Monday, October 31, 2011

Camara Island

A Picturesque: Camara Island
By Clue Fajardo

After spending several hours at Capones, the group explored the next island, Camara.

Camara is 10 – 15 minutes away from Capones. It’s an island with terrific rock formation, just like Capones. But where the difference lies is the structure and land mass. Unlike Capones which is a single solid rock island, Camara consists of two extremely big rocks, and in between them is a gap where sea water flows.

Surmounting Camara Island gave us a distinct, unexceptional experience. I personally expected similar things like what we had in Capones but that was a total misconception that I quickly derived from nowhere. In Capones, we were dropped off the seashore but not in Camara. The boat stopped 50 yards away from the shoreline and the boatmen told us they could no longer go any nearer ‘cuz of the successive waves that might cause the boat to twist downside or to hit the small rocks surrounding the island. The boatmen were just over-reacting, I assumed.

As we only had two options: to stay at the boat and miss the opportunity to touch the ground of enchanting Camara island or to jump off the boat and swim. Everybody put the life vest on, except me. We were 19 in the group and there were only 18 vests available. I didn’t worry cuz I know I could swim.

It was a different experience for everyone. I felt like being forced to swim. What made it more challenging was that the sea water had never stayed stable. It was really wavy, though small waves, but the current was a bit fast and we were crossing against its course. I, myself, had hard time getting to the shoreline smoothly. Some of us do not know how to swim so they decided to stay on board while others continued with the thrill.

Success is when you overcome the hurdles.
Life is about fun but that isn’t absolute. Sometimes, in our pursuit of happiness, we encounter hassles, making each move complicated. It is at this point when we think of surrendering. We tend to choose comfort over risks. But mind you, life without obstruction is boring.

Choosing to stay home safely with family over the extraneous and dangerous island hopping and mountain climbing is an option, an option that gave everyone in the group a different sense of fulfillment for every challenge surpassed and for every count of defiance against the traditional notion of FUN. The idea of living life to the fullest is always seen in a personal context and is always free from intrusion. Life is FUN and this is how we make FUN.

We did not have enough time as some of us still had to work at night so we only spent 10-15 minutes in Camara Island. Short time spent but full fun availed.
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