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Episode 3: Their Legs Are Longer

Previously on Survivor Pangasinan:

The tribes were given a catalog where they had to choose two out of ten items as reward. Malabobo's Rexie and Resty wanted the Lucky Strike cigarettes so bad but Marion and Liz shut them down. Joyjoy grabbed victory for the Amorong Tribe when she won in a showdown against Resty of Malabobo. Amorong Tribe won bread & jam and cold Sprite. Rexie tried to recruit Resty in his alliance (with Leah and DeePee) but Resty's door seemed close for any negotiation. In the Immunity Challenge, poor performances from the Malabobo Tribe may have shifted the momentum in favor of Amorong. And once again, Joyjoy managed to grab a win for her tribe when she won against Chons in the fifth round of the challenge. Back at Malabobo Tribe, almost everyone was gunning for Leah except her three person alliance. But when Marion decided to give way, The Backpackers promised to stick together before ousting her. Marion became the second person voted out of the game. Fourteen are left. TWO PEOPLE will go home this episode.


The afternoon after Marion got voted out, the remaining Malabobo Tribe members were relieved. "I appreciate the fact that Marion gave way for us, and that she made us swear to look after each other in this game," mentioned Heinz.

Marion was voted out last episode unanimously,
but she made Malabobo tribe promise to stick together

"I guess it's written in the stars. Nobody had to do any power move. We just need to enjoy the game, beat Amorong and stick with each other. It's going to be hard for some people to vote out their loved ones in the future but we need to as we promised to Marion, The Backpackers will stick with and for each other," said Liz.

Everyone voted for Marion to grant her wish, and on the other side of the spectrum, Marion threw one vote for DeePee. "Marion voted against me and it's okay. Maybe she did not have a choice. She knew that I will not hold any grudge against her. I'm going to go as far as I can for her. This time around, the goal is for a Backpacker to win. And it would be sweeter if that someone is me," explained DeePee.

DeePee (left) will fulfill his promise to Marion - Malabobo all the way
What the others did not know is that the secret alliance of Leah, DeePee and Rexie is strong. Right now that there are seven Malabobo Tribe members left, all they need to do is to recruit one more person to get the majority. Rexie is still not giving up talking strategy to Resty even though the latter constantly showed no interest. 


Over at Amorong, everyone was starting to like each other. They won three out of the four challenges and their tribe was on cloud nine. Chino started some Kokology sessions again to fight the boredom. "Kuya Chino is very fun to be with at camp because he always makes sure we do something whether it be story telling, discussions or his kokology sessions," said Joyjoy.

"I think the difference between our group and Malabobo Tribe is that we are enjoying every minute of the game. When I look at Malabobo, they're not really bonding. Most of them were just lying around dozing off. While here in our camp, everyone's having fun. Our tribe is more interactive, theirs is boring, maybe because they already knew each other so there's nothing more to talk about? I really don't know," wondered Sheryl. 

"At this point in this game, I am really just observing people. I don't have any deals with anybody yet. But as the game goes, I feel connected with Sheryl and Chino. I instantly clicked with them as compared to, say Joyjoy, Alvin or Shane," revealed Ryan. He added, "if there comes a time that I'll need to make deals and pacts, I'll be happy to work with them (Sheryl and Chino)." 

Ryan might join the Mead Johnson Duo Sheryl and Chino in an alliance
Sheryl and Chino seemed to be the power couple everyone is looking to align with in Amorong. "I am most comfortable with Sheryl and Chino. They are fun to be with. I think the afternoon's gonna be boring if Chino's kokology sessions are absent," mentioned Erwin.

Sheryl and Chino were orgmates turned office mates. This powerhouse couple of Amorong Tribe work in a top notch pharmaceutical company in the country. "Sheryl and I are workmates in Mead Johnson. I am one of the Med Reps, and Sheryl is our all around office girl who handles our pay slips and pay cheques. She's the boss of pay cheques. So one can really wonder why I really need to be in good terms with her. My pay cheque's on the line," joked Chino.


Back at Malabobo, the castaways were asked in separate confessionals who they think needs to go next in their tribe. Heinz revealed, "I think the person who needs to go next is DeePee. Reason is he's a social threat because he is a likeable guy. Everyone will be drawn to his charm. Those are the reasons why I think DeePee should be next if we return to tribal council."

