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2nd Anniversary Greetings

Two Years. One Group. One Family. We, The BACKPACKERS, celebrated our second anniversary last 15th of December at The Ascott Hotel in Makati City.

Here are some messages and greetings from the people we've climbed and collaborated with this year:


To the Backpackers:

Louie when he climbed Mt. Talamitam
with BP Lead Ivan and the shoulderbaggers
Happy 2nd Anniversary. Congrats para sa 2 successful years. Salamat dahil sa 2 years na yun naging part ako sa history niyo. Thank din sa group niyo dahil never kayong nakalimot na iinvite kami ni shyne. Your group, your bonding, your friendships inspired me to continue climbing and discover new things. Pareng Ivan, as the leader of your group, i know this group will last for years and more years. I know what kind of leader are you. Continue inspiring and sharing the same passion to others. I’m looking forward for more mountains, more adventures and more bonding time. Thank You for listening and THANK YOU THE BACKPACKERS, again, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

aka Byaheng Jologs

To The Backpackers…

Ma'am Weng during BP's Mt. Tagapo climb
Who are the Backpackers?...Why did they invite people whom they don’t know?... Why did they go with total strangers just to be with them in the mountains, caves, beaches and even roaming around different cities and provinces?...Bakit nyo nga ba ako na-invite?...Bakit nga ba ako sumabit at napasama sa pamumundok nyo?

Well, I think everybody knows WHY? Not because of the age (lol), nor being with the handsome and beautiful people (like what the Backpackers possess)…. It is simply because… we have the same passion…we have the same dreams…we have the same views about being with the Mother Nature! Be with our own happiness…be with ourselves…and most of all...feel our own Personal Freedom!  And that is how we unite…that is how our minds and principles meet…

Being with the BPs for two days in Mt. Tagapo is one of my unforgettable experiences. Since this is my so called “Revival Climb”…may takot ako. Plus…the fact na nanay na ako…di ko alam kung paano ko sila pakikisamahan or vice-versa. Sa muli kong pagbabalik sa pamumundok, di ako nagkamali at nagsisi na gawin ito with the Backpackers. I don’t feel left behind with the group. Everyone of them was so kind and very respectful…They had a very organized group…They are a true leader to each and everyone doing their own responsibilities…Kung lahat ng kabataan ganito…walang puwang ang bisyo at  pagkaligaw ng landas…Your parents must be really proud of you guys!

For me, all of you have the qualities of being responsible mountaineers…you have the true essence of camaraderie, the self-discipline, the concern to the nature and individuals whom you get along with… and most especially you’re practicing the principle of true and responsible mountaineering…Leaving No Trace! Kudos to all of you!!!

Again, to all BPs…I salute you guys! The way you explore Mother Nature…Keep on climbing…keep on traveling…spread the beauty of our country, The Philippines! I am very much proud to be with you people…again and again and again…. Happy 2nd anniversary and May the Creator in Heaven bless us always!


Happy 2nd Anniversary Backpackers!!! 

Alyssa during BP's Mt. Talamitam climb
Thank you at sinasama niyo ako sa mga akyat niyo. Kayo ang nagpakita ulit sakin ng ganda, sarap, hirap, at saya ng pag-akyat. May makikilala kang mga bagong kaibigan, at syempre makikita mo din ang mga kaibigan mo na. Maraming maraming salamat sa inyo, lalo ka na MON at tinutulungan niyo ako kapag nahihirapan na akong umakyat at bumaba, haha. Nakakahiya na nga minsan dahil ang weak ko  pero tinutulak niyo pa rin akong makamit ang tagumpay. Haha. Salamat sa pagkakaibigan na kahit sandali lang tayo magkakasama eh, alam mo yun, nag-click agad. Ang saya lang.  Alam kong pagpapalain pa kayo ng Diyos dahil hindi niyo ibinabahagi ang ganda ng kalikasan kundi pati na rin ang inyong mga biyaya sa mga nangangailangan. Nakakatuwang makita na hindi lang puro akyat ang meron sa inyo kundi malasakit din sa kapwa. Sana isama niyo pa rin ako sa mga susunod na akyat niyo kahit na hindi ako kasing dedicated tulad ninyo .  God bless sa inyo and many many more blessings to come! Till we meet again friends. Mwah mwah chup chup! :))


Backpackers and Friends,

Tim during ABC+ benefit gig
Hindi ko alam talaga sasabihin ko, hindi din ako magaling sa mga ganito, buti nalang hindi impromptu. hehe

Una ko nakilala si Sir Mon at Ma'am Weng during the Balagbag climb where sila ung nag guide samin, thank you so much. ang saya kahit uulan. sana makasama ko din kayo sa mga climb.

