Friday, September 30, 2011

Camiguin: A Complete Island Experience

The BACKPACKERS Mindanao trip: Day Two

Camiguin Island:
A Captivating Haven
By Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.
"The second smallest province in our country that offers some of the biggest nd wildest adventures 
and the most beautiful panoramic sceneries - CAMIGUIN!!!" 
~ Ivan Ignacio, the BP Lead


One of the most visited places in Camiguin, especially during summer is the Katibawasan Falls. The waterfalls measures approximately 250 feet high. Maintained by the provincial government, entrance fee is set to P30.00 per head.

It was our Group's first destination when we hit the Island. Literally after checking-in in our cottages and after putting our bags down, we reloaded our hired jeepney and asked our driver, to bring us to the places listed in our Itinerary. This first stop did not fail to please each one of us.  The waters were so relaxingly cold. They raced down to a green pool, which was surrounded by huge rocks. The surroundings was beautified by healthy wild ferns and trees. Katibawasan Falls was, and hopefully, will always be a stunning nature setup.

Ivan, Bogs, and Heinz by the waterfalls
DP and Jovy: Wet by the waterfalls :)

Sto. Niño Cold Spring

Sto. Nino Cold Spring impressed us with it's well maintained pool, clean poolsides, and verdant surroundings. At first, I personally thought that it's a regular pool with waters coming from a spring. The fact is, the pool's the cold spring itself! It's very natural at that- we found out that the base was naturally stony and small fish freely swam in it.

Angel and Marion posed by the pool.
Ralph, DP, Ivan, Liz and Angel enjoying the cold waters.
We had our lunch in there and it was a delightful meal. At the threshold of Sto. Niño Cold Spring was a small eatery where you could buy fresh fish and live chicken and have the local chef cook them for you. We had fried fish and chicken adobo. We also had fresh buko juice.

The Old Church Ruins

The Group had a taste of being in a historical place as far as volcanic eruption is concerned. One of the tourist attraction in Camiguin Island, the Old Church Ruins original name was Gui-Ob Old. A volcanic eruption in 1871 wiped out the Spanish settlement of Catarman including Gui-Ob, which was established in 1697.

Contz and Marion during the old times (?)

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

The Sunken Cemetery

The Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin marks the place where rested locals were buried before Mt. Vulcan Daan's eruptions in the 1870's. Interesting stories associated with this spot are available online. You could even ask the locals to actually tell them to you so you could have them first hand. Unfortunately, our Group was not able to get closer to the giant cross due to our tight schedule. But at least, we were able to actually see the Sunken Cemetery.

White Island

Perhaps the most stunning spot which seems to be Camiguin Island's halo - The White Island. It is surrounded by fairly rich corals which makes the island conducive for snorkeling. White sand, clear waters, magnificent view, relaxing breeze, a floating rest house... what else could we ask for?

The BACKPACKERS on white sands
Ivan underwater.

A romantic place for sweethearts...

For us, Camiguin Island is undoubtedly captivating. No doubt, many visitors would say, "I'll revisit you Camiguin!" Our Group had a wonderful time in this island. It made our Day Two memorable.

Dear Camiguin Island,

We fell in love with YOU!

Till next time,

Frank's jump for joy!


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