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Summer Mini Adventures: DARANAK FALLS

April of 2012 has started! Despite the not-so-good weather, we are sure most of you are already planning your ULTIMATE SUMMER OUTING. Hundreds or thousands of people will surely flock the shores of Boracay, Puerto Galera or Anawangin especially for next week's holidays! These destinations are so popular that it attracts local travelers and foreign tourists alike.

But if you are a travel junkie or a nature enthusiast but you are out of budget or not comfortable in taking that long trips to the said destinations, you do not have to worry! There are lots of places just near the metropolis that will satisfy your craving for a nice dip, a breathtaking scenery and a nice but cheap summer escapade.



April 1, 2012 - Four of The BACKPACKERS had the opportunity to take on a journey to search for some exciting destinations just near Metro Manila. And first up, we headed towards the mountainous town of Tanay, Rizal to visit the famous Daranak Falls.


Situated inside a park facilitated by the local authorities of Tanay, Rizal - Daranak Falls is just a two hour drive from Manila. It is very accessible taking only around five minutes for you to access it after crossing the bridge at the entrance of the park. The park itself has a green vegetation and a scenic vibe. But if you want to experience a very serene ambiance, try to visit the park on a weekday as it tends to get too crowded and noisy during weekends. Daranak Falls is very popular that people from the town itself often schedule trips to the park. Campers who planned on staying there for several hours usually occupy a room or rent a cottage where they can drop their bags and cook. 

Five minutes of walking from the entrance gate, you will hear the gushing water from the falls. When we went here, the color of the river was greenish brown, because it was raining for several days in Tanay. But if you are lucky, you can actually witness a coral blue water basin. There are deep portions of the catch basin but you can rent a floater at a nearby store if you really want to go around it.

Entrance fees and table rental fees
The waterfall
Rock balancing is popular in Tanay, Rizal

Four of The BACKPACKERS in Daranak Falls

A trip to Daranak Falls is a good family trip or an excellent venue for a nice bonding with friends. It is good for those who are seeking for an accessible place where you can camp out, relax and swim at an affordable rate - or simply to those who wants to check out the cool places in the Philippines!

And an appeal to those who want to check out the place,  PLEASE be responsible enough not to throw your garbage on the river, waterfalls area or in the park. Yes, there are local personnel who are in charge of cleaning the park but they do not need to do it for you (disposing your trash properly) when you can do it yourselves. Daranak Falls is a wonder, but some amount of trash can be seen littered throughout the place, even in the falls when we went there! Hopefully, with the cooperation between the local tourism and park officers and us, the visitors, we will be able to maintain a clean and green Daranak Falls. :-)

Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal

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