Few months have past dumami lalo dahil sa event. salamat talaga ng madami it's been a great night sakin or sating lahat. hindi ko alam kung ano ung tamang words at kung pano kayo pasasalamatan.

Sobra kong naenjoy ung company, kahit first time ko lang kayo nakita feeling ko sobrang close agad tayo, sana hindi magbago ung ganitong ugali ng Backpackers.

Hindi ko talaga makakalimutan ang gabi na un. sana magkaron pa ulet ng mga susunod na events where mas madami pa tayo

Happy Anniversary + Christmas party nyo, enjoy and have fun balitaan nyo nalang kame ng madaming masasayang pictures.

Pahabol: Gusto ko sumama sa backpackers next year pwede ba?



Stephen during ABC+ benefit gig
I can never thank you all enough. I’m sorry I cannot make it to your 2nd anniversary, but I’ll be there with you in spirit. Your group is defined by the very good character of its members and most especially by your leader. i have had the great pleasure of sharing time in the outdoors with some of you whom i, along with the rest of the PLUS mutants, became very good friends with instantly. you are all not only talented but also very kind-hearted, among many other things, and I'm still really looking forward to joining you in your mountain/outdoor trips one of these days and when i have the means to do so. I have learned so much from the examples you set by being just the way you are... that is, The BACKPACKERS way. i will always look back at the moments I’ve shared with you, those you shared with PLUS, and most especially at the precious time you spared for ABC+, to keep myself grounded and level-headed and as a reminder that there are still really good people out there who will keep our society and the world from collapsing from its own neglect and/or hard-headedness. please, please never lose the heart and brains that make you all beautiful in and out.

You have all become part of my growth and i owe you all for that.

Be safe while having all the clean fun you can afford whether in the wild or indoors!


love, love, love, fractalcore / steve


Lik during BP's Mt. Balagbag climb

Yo! Wassup mga lalabs?! I miss y'all too... Big shout out to my idol, "Filemon Sarmiento"!

Oh and of course, I need to greet, so, Happy 2nd birthday Backpackers!

Babay! Hehe! tapos na... joke lang.

Its been a while since I last jouned your climb, and oh my super G! I'm missin' it badly! I'm hoping to be with y'all again, hopefully my schedule permits me. (not Kring, ok! It's fine with her) hehe! And oh! FTW! I owe Ivan one Sunday of my life! haha! ('coz I told him back in June that drinks are on me when I already have a Sat-Sun off, but it didn't happen, so I sincerely apologize 'bout that dawg, but I'll make it happen).

Real talk, Big thanks for the fruitful climbs & some events that I've been with you guys. It's crazy!

Angel - why did you stop sending GM quotes?!
Loverboy Frank - Ikaw na! Boom baby!
Chikboy (can be a chick & can be a boy) Ralph - stop eating a lot. you're getting fat now. haha!
York - when are you comin' to Eastwood man bro?! Aren't you bored there in CG? hehe! at wag ka ng mambabae, masama yun! haha!
Liz - you're getting good at photography. keep it up! stay silent!
Chons - where's the big guy now? did you break up? hehe! just kidding
Ghei - make sure you get your boy a quality footwear next time, aight?!
Mon - sorry for ain't makin' it to Pulag. You know what happened...
Percy - what did you do to me when we were in DeePee's tent at Pico de Loro? nyehehe! joke!
Clue - don't worry too much about your NBI clearance. You'll get it!
Weng - make Ralph always order an extra rice for you. hehe!
Jovy - kelan ka ulit la-lablayp?!
Bogs - I always see you at the office so I've got nothin' to tell yah! haha!
Marion - stay cool. Keep surfing.
Ivan - you're getting old man! when are you planning to have a baby?! haha! oh sh*t! I forgot that I'm older than you. hehe!

And to the rest of the Backpackers that I forgot to mention, you guys rock! Take care of The Backpackers family. Watch each other's back!

Love Lots, Lik

And here are the rest of the greeters:


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