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Episode 2: Just One Stick of Lucky Strike

LAST WEEK on Survivor Pangasinan
Sixteen castaways were divided into two tribes, the Backpackers became the Malabobo Tribe and their Loved Ones became the Amorong Tribe. Amorong Tribe won the first Reward Challenge and a chance for individual immunity. Erwin of Amorong Tribe won immunity necklace and in a surprising twist, he won a second one for his Loved One, Rexie of Malabobo Tribe. These Immunity Necklaces can only be used in the first tribal council participated by their respective tribes. At Malabobo Tribe, Leah formed an alliance with DeePee and Rexie. Malabobo Tribe won the first Immunity Challenge making Amorong puzzle solvers Sheryl, Chino and Ryan vulnerable of being voted out first because of their weak performance in the challenge. Sheryl pitched in to the group to vote out the youngest people in the tribe first. The tribe seemed to follow Sheryl's lead, and in the first Tribal Council, JOSH SALTIVAN was ousted in a 5-3 vote against Joyjoy. He is the first person voted out of the game. Fifteen are left, who will be voted out next?


After Josh's exit, the Amorong tribe were called just outside the tribal council area for the season's second reward challenge. Joyjoy narrowly escaped tribal council. In an interview, she confessed, "I was very nervous when my name was mentioned at tribal council. It was a very scary feeling. I did not want to be the first one out. Luckily, it was Josh and not me."

Aside from Josh, it was Alvin and Erwin who casted votes against Joyjoy. "I voted for Joyjoy because I feel that she's the weakest in the challenges," explained Alvin. But the majority of the tribe voted against Josh. "I voted for Josh because he's just a filler. He is an alternate player and he did not really bond with us. Maybe because he is the youngest in the tribe," explained Sheryl.

Ryan confessed why he voted for Josh
"I voted for JOSH, because as I observed him, he is not physically quipped when it comes to outdoor activities or challenges. Aside from that, maybe because of his age gap from the rest of the tribe, Josh has this feeling of isolation thus he was not able to easily get along with the rest of the group," Ryan confessed on why he voted for Josh.


Malabobo Tribe was called to go to the challenge location. While marching towards the area, they couldn't help thinking about the result of the first tribal council. "Is my niece still there? Joyjoy???," said Leah.

Malabobo Tribe going to the challenge venue
"I have a strong faith that my sister Shane is still in this game. But I can't help but be nervous as I walk in the challenge area after Amorong voted out one of their own. Although I have a gut feel that Shane's still there, I am hoping and praying that my gut feel is correct," explained Heinz.

Their questions were finally answered when they had a first look at Amorong Tribe after their tribal council where Josh was voted out. Both Leah and Heinz were relieved in seeing their Loved Ones still standing. With this, Leah revealed, "My goal coming into this game is to not be the first person voted out. I was really hoping and praying that I would survive the first voting out session. However, it would not make me happy either if it's my niece voted out first."

Leah describing her relationship with Joyjoy
She continued, "Joyjoy is my Loved One and she is my niece. She is actually my first ever niece. Our relationship as Aunt-Niece is okay. They say that I am a good but grouchy aunt. I am the type of aunt where I will hold back scolding them whenever they do something wrong. But when I get pushed to the limit, I'll scold them and sometimes I even whip them if I became angry or what. And with Joyjoy, sometimes she's bratty. She would cut class, and really be troublesome. But generally, our relationship is... well, we are close."

But Joyjoy revealed in a confessional, "Hmmm.. My relationship with Tita Leah... Uhmmm... We're not really that close." But they say that blood is always thicker than water and Leah couldn't be happier seeing Joyjoy in the challenge arena. "I was very relieved seeing her," said Aunt Leah.


The tribes met at the challenge area where host Ivan explained the mechanics of the simple Reward Challenge. The Backpackers and Loved Ones will once again battle but this time it's a showdown of wits and general knowledge. They will be asked questions on anything that has relation to the venue of this second season of Survivor - PANGASINAN. The person who answers correctly wins a point for their tribe. After seven rounds, the tribe with the most points win reward.

