castaways, the Backpackers family and to you, the readers! 

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