Monday, April 2, 2012

Summer Mini Adventures: BATLAG FALLS

The continuation of the mini adventures of The BACKPACKERS this summer...

A guide for those who are

---nature lovers and/or travel junkies
---wants an accessible and affordable destination
---strolling around to check out the famous spots in our country



BP Clue at the entrance gate

Our first mini adventure destination is the famous Daranak Falls. Continuing the series, just inside the same park, you will see another waterfalls also flocked by tourists and locals: Batlag Falls.

Treading the early route to Daranak Falls, you will encounter a fork. The right path will lead you to Daranak Falls while the left path will take you to a bridge. If you would like to visit Batlag Falls, cross the bridge until you see the signboard: Welcome to Batlag Falls. It is just a 10-15 minute walk. However, prior to entering the premises of the second falls, another entrance fee is collected. Yes, there is an entrance fee even if you have entered the park already! I had the liberty of asking the staff and she told me that the 50Php entrance fee is because the area is a private property. Hmmmm... a wonderful falls which is part of our national territory owned by someone? Anyway, the park (inside the park) has the same ambiance. You can see a monkey tied up on a tree after the entrance gate, poor monkey! Then there are cottages. After a couple of more minutes walk, you will see the cascades of Batlag Falls.

When we went there, the waterfalls was flowing down in three cascades. The one in the middle is the main falls with a big catch basin. The water is not very deep. You can swim all the way where the water drops from the hill. The cascades on the side are nice as well. 

Here are some of the pictures in Batlag Falls:

the fees
hello monkey!
Batlag Falls cottages

Batlag Falls
BP Angel
Chons, Ivan and Angel

After spending an hour and a half inside the park, The BACKPACKERS and friends hopped in for their second stop: an ecopark in Pangil, Laguna.



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