Friday, April 22, 2011

Mt. Pulag 2011

Bokod, Benguet
Major jump-off: Ambangeg Ranger Stn, Bokod, Benguet
LLA: 16°34'58"N 120°53'15"E, 2922 MASL (#3)
Hours to summit / Days required: 4-5 hours / 2 days
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-2

The Backpackers:
Ivan Ignacio
Heinz Lopez Alvarez
Liz Honrade
Ralph Flores

The BACKPACKERS and Friends 
Climb Luzon's Highest Peak: MT. PULAG
(2011 Ultimate Summer Adventure Via Ambangeg Trail) 

By: Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr

It was definitely an amazing experience to be on top of the great Mt. Pulag while realizing that we were literally higher than the sea of clouds.
Mt. Pulag is one of the most beautiful mountains in the country. Famous to both local and foreign mountaineers, it stands 2922 MASL making it the third highest mountain in the Philippine archipelago.

The Journey Begins...

We left Manila at exactly nine in the evening and reached the Summer capital of the Philippines at around three in the morning of the next day. As expected, it was cold in Baguio City, where a monster jeep waited for us.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mt. Manalmon

San Miguel, Bulacan
Major jump-off: Sitio Madlum, Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel
LLA: 15°15.11'N; 121°1.22' E; 196 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: Half-day / 1 hour
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2

The Backpackers:
Ivan Ignacio
Heinz Lopez Alvarez
Jovy Duremdes
Liz Honrade
Ralph Flores

Mt. Manalmon and 
the Big Five Madlum Adventure
By: Ivan Ignacio

The Backpackers Big Five - Ralph, Jovy, Liz, Heinz and Ivan stopped a bit for a pose by the Madlum River's entry point.

The five backpackers were greeted by the sight of Biak Na Bato and the Sierra Madre mountain range. Jovy was baffled because she did not expect that we will be climbing a mountain that day. And what seemed to be an ordinary day became an adventure packed day!

Upon seeing the view of Madlum river at the end of the rough road, the small group dazed at the beautiful sight in front of them. And everyone forgot about Anawangin, Sembrano or their respective abodes – all hearts were set in conquering this majestic place, Madlum!