Heinz has his eyes targeting DeePee
"The person who needs to go next after Marion, I think it's Leah. I will be consistent that she may not give as much in the challenges," Resty was back in his own plan of throwing a vote against Leah. But he added, "but now that Rexie does not have immunity or protection anymore, I may see it as an opportunity to take him out." Resty's goal has been honest in the beginning. He wanted to go farther in the game than Rexie. If so, what is he going to do about it?

Leah, DeePee and Rexie who are the only ones with a secret solid alliance may be on the outs as the rest of the tribe were gunning for either of the three. "Out of everyone here, I haven't really had the opportunity to know Rexie more. So if ever we'll go back to tribal council, I may spell out his name on the parchment," revealed Mommy Chons. 


The tribes convened at the Immunity Challenge where Amorong had their first look at the new Malabobo Tribe, with Marion gone. "I did not expect to see Marion gone. I thought it would be Leah voted out at Malabobo. Well, I wonder what the game play is over at their tribe," said a shocked Sheryl in a confessional.

"We need to turn the tables around and win this immunity challenge," a pumped up Rexie concluded. He and the rest of the Malabobo tribe members did not want to go back to tribal council. But everyone was shocked when Host Ivan mentioned a twist in the game.

No Immunity for this challenge
"Welcome to the challenge arena. I have a good news and a bad news. Good news is, you will be eating after this challenge. That is because you are playing for Food Reward," everyone cheered after this announcement. The word food alone may have made them forgot that there's also a bad news. Host Ivan continued, "Bad news is, both tribes will be going to tribal council. Both tribes will vote out one person in their respective tribes," announced Host Ivan which surprised the remaining castaways.

"The tribe that will win the challenge will go to tribal council first. You will vote out the third person who will leave the game. And then you feast. The Reward: Chicken Adobo, vegetables and all the rice you can eat! The losing tribe will go to tribal council next while the winning tribe enjoys the feast. Meaning the winning tribe gets a chance to listen in on the tribal council of the losing tribe. Then, after the losing tribe votes out the fourth person off this game, they will eat the leftovers of the winning tribe, if there are any. Sounds cool? Let me now explain the challenge," commanded Host Ivan.


One tribe member will be tasked to run back and forth filling a bucket with sea water. This person will pass the bucket to another person who is stationed as the first bucket thrower. Four bucket throwers are lined up with specific distance from each other. Their task is to throw the bucket from one person to another preserving the water inside as they throw. Then the last person will throw whatever's left in the bucket to the sixth tribe member who carries a smaller bucket. The small bucket carrier will run and pour the content to the last remaining tribe member who carries a bottle. The tribes will repeat the process until the bottle is filled with water. The first tribe who fill their bottle with water reaching a specific line wins the food Reward and the chance to listen in on the other tribe's tribal council.

The tribes had a chance to practice throwing the bucket. At Malabobo Tribe, it appeared that Leah and Liz were the ones having difficulty in the task. Liz mentioned "I am not good at catching and throwing things, so I might as well volunteer in the running task." Over at Amorong, Joyjoy who won the last two crucial challenges for Amorong was assigned the lightest task which was to hold the bottle at the end of the line. Ryan volunteered to be the runner.


The runner to go get water: LIZ
The four bucket throwers: HEINZ, REXIE, RESTY & DEEPEE
The water catcher with a smaller bucket: CHONS
The holder of the bottle: LEAH


The runner to go get water: RYAN
The four bucket throwers: CHINO, SHERYL, ERWIN & SHANE
The water catcher with a smaller bucket: ALVIN
The holder of the bottle: JOYJOY

The Runners (Liz for Malabobo and Ryan for Amorong)

will run back and forth to get water
LIZ and RYAN are the designated Runners

The Runners will pass the bucket full of water to the first bucket thrower 

MALABOBO TRIBE. Liz passing the bucket to Heinz

Then the four bucket throwers will throw the bucket to the next person
preserving as much water as they could inside the bucket 

AMORONG TRIBE. Chino throwing the bucket for Sheryl to catch
MALABOBO TRIBE. Heinz throwing the bucket for Rexie to catch
AMORONG TRIBE. Erwin catching the bucket thrown by Sheryl
MALABOBO TRIBE. Rexie throwing the bucket for Resty to catch

The fourth bucket thrower will then throw the remaining contents of the bigger bucket to the sixth person who is holding a smaller bucket. This person will attempt to catch as many water as he/she could. Interesting enough, married couple Chons and Alvin were the designated smaller bucket holders of the competing tribes.

