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The second half of 2012 is approaching.

More summits.
More beaches.
More adventures!

But before that, we would like to take a look at one of the busiest years of 

Year end of 2011, BP Lead Ivan started a poll and gathered the members' most memorable and Top escapades for that year. Here are the results:

The TOP 11 adventures of 

Magalang, Pampanga to Arayat, Pampanga 

                    --> Our first major climb as a group
                    --> Our first traverse as a group
                    --> The first time we got lost, we got victimized by its thorny and tricky forest
                    --> DeePee's birthday celebration 
                    --> This is the most challenging climb that we had so far
                    --> Maneuvering the 90 degree 'Landslide Trail' was one of the most technical and buwis buhay stunts that we did
                    --> It held the record for being the longest climb, ascent (5 hours) + traverse (11 hours) = 16 hours (until it got beat by Mt. Tapulao in 2012, and Mt. Apo Traverse in 2013)

10 NAGSASA COVE (October)
San Antonio, Zambales

                       --> This is our major destination during our San Antonio, Zambales escapade
                       --> Less commercialized (compared to Anawangin), the landscape was a real treat!
                       --> Some of our guests here, became a part of our family, Mon (Batch 3), April and Des (Batch 4) and Ghei (Batch 5)

09 MT. HIBOK HIBOK (September)
Mambajao, Camiguin

                       --> Our very first Mindanao mountain
                       --> This is part of our Northern Mindanao Adventure which was almost cancelled because of the bad weather
                       --> It was supposedly a traverse, but we aborted the traverse after most of us were showing signs of
                             hypothermia due to the very wet and chilling condition at the crater
                       --> Mt. Hibok Hibok's crater formed a very beautiful lake which we enjoyed

08 MT. TARAK (July)
Mariveles, Bataan

                       --> Our first induction climb
                       --> Three snake sightings, a hair raising and spooky descent, plus the never ending fun and laughter
                              made it very memorable
                       --> This is where we welcomed Batch 2 ~ Angel, Clue, Marion and Weng, to the family
                       --> The Induction Rites at the summit was one of the happiest moments of the group

Quezon City Circle, Quezon City

                       --> Our first charity event
                       --> It was part of Marion's birthday celebration
                       --> Planning and preparation were done at the BP Headquarters
                       --> Hosted by Heinz, Jovy and Ralph; sponsored by Marion
                       --> Seeing the joy on the children's faces was priceless!
                       --> The heavy rain did not stop us to give gifts and make the children happy

San Miguel, Bulacan

                       --> Conquered three mountains in one adventure: Mt. Gola, Mt. Bagong Bali and Mt. Manalmon
                       --> This is our first open climb, and the first climb with an official climb shirt
                       --> Four of our guests here became a part of our family: Angel, Clue, Marion and Weng (Batch 2)
                       --> Kuya Alfonso, one of our guides, was one of the nicest guide we met. To thank him, we gave him
                            Jovy's climb shirt (who was absent on that adventure)
                       --> We conquered our first cave as a group during this trip: Bayukbok Cave

05 CAMIGUIN TOUR (September)
Camiguin Island

                       --> Part of our Northern Mindanao adventure
                       --> Visited Katibawasan Falls, Guiob Church Ruins, Sto Nino Cold Spring, Sunken Cemetery,
                             Walkway to Old Volcano and White Island
                       --> White Island is a small paradise!

Linden Suites, Ortigas, Pasig City

                       --> Our first year anniversary celebration
                       --> Hosted by Bogs & Ivan
                       --> Theme was a Masquerade Ball, everyone was asked to wear his/her mask
                       --> The party was one of the most memorable celebration...ever!
                       --> The friendship toast where everyone gave his/her wish for the group was one of the most memorable
                             moments of the group

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

                       --> The last part of our Northern Mindanao Adventure
                       --> Conquered three ziplines; one of which (840 m zipline) is the longest DUAL cable zipline in Asia!
                       --> Liz and Marion had an exhilarating Zorb Ball adventure
                       --> We were like kids playing and enjoying the amenities of the park, while looking at the astounding vista 
                              of the mountainous town

02 MT. PICO DE LORO (November)
Ternate, Cavite

                       --> This is our first 'Friendship Climb', each of The BACKPACKERS invited a friend
                       --> It held the record for the climb with the most number of participants (before being beaten by Mt. Banoi in 2012 with 25 participants and Mt. Humalophop in 2013 with 28 participants)
                       --> For trail management, three teams were formed: Yellow, Red and Pink packs
                       --> A lot of us conquered the Parrots Beak! ~ the major challenge in a Mt. Pico de Loro climb
                       --> Post socials at the kubo made the BPs and guests bond; one of the most memorable moments of the group
                       --> Most of our guests here became official Backpackers ~ Bogs and Mon (Batch 3A), Chons and Percy (Batch 3B)
                             and Anna (Batch 4)

Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

                       --> The first activity during our Northern Mindanao adventure
                       --> It was one of the most fun filled, adrenaline pumped and exciting adventures that year
                       --> Conquered 26 rapids during our four hour river adventure
                       --> The lunch prepared by Bugsay was one of the most delicious, served just right in the middle of our
                              river rafting adventure
                       --> Team Bugsay was our river guide, one of the friendliest association that we met

2011 has been a great year for The BACKPACKERS!
Hoping for the next years to be the same! =D

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