For the reward, host Ivan gave the tribes a catalog. In this catalog were pictures of ten items. The tribes need to decide as a unit and choose only two among the ten items in the catalog. The items were:

These nine items and ONE MORE
Both tribes discussed among themselves which two items they will pick. Over at Amorong, Sheryl and Shane wanted Bread and Sprite. When Erwin and Alvin wanted Coke instead, Sheryl insisted, "Coke makes you thirsty." Joyjoy then commented, "we already have water at camp. Maybe we can choose the pillow for comfort."

Amorong Tribe checks out the Reward Catalog
Malabobo's picking was quicker and more systematical. "I guess no one can argue that what we need now is food, right?" asked Liz. They instantly crossed out the non food items. However, there was one item in the bunch which was very controversial. As for the smokers, their eyes and hearts leaped when they saw this in the Reward Catalog:

When asked what they really wanted in the Reward Catalog, Rexie and Resty both pointed out the Lucky Strike cigarettes. They were then asked if they will lock in Lucky Strike in their reward pot and Marion said NO with conviction. Liz agreed with Marion and stated that "cigarettes would only benefit the smokers in the group. Most of us don't smoke so there's no point in choosing this." Rexie and Resty both said they understood but Rexie pleaded, "Can we include even just one stick of Lucky Strike, please?" and to that, the answer is NO.

Rexie touching the Lucky Strike picture in the Reward Catalog
Amorong had the same dilemma. The smokers, Alvin and Chino wanted the Lucky Strike cigarettes so bad. "When we entered the game, everything was inspected. They even took out the cigarette that Rexie from the other tribe tried to smuggle inside the game. So we didn't have the luxury of piping cigarette so when we saw the picture of Lucky Strike cigarette pack in the reward catalog, it was really really tempting," explained Chino.

But in the end, both tribes picked Bread & Jam and 1.5 L Sprite for Reward.


When both tribes picked their Reward Pot, the challenge started. Because Josh was voted out during the first tribal council, Liz didn't have an option but to not participate in the challenge since Josh was her Loved One going into the game.

First Round: CHONS versus ALVIN (Married Parents)

What is the capital of Pangasinan?
A Alaminos
B Lingayen
C Dagupan

Chons: A - Alaminos
Alvin: C - Dagupan

Correct answer is B Lingayen
(none from the married couple got the correct answer)
Malabobo - 0  ,  Amorong - 0

Second Round: HEINZ versus SHANE (Siblings)

Which of the following provinces does not border Pangasinan?
A Nueva Vizcaya
B Benguet
C Ifugao

Heinz: B - Benguet
Shane: C - Ifugao

Correct answer is C - Ifugao
(Shane scores a point for Amorong!)
Malabobo - 0  ,  Amorong - 1

Third Round: LEAH versus JOYJOY (Aunt and Niece)

Who among these personalities was born in Pangasinan?
A Fidel V. Ramos
B Anne Curtis
C Fernando Poe Jr.

Leah: A - Fidel V Ramos
Joyjoy: C - Fernando Poe Jr.

Correct answer is A - Fidel V Ramos
(Leah scores a point for Malabobo!)
Malabobo - 1  ,  Amorong - 1

Fourth Round: REXIE versus ERWIN (Climb Buddies)

The Hundred Islands is a protected area located in Alaminos City. 
How many islands are there in Hundred Islands during high tide?
A 123 islands
B 106 islands
C 99 islands

Rexie: C - 99 Islands
Erwin: B - 106 Islands

Correct answer is A - 123 islands
(no one got the correct answer)
Malabobo - 1  ,  Amorong - 1

Fifth Round: RESTY versus RYAN (High School Buddies)

On April 4, 2014, Bayambang, Pangasinan made it in the 
Guinness for what world record?
A World's Longest Barbeque
B World's Heaviest Milkfish Buffet
C World's Most Number of produced salt in 24 Hours

Resty: B - Heaviest Milkfish
Ryan: C - Most Number of Produced Salt

Correct answer is A - World's Longest Barbeque
(no one got the correct answer)
Malabobo - 1  ,  Amorong - 1

Sixth Round: MARION versus SHERYL

Which among these is found in Pangasinan?
A Philippines' Smallest Hydroelectric Powerplant
B Philippines' Largest Coal Powerplant
C Philippines' Longest Corn Plantation

Marion: B - Largest Coal Powerplant
Sheryl: B - Largest Coal Powerplant

Correct answer is B - Largest Coal Powerplant
(both Marion and Sheryl got the correct answer)
Malabobo - 2  ,  Amorong - 2

Seventh Round: DEEPEE versus CHINO

Pangasinan is known for several majestic beaches and breathtaking islands mainly because it is situated beside the South China Sea. How many Pangasinan municipalities are beside the coastline?
A Eight
B Ten
C Fourteen

DeePee: A - Eight
Chino: B - Ten

Correct answer is C Fourteen
(no one got the correct answer)
Malabobo - 2  ,  Amorong - 2

After the end of seven rounds, the tribes were tied 2-2.