MALABOBO TRIBE. Chons is attempting to catch the water being thrown by DeePee from the bigger bucket
AMORONG TRIBE. Shane throwing the water of the bigger bucket for Alvin to catch

The smaller bucket holders will then pour whatever's left to the bottle holders whose only task is to stand up and hold the bottles. Aunt and Niece Leah and Joyjoy were both designated to be the bottle holders of the competing tribes.

And then, the bigger bucket will be thrown again until it reaches the runner...

MALABOBO TRIBE. Bucket being passed back by Resty to Rexie until it gets to Liz again

And this cycle repeats until the bottle becomes full or when the time is up.

AMORONG TRIBE. The bucket throwing continues until the bottle is full, or when time is up

Amorong Tribe had a difficulty especially between Sheryl and Erwin, and Erwin and Shane. Shane was catching too little droplets from Erwin, if none at all. Malabobo Tribe's bucket throwers worked well together. They were able to skillfully pass the bucket to one another while preserving many water in it. Chons, who was assigned as the bucket holder was also doing a good job. She was able to catch as many water from DeePee, which Alvin failed to do with Shane's poor toss in Amorong. The challenge proved to be toughest to the Runners Liz and Ryan as they were the ones who had the heaviest task among all. But both were passionate as they want their respective tribe to win.

In the end, it was Malabobo Tribe who won Reward and secured a guarantee of full stomachs after tribal council.


Amorong Tribe was down for losing the challenge. All of them wanted to eat since they were all starving. "We wanted to eat a decent meal. I just hope that my wife Chons and her tribe mates will be nice enough to give us good left overs," mentioned Alvin.

But more than potentially not eating, they needed to vote one person out of the game. Mead Johnson duo had a plan. "Chino was very good in convincing the others last time of my idea to vote out the young persons in the tribe. And it worked. So we may just have to continue with that basis. Right now, it's either Joyjoy or Shane in the chopping block," mentioned Sheryl. The two took the responsibility of dividing the tribe by their age to their advantage. Sheryl was successful last time, and this time, it's Chino who will do the plan of attack.

Island sisters Joyjoy and Shane are in the chopping block at Amorong
"At the challenge, Shane showed a weakness which is one of the things that we might consider. She is inconsistent. At one challenge, she would prosper, and then she would be weak again. So we may not be able to afford that. We need to be consistent if we want to win," said Chino. At the challenge, Shane had difficulty catching the bucket from Erwin who also had a difficulty in catching the bucket from Sheryl. "I admit that my performance in the challenge was not my best. Malabobo beat us by a landslide there. It was.. it was kind of disappointing," said Erwin.

Erwin is not happy with his challenge performance
Sheryl and Chino's choices were between the two youngsters Joyjoy and Shane. Joyjoy was given the easiest task in the challenge but she was a rockstar in the previous challenges when she won the crucial rounds for her tribe. Shane on the other hand, as Chino mentioned, was inconsistent in her challenge performances. Chino was thinking of ousting Shane, but Sheryl was thinking otherwise. "Joyjoy complained that she wanted to take a bath and eat. Little things like that, we do not need in the tribe," mentioned Sheryl. 

When Alvin was asked his opinion on who between the two is weaker, "I think Joyjoy is weaker than Shane overall. That's why I voted against her in the first council." The dubbed island sisters Joyjoy and Shane can only hope for the best. "I am pretty nervous right now. I do not want this experience to end this early," a worried Shane confessed in an interview.


If there was a clear lead from Chino and Sheryl at Amorong, Malabobo Tribe was counting on their guts. The only person who can volunteer herself was already voted out at the last council. "The mood in our camp is tense and scary. We are not really talking about who to vote, I think we are just going to rely with our gut feel on who to vote out," narrated Chons.

For Heinz, there was this paranoia that tells him that he may be voted out. "I hate this feeling of not knowing what's gonna happen. And that's the dynamics of tribal council. You can not really be in control because seven people are voting and judging. Situation like this makes me nervous as hell. This maybe it for me. I am psyching for the worst. I am preparing myself that I'll be voted out."

