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The BP Anniversary Party 2012


We're going to party like we're in the 
Wild Wild West!"

Celebrates Two Years of Growth and Friendship
December 15, 2012
The Ascott Hotel

December of 2010 when The BACKPACKER Pioneers stared in awe and amazement at the beauty of Mt. Gulugod Baboy. These individuals witnessed the wonder of nature and this fascination instantly became a hobby. It paved way to a commitment of holding at least one climb per month. As the Pioneers set foot in new and exciting destination, they also met new faces. At first, they were only trail acquaintances. And little did they find out that these new faces would become special months later. The BACKPACKERS grew and held four induction climbs to celebrate ardent bonds and new friendships. Two fruitful and adventurous years for the group. It's already a great feat.

PARTY IN THE WILD WILD WEST was the theme of one of the most important day for the group: the second anniversary of The BACKPACKERS. Everybody strapped on their best vest, boots and cowboy hats. It was the newest batch along with BP Lead Ivan who were tasked to make sure that the anniversary floor is always active. BPs Ghei and Nick did a great task in hosting and holding a surprise dance number. BPs Jovy, Angel, Chons, Tin and Resty represented their respective batches to address the group while BPs DeePee, Weng, Mon and Nick prepared performances. BP Des who is currently in Japan surprised everyone with her heartwarming message via youtube.

The BACKPACKERS Anniversary shot

The Ascott Hotel in Makati City witnessed speeches from different batches, messages from 2012 climb guests, giving recognition and awards to some BPs, reminiscing the wonderful year that was, partying on the dance floor, booze and cocktail being passed around and most importantly, the bonding of being together again while greeting each one a Happy Anniversary

Here are the highlights of The BACKPACKERS' second Anniversary Party:

The Preparation...

The Speeches...

The Performances...

The Minor Awards...

The Bloggers' Choice Award...

A Bloggers Choice Award was also given to the Best Online Writeup in The BACKPACKERS ADVENTURES site for 2012. This award had a distinct panel of judges. Five famous Pinoy bloggers judged the entries and sent in their vote for the Best Online writeup.
Pinoy Adventurista voted for BP Heinz' Caramoan post. 
"Well written post, I could feel the author's excitement as I read through his story. It has all the necessary details needed to explore Caramoan, especially for a solo traveler. Full of adventures and nice photos. I am quite sure that it would be very helpful to anyone who plans to visit Caramoan Islands."

The Pinay Travel Junkie voted for BP Heinz' Caramoan post. 
"I like how his journey was inspired by the passing of someone special in his life."
The Quixotic Hiker voted for BP Marion's Baler post. 
"I'm choosing Marion's Lets Surf and Wander in Baler. Among the four write ups, she had the best starting paragraph... the first few sentences are very crucial if this blogging pastime is regarded seriously..One of the many challenges for us, bloggers, is to keep our readers read further and further into the write up without making them bored and I believe Marion is successful at that. Marion's way of storytelling is very descriptive. I get to imagine how it feels to be in Baler while reading her write up."

Kulapitot voted for BP Marion's Baler post. Making it a 2-2 for Marion and Heinz
"Marion was just so real and natural on how she formulates her stories .. While reading her post , I can't help to have the same feeling on what she feels during her Baler trip! Keep it up! Big fan of her!"

Batang Lakwatsero voted for BP Marion's Baler post. Breaking the tie.
"It's hard to choose, their writing style are almost identical. hmmm.. I guess I'm choosing the Baler post, 
nag-enjoy ako basahin yun."

To view Marion's Best Online Writeup for 2012, click here
The Games...

The Party Party!!!

The Major Awards!!!

Male Star of the Night:

Female Star(s) of the Night:
After tallying the votes, it was a tie!

The BACKPACKER of the Year 2012:

BP Lead Ivan nominated four BACKPACKERS who had given their time and effort, had shown their dedication, and had significant contribution to the group all year round.

After presenting the four nominees, everyone voted for their BP of the Year. ( And it was a close fight)

PARTY IN THE WILD WILD WEST was a night of fun, awards, games, dancing, partying, eating and most especially strengthening the bond of all The BACKPACKERS. It was a night of recapping all the happy, sad and memorable events that transpired within the group. And lastly, it was a night that we would forever remember.

Anniversary Celebration in 2011, click here

Photo credits: Liz, Tin and Frank

Thank you to our guests during our second Anniversary: Mommy Ems ~ The BACKPACKERS' Godmother, Feigh, Jef, Marvin, Christian and Maja.

Most especially to Wilson for the overflowing wine. 

Thank you to the Blogger Judges Miss Gay Mitra of Pinay Travel Junkie, Dermin of The Quixotic Hiker, Ivan of Batang Lakwatsero, Josh of Kulapitot and Mervin of Pinoy Adventurista.

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