A tie breaker was forced wherein one Amorong member and Malabobo member will have a sudden death showdown. Only this time, the Amorong Tribe had the opportunity to choose who will compete at Malabobo, and vice versa.

The Malabobo Tribe chose Joyjoy to play for the Amorong Tribe. "We chose Joyjoy because we figured that she's the youngest player in their tribe so she has the lesser chance to collect life experiences or Pangasinan trivias as compared to the rest of them," explained Marion.

The Amorong Tribe had a brief discussion on who to pick over at Malabobo Tribe. But ultimately, Ryan insisted to the group to choose Resty. "I told them to pick Resty. Back in High School Resty's not good in question and answer. He would always flunk our oral recitations! So I insisted for the group to pick him, and so Malabobo has a higher chance of losing," Ryan explained. "Ryan wanted to pick Resty in Malabobo Tribe to particpate in the sudden death but I was doubtful about it. During the challenge, someone mentioned that Resty is from Pangasinan. So most likely, he has an edge," said Sheryl.

Tie Breaker: RESTY versus JOYJOY

How many districts are there in Pangasinan?
A Three
B Four
C Six

Resty: A - Three
Joyjoy: C - Six

Correct answer is - Six
(Joyjoy got the correct answer)
Malabobo - 2  ,  Amorong - 3



Malabobo lost in the Reward Challenge and they were starving. It was late afternoon and the only camp essentials they got was warm water. "I am very, very hungry. We could have used some of those bread and jam right now," complained DeePee.

DeePee is starving along with the rest of Malabobo Tribe
"Losing is such a terrible feeling especially that I am the one responsible for the loss. The sudden death was the judgment of the whole challenge...and I failed. I lost to Leah's niece. And I am hungry too. But I can't complain right now. I will just do my best in the immunity challenge," said Resty.

Resty and Rexie bonded over at Malabobo. Both were discussing the small provisions they had at camp. "I can use one stick of cigarette right now, I really don't care about my hunger," said Rexie. "That's addiction already, bro," replied Resty. "Addiction and starvation, that's a bad combination," he added.

Team REXIE or Team RESTY?
Who will prevail?
Rexie formed a secret alliance with Leah and DeePee and he's now looking into recruiting one more person in the alliance. "I really want to work with Resty. Our rivalry outside this game should remain outside the game. I believe that we have a system going on here and he's like my island buddy. I would like to recruit him to join me, Leah and DeePee and be an awesome foursome," revealed Rexie. In a confessional, Rexie revealed who his alliance may be targeting if they lose immunity, "I think the first person who will be voted out in the tribe is... Chons. Because she's the oldest and she may not have the ability to stay competing in the challenges."

But Resty might be thinking otherwise. In a confessional, he revealed, "Rexie and I are buddies. We are friends. But there's something inside me that wants him gone in this game before me. Resty and Rexie are meant to be Rivals, I strongly feel that way. 'R' is for Rivals." These two are known for their memorable rivalries in The BACKPACKERS group and they might just be bringing it into the game. "Right now he holds the immunity necklace so I know that I won't be able to campaign for him. But we don't know in the future," narrated Resty. What's in store for these two? Will they work together or will they target each other? Only time will tell.


The tribes convened for their second Immunity Challenge. The Malabobo Tribe complained about the starvation they were feeling. "I don't have any food for you, guys, it's Immunity that's back up for grabs," mentioned host Ivan. Alvin stated that they still have some bread and jam left. "Are you proposing to give Malabobo Tribe, who are your enemies, food?" asked Ivan. "They might get thinner," mocked Sheryl.

DeePee shows his starving stomach
"What's the catch?" asked DeePee.

"We forego the challenge, you give us immunity, and we'll give you food," answered Chino.

"No no no. Ivan, forget it. Let's get to the challenge," an agitated Marion blurted out.