"My alliance of DeePee and Rexie was not able to talk because.. I don't know. Maybe because we think that it's unfair for Chons and Liz and Heinz and Resty and I'm not really a fan of the scheming and the deceiving part of this game. Right now, I am trusting my alliance that they will not vote for me. Rexie mentioned to us that he thinks Chons should go. So maybe that's where my vote will head this council," stated a nervous Leah.

The problem with Malabobo Tribe is that there's absolutely zero game play. When they learned that it was a double elimination, they instantly became worried, but no one really did something to ease their worries. Even the secret alliance of three - Leah, DeePee and Rexie - did not discuss who they'll vote for! The vibe of the tribe was somber. Well, one of these seven Malabobo members will get sacked. At least they'll have a decent meal to eat after.


The seven members of the Malabobo Tribe entered tribal council. Last time, they all said they knew where the votes were heading. But this time around it was different. "We do not have an idea of what the outcome will be. This tribal council is very different from the previous one," stated Leah.

Malabobo Tribe enters tribal council area
They were lauded by host Ivan for winning the exhausting challenge. Heinz praised Liz' dedication and effort in the challenge. "I got to give it to Liz for being a star in the challenge. She managed to keep up with a guy running back and forth under the heat of the sun. She's the reason why we won, hands down," praised Heinz. Liz thanked the compliment and said that she knew that she would suck at throwing and catching so she did her best in the position given to her which was to run. Leah also acknowledged Liz' effort saying it was admirable.

Host Ivan pointed out that one of the strong performers was Chons, "Chons was able to catch a very good amount of water thrown by DeePee. She also busted her skills out there," said Ivan. "The good thing about this tribe in the last challenge was we did our very best because we did not want to lose anymore. And thank you for the praises, I think everyone did a good job in the posts that they were assigned to," responded Chons.

DeePee acknowledges Liz and Chons' strong performance in the challenge
Rexie was asked if it was his strategy to distract the other tribe. During the challenge, he would mock and shout whenever an Amorong member will throw a bucket from one person to another. "It's strategy. I realized that they might be offended but it was just a game," replied Rexie.

It was time to vote. Ivan reminded them that Rexie's immunity necklace power has expired when they went to tribal council last time, so all are vulnerable in getting voted out.


Chons voted against REXIE

Rexie voted against CHONS

Liz voted against LEAH

Leah voted against ----

Resty voted against ----

DeePee voted against ----

Heinz voted against ----

When everyone voted, Host Ivan went inside the voting confessional to grab the voting urn. It was a very close battle. The three in danger of leaving were Chons, Leah and Rexie.

"Once the votes are read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to throw his or her buff in the urn and leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes,"

First Vote: LEAH

Second Vote: CHONS

Third Vote: REXIE

(1 vote Leah, 1 vote Chons, 1 vote Rexie)

Fourth Vote: REXIE

Fifth Vote: CHONS

Sixth Vote: LEAH

(2 votes Leah, 2 votes Chons, 2 votes Rexie)

Seventh vote and the third person voted out of SURVIVOR PANGASINAN is...


















It was both a shock and a relief for everyone who gets to stay. 
Chons threw her buff in the urn and sadly exited the game...



When Chons left, the six surviving Malabobo Tribe members transferred to a table where their reward of Chicken Adobo, vegetables, hot rice and cold soda were served. Ivan explained the rules of the Reward:

"You will be eating while listening in on Amorong Tribe's tribal council. Eat as much as you want. You deserve it for winning a grueling challenge. But bear in mind that after Amorong Tribe's council, they will eat whatever leftovers are there. Once the Amorong Tribe is ready to vote, you need to stop getting food as that signals the end of your reward plate. We now bring in your feast.. It's time to eat," said host Ivan.

Malabobo sits down to feast and listen in on Amorong's tribal council
The Malabobo did not waste time and chowed down. But there is a dilemma on how much they want to eat at the same time considering the Loved Ones on the other tribe. Will they empty out the food in the feast and leave nothing for Amorong Tribe? That's the strategic point of view. But emotions will run as the people who will starve are their loved ones.


The Amorong Tribe entered tribal council when the Malabobo Tribe started eating. To Alvin's demise, he was stunned upon seeing his wife Chons gone. Amorong stared helplessly as the other tribe ate as much as they could. Heinz of Malabobo told his tribemates to keep it down so that Amorong can concentrate on their tribal council.

