Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 Adventures of 2012

All of The BACKPACKERS ranked the adventures they took part in from their most favorite to their not-so favorite this year. After everyone ranked these adventures, the average is calculated and these adventures are ranked according to the group's consensus  Adventures which landed on #1 in a BP's list earned +0.25 points. And from there, the TOP TWELVE ADVENTURES of 2012 were determined.


We start this countdown with the mother mountain of The BACKPACKERS, Mt. Gulugod Baboy which was revisited in June of this year. The relaxing climb and the nice vista on its campsite and summit were appreciated by BPs and guests.

11 - MT. SAMATMarch 2012
The comic company when we are together erases all the exhaustion in an outdoor activity as seen in Mt. Samat's epic night descent. We were all tired from the long travel and the tramping on top of Dambana Ng Kagitingan but all spirits were still high as we all laughed our way down the mountain.

10 - CANIGAO ISLANDOctober 2012
A majestic island along the coast of Matalom, Leyte is Canigao Island. The BACKPACKERS enjoyed living one night and touring the small island a la Survivor. The stay ended with a bang as the group discovered a sandbar on the other side.

One of the nicest side trip after a climb was the visit at Sombrero Island. The small hat shaped island was very captivating that everyone enjoyed even just the little time we spent there.

8 - MT. BATULAO TRAVERSEDecember 2012
Mt. Batulao traverse from its old to new trail was a nice year ender for The BACKPACKERS. The group will never get tired of scaling this accessible and beautiful mountain.

7 - PUERTO GALERAApril 2012
Part of our three part summer escapade, we hit the beach of Puerto Galera in Mindoro! We hiked at Brgy. Aninuan to see Aninuan Falls, rode the banana boat and partied at White Beach.

Riding the rails of the steepest, fastest and one of the longest ziplines in the country is an adrenaline rush that a BACKPACKER needs to experience. The motorcycle ride from the landing point back to Agas Agas bridge and the cable car experience were added thrills of this extreme adventure in Eastern Visayas.

5 - MT. TAPULAO , November 2012
The most difficult climb settled at the #5 spot which is a testament that major climbs aren't always about pain and sweat. The struggle and exhaustion are worth it, reason that some of us ranked this as one of the most memorable experience this year.

One of the most beautiful islands we have seen: Kalanggaman Island, is truly deserving of a visit. Not only did we enjoy our stay there but we also had a nice experience crossing a bamboo bridge in the midst of a vast mangrove system in Tabuk Marine Sanctuary.

Two BPs highlighted the Devil's mountain adventure on top of their list which proved that sometimes, even though there is no summit view on top, it is the overall experience that matters. Traversing this mystical mountain was really a complete bonding experience for those who were present.

The death defying spelunking at Cagnituan Cave and the prayerful moment on top of Jalleca Hill ranked #2. Despite the risky caving adventure, The BACKPACKERS who partake in this journey truly appreciated the bucolic town of Maasin and its natural wonders.

1 - MT. PULAGMay 2012
Landing on top in eight BACKPACKERS' list, the adventure to Luzon's highest became the group's top adventure in 2012. It was most BPs first time there and stepping on its sacred ground and witnessing the breathtaking sea of clouds made this a truly memorable experience.

2012 has been a great year for The BACKPACKERS!

And we are looking forward to what 2013 has to offer!

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