Thursday, December 13, 2012

The BP Participates: ABC+ Benefit Gig

ABC+ is a humanistic gesture and a collaborative effort of PLUS, MCAP, Monkeyneering, KaEskwela and The BACKPACKERS aimed at raising funds, this time, for the flip flops of more than 270 schoolkids of Balagbag Elem. School, Rodriguez, Rizal, and for Hyacinth N. Cadiz of Silliman University, who has just had a kidney transplant worth P1.5Million courtesy of family and friends and still needs medication for her fast recovery. The event will be an art exhibit, benefit gig, and christmas party rolled into one in Bali Hai Garden Restaurant at 37 Visayas Ave., Bgy. Vasra, Quezon City, on December 9, 2012, Sunday, featuring visual arts, music of varied genres, dance, poetry, prose, etc. Half of the proceeds will go to the KaEskwela funds in case any of the KaE partners takes care of the flip flops of the schoolkids of Balagbag; the other half will be deposited to the bank account of Hya's brother or any of her immediate family.

The venue: Bali Hai Garden along Visayas Ave. in Quezon City

Angel (The BACKPACKERS), Jen (KaEskwela) and Miss Vicky (MCAP)
The List Persons during the event

Left: BP couple Ivan & Angel; 

Top Right: BPs April, Tin, Clue posing with the talented Bullet Dumas; 

Bottom Right: Smile! The BACKPACKERS having fun!
Nick, Chons, Alexi, Ghei, Heinz, Tin and Clue

Left: BP Angel who sat in the entrance for the group, in her pretty and fashionable outfit; 

Top Right: BPGhei and her Daddy Shoulderbagger Wilson, who is celebrating his birthday on 12-12-12

Bottom Right: Smile! Weng, Tin and Liz at the couch enjoying the performances

Left: Jean Paul Zialcita wowing everyone with his drums masterpiece

Right: Stephen, the artistic lead of PLUS, the mastermind of the event, in his guitar

Left: BP Weng during her poetry reading performance 

Right: BP DeePee showcasing his golden voice, singing Wherever You Will Go

Left: Beatrice Chua Tulagan of PLUS singing 'Man in the Mirror

Right: Carlo Sia of PLUS reads one of his well composed prose entitled Kulot-Kulot Salot-Kurakot

The talented dancers of The BACKPACKERS! 

An hour before the show, BP Alexi had to remove herself from the performance due to sickness. BP Ghei was quick to rescue and she practiced for literally an hour before the event to dance with BP Chons and BP Marion. That's the BACKPACKER spirit, Ghei!

Top Left: United for a cause: Alex Ibo of MCAP, Bullet Dumas and Tim Vergara of PLUS

Top Right: BPs Weng and Tin performing mellow songs

Bottom Left: Reynold Boringot, Stephen Dayandayan and Jesus Calupitan of MCAP rocking the stage!

Bottom Right: PLUS' talented Elaine de Guzman

Top Left: The talented Pamela Angela Garcia surrounded by MCAP masters and Monkeyneering Lead Ulysses Ibarrola

Bottom Left: Pretty Backpackers Liz, Angel and April having fun

Right: Jasper Baldopena of PLUS showcasing his talent

Top Left: BP Lead Ivan and PLUS Lead Stephen, united for a cause

Top Right: The BACKPACKERS showing their tattoo souvenir from artistic Elaine of PLUS

Bottom Left: Smiling for the booze! BPs Liz, York, Angel and April!

Bottom Right: BP York and BP Vice Ralph, instant fans of the new tattoo sensation, Elaine!

Top Left: BP Dancers Marion, Chons, Alexi and Ghei

Bottom Left: Chilling ~ BPs Weng, DP and Marion with guest Aries

Right: BP York readying the table for the exciting socials in the metropolis!

Top Left: A pray over for Jasper

Bottom Left: Chons and Ivan chilling with The BACKPACKERS' guests: Sir JC, Ma'am Weng and Sir Mina!

Top Right: Boys talk hosted by BP Resty with participants BPs Heinz and Mon

Bottom Right: A night of fun!

Top Left: BPs Mon and York and PLUS' Nadine, Kirxee and Donna, united for a cause

Bottom Left: Enjoying the performances, cheers!

Top Right: The masterpiece of Elaine, instant hit to the BPs

Center Right: PLUS' Amben and Elaine

Bottom Right: Miss Vicky Evarretta's (of MCAP) amazing performance

The BACKPACKERS would like to thank the wonderful and amazing people of PLUS, MCAP, Monkeyneering and KaEskwela. It was nice meeting all of you and congratulations for this successful undertaking! Cheers!

Wacky POSE with Sir Tim and Sir Stephen of PLUS

The BACKPACKERS in the successful ABC+ event

Photo credits to Clue, Liz and Tim Vergara of PLUS


fractalcore said...

my dear The BACKPACKERS,

i can never thank you all enough. i'm sorry i cannot make it to your 2nd anniversary, but i'll be there with you in spirit. your group is defined by the very good character of its members and most especially by your leader. i have had the great pleasure of sharing time in the outdoors with some of you whom i, along with the rest of the PLUS mutants, became very good friends with instantly. you are all not only talented but also very kind-hearted, among many other things, and i'm still really looking forward to joining you in your mountain/outdoor trips one of these days and when i have the means to do so. i have learned so much from the examples you set by being just the way you are... that is, The BACKPACKERS way. i will always look back at the moments i've shared with you, those you shared with PLUS, and most especially at the precious time you spared for ABC+, to keep myself grounded and level-headed and as a reminder that there are still really good people out there who will keep our society and the world from collapsing from its own neglect and/or hard-headedness. please, please never lose the heart and brains that make you all beautiful in and out.

you have all become part of my growth and i owe you all for that.

be safe while having all the clean fun you can afford whether in the wild or indoors!


love, love, love,

fractalcore / steve
<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Good JOB to the BP dancer's, specially to BP Ghei !!