Amorong Tribe was asked how they feel. And everyone ageed that losing sucks because they all wanted to eat. The difficulty between Erwin and Shane, and Sheryl and Erwin were highlighted. Erwin admitted that "it was not one of my good challenge performances. It could have been better." Sheryl defended the tribe that it was an unfortunate match up as four strong guys (Heinz, Rexie, Resty and DeePee) were the bucket throwers in Malabobo, "Their legs are longer if you compare it to ours. Their bucket throwers are all boys. And then the challenge was really difficult," contested the long legged Sheryl.

Long legged Sheryl saying they lost because the other tribes' legs were longer
Shane admitted that she also had a poor showing in the challenge when she could barely catch what Erwin was throwing. On the other end of the spectrum, Joyjoy was put in the easiest post holding the bottle, "I was told to do that so I did my best in the lightest task given to me," said Joyjoy. 

They were asked if they were offended on how Rexie from the other tribe was blatantly shouting and distracting them in the challenge. Knowing that Rexie was there sitting in the reward table, Sheryl discreetly answered, "it's distracting and affecting us when we were at the challenge. But will I hold it against him? No. It was probably his strategy to do that." Shane blamed it on Erwin's poor toss, "Kuya Erwin and I failed because Kuya Erwin's tosses were not good."

It was bittersweet for Alvin. He was sad to see his wife voted out in Malabobo.
But at the same time he was happy he outlasted her
"I have lots of thing in mind right now. I'm sad to see Chona go. First, I'll say thank you to her. Second, I want to ask her tribemates what happened. Thirdly, I am happy that I outlasted her... but I am sad that she has to go this early in the game. I haven't gotten the chance to play with her," Alvin began speaking. He was asked if he would hold any grudge that his wife Chons was voted out at Malabobo. "I am not the type of person who will hunt them down, I mean this is a game. But yeah this is something that may be a premise when I make a decision in the future. I really don't know right now."

Chino was pointed out as the person who is the most likable and jolly in the tribe. Joyjoy explained how Chino motivates them. Ryan was asked if Chino was the motivator, what was his role, "If Chino is the motivator, I can say that I am the follower... or more like a quiet planner," said Ryan.

Joyjoy pointed out Chino as  the jolliest person in Amorong camp
It was time to vote. Ivan reminded them that Rexie's immunity necklace power has expired when they went to tribal council last time, so all are vulnerable in getting voted out.

When everyone voted, Host Ivan went inside the voting confessional to grab the voting urn.

"Once the votes are read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to throw his or her buff in the urn and leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes,"

First Vote: JOYJOY

Second Vote: ERWIN

Third Vote: JOYJOY

Fourth Vote: JOYJOY

Fifth vote and the fourth person voted out of SURVIVOR PANGASINAN is... JOYJOY

Four votes are enough to send Joyjoy packing.

Joyjoy received unanimous votes. Despite a strong showing in the past challenges, her tribe mates deemed her the weakest and chose to keep Shane over her.




As much as I hate to say this, but Chons was a fan favorite. And she was also on my top five list. But she did not play the game by securing herself. In a tribe that has close to no game play like Malabobo Tribe - even a minority alliance can save you. And that saved Leah and Rexie, because from the start they built an alliance with DeePee. I hope the Chons vote will awaken the sleeping minds of the other Malabobo members - play this game! Build alliances! We will see...

I felt that Joyjoy was really going to be an early boot. And her past challenge performances can not really save her from the age gap in the tribe. If Joyjoy would be years older, I hope she learns from this and excel better in this game. I can see the tough cookie in her.

We say goodbye to the competitive Mommy CHONS... and the smart niece JOYJOY...


It's that familiar catchphrase which may make or break some castaways' game play:  

An easy reward challenge may give one tribe the luxury of shelter.

Two people stepped up to be the leaders in the immunity challenge. Who will succeed?

A castaway begging to be voted out, will he/she gets his/her wish?

And some people face the wrath of an unexpected vote. Yes, it's the start of the BIG BLINDSIDES on SURVIVOR PANGASINAN: Backpackers vs Loved Ones!


Episode 3: Their Legs are Longer
Episode 4: Please Vote Me Out

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