Friday, May 11, 2012

Marion Loves Adventure but Marion Loves You MORE than her adventures!

Marion Loves Adventure 

but Marion Loves You more than her 


by: Marion Erika Macapagal

Whitewater River Rafting in Cagayan de Oro
Traveling has always been my passion. I’ve always wanted to go to places I’ve never been to or go back to places I’ve loved and enjoyed staying at. During my high school days, I have been dubbed as “gala queen” because I go to places that normal teenagers don’t visit. I go swimming, road trippin’, food trippin’ etc. But I don’t travel alone. I see to it that I enjoy every moment and every place with someone special (most of the time with my best friend, Dawn). Now that I’m working in the corporate world, where you get bored for doing the same routine everyday, I was lucky enough to find people who have the same passion as mine – TRAVELING! We’re all working in the same company when I joined the group,The BACKPACKERS. Most of the time, the group’s primary activity is mountain climbing/hiking/trekking but that’s just part of our travels. We also enjoy beach bumming, waterafalls hunting, spelunking, riding on ziplines and whitewater rafting! When I first met The Backpackers, I was thrilled because it was my first time to climb a mountain. And I was not expecting that I will love it too much that eventually led me to become a Backpacker member. What made me decide to be a member? A lot of people hate to trek for 2-6 hrs let alone bring a 5-8 kilo backpack and smell like a fish (or bagoong) because you’re sweating all over. You can’t take a bath or even just wash up (unless there’s a waterfall in that mountain, or a river maybe along the trail)! I hate that! Especially when it rains and the trail gets muddy! And yeah when it’s too hot you consume almost all the water you have on your container! Almost all, uhmmm… actually ALL those mountains I’ve climb, I have this complain and protest not to climb again, BUT….why am I still climbing? It’s because of the PEOPLE I climb with. These people I’m referring to are The BACKPACKERS. These people are not just my friends but a family to me. In my journey called LIFE, I face a lot of trials and surprises, and I’m glad to find them as one of life’s greatest surprise. The Backpackers will always have a special place in my heart  wherever I go or wherever life leads me to.

my FIRST conquered mountain: Mt. Gola

celebration @ Nanay Melba's house in Rodriguez, Rizal

The yellow Team during BP's first friendship climb @ Mt. Pico de Loro

I always believe that people should always be our main priority than things or places or events. And I just love these people compared to all of the places I’ve been to.

@ Mt. Maculot View Resort

Banana boat fun @ Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Nagsasa Cove adventure

I am a happy person because I surround myself with happy people. And YES The BACKPACKERS are Happy People!  
I dream of travelin’ around the country (Philippines) or maybe the world but traveling (for me) will never be as amazing and exciting without the PEOPLE that I will be spending time with. I love laughing, chatting and cuddling, and with The Backpackers: we laugh like it’s the end of the world, we chat (and gossip sometimes..haha, I’m just being real) , we argue and fight (noone is exempted) but afterwards, hug, cry and laugh again! 

These experiences and these people
give me something to look forward to. 

I hope you can find your own passion and enjoy life at its fullest. 

Me during our Mt. Balagbag climb
Life is a blessing from God and all blessings are beautiful!
Happy traveling!!!  

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