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Bukidnon: Conquering Asia's Longest Zipline

Bukidnon: Conquering Asia's Longest Zipline

The BACKPACKERS Mindanao Trip: Day Four

Culminating the Group's Adventure: 
We Conquered Asia's Longest Zipline
By Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.

From Left: Ivan, Angel, Marion, DP, Jovy, Bogs, Frank, Heinz, Contz, York, Liz, and Ralph
It was our forth and last day in Mindanao. Sealing this four-day vacation was an activity everybody (especially adventurous ones) in Manila wanted to experience - zipline adventure!

From the Benoni Pier in Camiguin Island, we once again boarded a Roro back to Balingoan Port in Misamis Oriental where our hired van was readily waiting for us. It brought us up to the Dahilayan Adventure Park located at the town of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, just 40 kilometers away from Cagayan de Oro city proper.

The Pinegrove Mountain Lodge

Dahilayan Adventure Park is 4, 700 MASL. The view that we saw from the park was simply satisfyingly splendid! Verdant mountains, thick row of healthy trees, well nurtured pine trees that scented the air and the park itself. That was just the bonus because what we were targeting an why we went there was for us to experience the most exciting fly-by-wire, not only in the country, but in the entire Asia! 

The park was obviously well-maintained. A lot of activities are being offered - zipline, ATV, zorb, horseback riding, and even a whitewater river rafting package.

Our Zipline Adventure Photos

DP being geared up.
Bogs, are you okay?
Geared up and ready to zip.
York ready to fly!

The Backpackers braved the 150m Zipline...

The 350m Zipline...

The Major Fly

Contz is all set.
Frank and DP
Heinz and York

And the 840m Zipline --- 
             ... the LONGEST dual cable ZIPLINE in ASIA!

Angel celebrating success!

Young at Hearts Had Fun at the Playground

York, Ralph, and Heinz
Jovy, Bogs, and Contz
Marion and Liz
Guess who's inside the Zrb ball?
Swing swing swing...
Dee Pee
Liz and Ralph
Ivan and Angel
Girls love to swing
Heinz, Frank, DP, and Contz
Ralph and Heinz playing with a Golden Retriever
We had our lunch there.

Another bonus when we went to Dahilayan Adventure Park was the chance to pass through the vast Del Monte Plantation and the Planter's Village.

The BACKPACKERS' Four-Day Mindanao Trip 
was a TOTAL FUN and 
ended with a BANG!

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