Saturday, April 28, 2012

Puerto Galera Part 4: BANANA BOAT ETC.

After spending a refreshing morning at Aninuan Falls, we rested for a bit before hitting the beach front for a water adventure. There are lots of things you can do on the fine sand of White Beach. There are nets for those who wish to play beach volleyball. Locals who offer body massage for 200Php roam around. You can bring your tent and camp out especially if your booked accommodation is far from the beach. As you look in the horizon, you won't fail to notice that the sea is action packed. Aside from people swimming, you could see jetskis, motor boats, parasailing, kayaks and... bananas! Due to limited time, we resigned from our original plan of a snorkeling expedition. Instead of boarding a motor boat, we hopped in, banana-style!

York, Feigh, Weng & Marion

BP couple Ivan and Angel

The start of the ride
We tried to haggle but it seems like the operators won't budge for a cost less than 200Php. During my second time here, it was off peak and we were able to bargain for a banana boat ride for just 100Php per person! It is also good to point out that there is already a collaboration of the banana boat owners. Booking banana boat trips is now centralized. So if you would like to try it out, the registration (or the signing of the waiver) is found at the banana boat operators station, located at the center of the beach front. This eliminates competition among the operators. It also helps in speeding up the accumulation of the ten passengers needed in one ride.

You can give your camera to the operator
and he will take shots of your banana boat experience from the motor boat

After the second tumble
The ride lasted for about 20 minutes. The boat will be forcibly knocked down three times plummeting its passengers into the water. Before the ride starts, the operator will remind you that once the boat gets knocked down, you need to free your hands from the boat and just let your body fall in the water. I remember several years ago, we were not told when the banana will be knocked down. Now, the operator at the motor boat will give a hand signal before the thrilling tumble. I actually prefer the former  because it is more of an adrenaline rush when they leave you clueless on when you will topple over the water. But I guess they did this to minimize the risk of any accidents as passengers can prepare before the actual fall. Sometimes, kind operators will give a bonus tipping the banana boat for four times, the last one being the send off of the passengers to the shore.

200Php per person



KAYAKING - 600Php per hour for 3 pax
                - 300Php per 1/2 hour for 3 pax
                - 250Php per 1/2 hour for 2 pax

ISLAND HOPPING - 2,500Php boat rental (peak season)
                         - 1,500Php boat rental (off peak)

SNORKELING - 2,500Php boat rental (peak season)
                    - 1,500Php boat rental (off peak)
                    - plus 100Php for a small boat to roam you around

JETSKI - 3,500Php per hour

PARASAILING - 2,000Php per 20 minutes for 2 pax

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