Monday, October 31, 2011

Capones Island

A Zambales Gem: Capones Island
By Clue Fajardo
Amazing as to how it evolved but Capones is also one of the beautiful islands to consider.

In as much as the group wanted to extend some more time in the captivating shore of Nagsasa Cove, the boatmen arrived to pick us up for the next thrilling adventure, the island hopping, which was scheduled on that day, 23rd of October. We weren't in the mood to leave the cove yet when the boatmen came. Tents were still set and some had not taken their breakfast yet. As we had to hurry, we packed up, jumped into the boat and left the cove.

It's an island with gigantic rock formation ringed by approximately 20 yards of  white sand from  its base to the shoreline that added to the beauty of the island.

On our way to Capones Island, we saw the mesmerizing beauty of Pundaquit- the fascinating clusters of mountains that come into mostly similar pattern of slopes, and the amazing rock formation standing in the middle of the sea forming like a small island. The clear seawater and the good sunny morning heightened the magnificence of the entire Pundaquit.

 After an hour-and-a-half of sailing, we finally reached the Capones Island. Unlike in Nagsasa Cove where we could hardly notice the waves, Capones Island is surrounded by a rocky seabed; hence, big waves are prevalent.

I then noticed that the boatmen had slowed down the motorboat's speed even if we were still like a hundred meters away from the Capones shore. I wondered a bit but when we got closer to the island, I understood it very well- small rocks encircled the island and though they could hardly be seen because they were underwater, they could damage the boat if it happened to bump into those rocks. When the boat's pilot had at least found an area where the boat could pass, we dropped off down the Capones Island.

As soon as we jumped out the boat, we went north-west of the island to get a good shade so avoid the intense heat. As expected, it was extremely hot in the island since it was an open area and exposed to the sun. There we found the huge rock that served as a cool shade, giving us a perfect place where we could relax.

Spending a day in Capones was ultimately relaxing. Sitting on the sand while watching the horizon, the waves, the seawater, and the mountainous Pundaquit was a good beach trip for me. It gave me a sense of tranquility after a busy work week. The fresh air, cool atmosphere and the white sand were so inviting that anyone may find himself falling in love with the beach. The waves were so lovely and the sound created by them was a pleasant noise. They formed like another genre of music, music by nature. The island really gave us an ambiance suitable for relaxing, comfort, and of course siesta time.

Hovering against the waves around the Capones Island was a complete fun!

When you really get into a place that is totally different from the city, you tend to act like a kid...

We could have just simply swam so as not to get bruises yet we wanted something more adventurous. Just imagine these big men standing on a small rock, trying not to be kicked off by the waves

Well, life is always more exciting when you do crazy things and laugh...

After all, it’s only us who can tell how FUN life has been...

Enough of waves and rocks. To kill the time while waiting for the boatmen to fetch us up, the group played “pinoy henyo”. It was a funny game ‘cuz of other keywords mentioned like “Nida Blanca” and this made the whole group laugh, courtesy of BP Guest, Lik Buendia. Everybody participated in the game and accepted the punishment for not able to guess the keyword: a bottle of sand poured at the back

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