Monday, October 31, 2011

Camara Island

A Picturesque: Camara Island
By Clue Fajardo

After spending several hours at Capones, the group explored the next island, Camara.

Camara is 10 – 15 minutes away from Capones. It’s an island with terrific rock formation, just like Capones. But where the difference lies is the structure and land mass. Unlike Capones which is a single solid rock island, Camara consists of two extremely big rocks, and in between them is a gap where sea water flows.

Capones Island

A Zambales Gem: Capones Island
By Clue Fajardo
Amazing as to how it evolved but Capones is also one of the beautiful islands to consider.

In as much as the group wanted to extend some more time in the captivating shore of Nagsasa Cove, the boatmen arrived to pick us up for the next thrilling adventure, the island hopping, which was scheduled on that day, 23rd of October. We weren't in the mood to leave the cove yet when the boatmen came. Tents were still set and some had not taken their breakfast yet. As we had to hurry, we packed up, jumped into the boat and left the cove.

Mt. Pundaquit (Traverse to Anawangin)

San Antonio, Zambales
Major jump-off: Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio
LLA (summit): 14 53'59" 129 94'24", 464 MASL
LLA (cove): 14 52 41 120 04'04", 0 MASL
Days required / Hours to cove: 1 day / 4-5 hours
Specs: Minor Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail Class 2

 Mt. Pundaquit:
Traversed and Conquered!
 By Ivan Ignacio, The BP Lead

The typical Pinoy Backpacker knows what majestic and mystical wonders hide in the town of San Antonio in Zambales: its stunning islands and spectacular coves. Nestled in the region which is more known for its abundance in wide plains and rice paddies, one won't expect to see an array of crystal blue waters surrounding a rather breathtaking landscape. The BACKPACKERS are very fortunate for having been able to witness this beautiful divine creation last October 22-23, 2011!

Zambales: San Antonio's Pride

San Antonio's 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mt. Balagbag: A Solo Climb



 By Ivan Ignacio, 



36 hours akong walang matinong tulog... 

Habang papauwi ng Bulacan ay wala ding matinong rason pero naisipan kong umakyat ng bundok... at since madadaanan ko si Mt. Balagbag, sya ang binisita ko.

Wala sa hulog ~ naka jeans na pantalon.walang gear.tanging tubig at tinapay lang ang dala ko.