Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer Mini Adventures: LUMOT LAKE

The continuation of the mini adventures of The BACKPACKERS this summer...

A guide for those who are

---nature lovers and/or travel junkies
---wants an accessible and affordable destination
---strolling around to check out the famous spots in our country


A boating expedition at

stripes of white and black lakebirds hovering around the lake

Another man made lake caught our attention as we were surveying the Caliraya Lake area. Lumot Lake, also in Cavinti, is said to be a hit for bass fishing in the country. Lumot in the local dialect means moss. The name sure sounds less grander than that of the bigger Caliraya Lake. I asked the local at the Japanese Garden if visiting Lumot Lake would be worthwhile and she said yes with a lot of conviction. So when we went out of the park and hit the road in search for Caliraya Lake's twin sister: Lumot Lake.

many fishing boats can be seen at the lakeside

After a couple of minutes, the sight became more residential as compared to the commercial vibe that you will feel around Caliraya Lake. Here, the ambiance turned into rustic as several barangays of Cavinti, Laguna showed up. Because of this, we were not really sure if we already passed by Lumot Lake which might just be hiding behind these residential spaces. It was a good thing we stopped and asked right at the very junction where a small road leads to a nice view of the smaller Lumot Lake.

we finally found Lumot Lake!

Being an excellent fish source, there were a lot of boats docked in the area. The guard was very nice to open the gate so that we can park our vehicle right in front of the lake. The fishermen also allowed us to ride the nearest docked boat and lent the girls their fishing rod for a feel of what its like trying to catch fish. No one had beginner's luck in fishing. Better luck next time girls!

Angel, it is just the worm bait, not a fish!

We were asked if we wanted to stroll around the lake using one of the parked boats. Everyone agreed to it and for a fee, the guard arranged a surveying expedition of Lumot Lake. It was a nice breather also for Wilson, one of BP's great companion in nature tripping, as he had been driving all day. It was also a sleep inducing trip as most of us actually slept halfway during the tour! Even though our somnolent minds missed half of the trip, it was still a lucrative one as we were paid by the wonderful sight of small islands scattered in the lake which were actually valley peaks when Lumot Lake was not formed yet. We chanced upon a group of fancy-free birds that hopped from one islet to another. It was such a stunning landscape!

boarding the boat

All aboard!

lake birds unite

an islet

I personally was dozing off and I did not realize that the boat was already back in the dock. Nonetheless, I was rejuvenated! And I was ready to take on the next destination! 

Boating - It's more fun in the Philippines!

Our boatman told us of a cabin for rent in one of the islets in Lumot Lake. You can rent it for 3,000Php (may be negotiable) for an overnight stay. If you want to experience something new like partying all night in the middle of the lake, you must definitely try this out! 

Next stop: From Cavinti, Laguna, we head towards the patriotically christened town of Kalayaan, also in the province of Laguna to meet the Twin Falls and to wrap up the trip at a famous restaurant that serves authentic 'Food for the Gods'.




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