The deal was quickly closed and Ivan explained the mechanics of the challenge. The castaways will compete head to head and will run towards the garden. Hidden in the garden are colored balls. The competitors will need to find a ball, run back and step onto a pedestal and attempt to shoot the ball in any of the bucket. The first person to shoot the ball into the bucket wins a point for their tribe. The first tribe to get four points win Immunity. The losing tribe will be forced to go to tribal council and vote out one of their own.
Because Malabobo had one extra player, they chose to sit out Leah in the challenge.

First Round: Sheryl vs Liz 

Sheryl of Amorong competed against Liz of Malabobo for the first round. Both girls were competitive and ran neck in neck with each other. But in the garden, Sheryl found a ball first. And when she got to the pedestal, with just one shot, she was able to score a point for Amorong Tribe. Incredible, Sheryl!


Second Round: Alvin vs DeePee 

Alvin of Amorong competed against DeePee of Malabobo in the second round. DeePee outran Alvin and found a ball first. He had a great head start. When he got to the pedestal, Alvin was still looking for a ball. But DeePee had difficulty shooting the ball into the bucket. Alvin managed a comeback and after three attempts, he outshot DeePee advancing the lead for Amorong Tribe!


Third Round: Shane vs Marion 

It was Marion of Malabobo versus Shane of Amorong. Both ladies ran gracefully towards the garden and at the same time. Shane found a ball first and went for the pedestal. She started shooting the ball but to no avail. Marion found a ball and ran towards the pedestal. Marion started shooting but it was too late, Shane was able to shoot the ball after her fifth attempt. Amorong leads Three to Zero. If another Loved One wins another point, The Backpackers of Malabobo Tribe are toast.


Fourth Round: Chino vs Resty 

Now if Resty of Malabobo fails to score a point, Chino will earn victory for Amorong Tribe. Resty and Chino ran as fast as they could. Chino found a ball ahead of Resty. This may very well be it for Malabobo. Chino tried to shoot the ball several times but he failed. On one hand, Resty was still having difficulty finding a ball! "Resty, this is all about who shoots first not who can find the ball last!" shouted Heinz reminding Resty to hurry up. Finally, Resty found a ball and he and Chino attempted to shoot the ball in any of the bucket. After ten attempts from Chino and four from Resty, they still could not land a ball in! Unbelievable! "Shoot the freaking ball! Come on Resty!", shouted Heinz. "What happened to your basketball skills, Resty?" asked host Ivan. After seven attempts, Resty managed to give Malabobo a point and a chance to survive.


Fifth Round: Joyjoy vs Chons 

Joyjoy of Amorong went head to head against Chons of Malabobo. Still, if Chons fails to score a point Malabobo is toast. If Chons gets this one, Malabobo Tribe stays alive! Joyjoy outran Chons who seemed to be having a difficulty rushing the steps up to the garden. Joyjoy found a ball first and had a great lead over Chons. Chons found a ball and carefully went down the steps while Joyjoy tried her best in shooting the ball. In just four attempts, Joyjoy scored a point and grabbed the win for Amorong Tribe!




Amorong Tribe went back to camp victorious. "I am so proud of Joyjoy because she scored the crucial point for the team," said an ecstatic Shane. "Joyjoy and I have became close already. We're like beach sisters. And I am happy that our bonding will continue," added Shane. Both these young girls scored points for their tribe. The other female player in Amorong, Sheryl, aside from feeling good about winning, was feeling something else.

"I am having this headache because I'm really really hungry. It was an exhausting challenge. Our reward of bread and spread has just been consumed and I am still freaking hungry. They won't let us eat or give us food," complained Sheryl. Well, this is what SURVIVOR is all about, right?

Ryan, Sheryl and Chino worked hand in hand to get a coconut
But when she and Chino noticed a coconut in their campsite, she volunteered to get on top of Chino's shoulders to go grab it. "We found a low lying coconut in a tree. And I so badly want it that I volunteered to get it. But after a couple of attempts, Ryan volunteered himself since he's more flexible than I am," narrated Sheryl.

"So Sheryl had this idea of getting the nearest coconut from the coconut tree so that we can eat it," mentioned Ryan. "When we were crazily attempting to get the coconut with ourselves and a machete, it was like surreal. Yeah, we are really playing Survivor," opened up Chino. The three were successful in picking a coconut from a tree and they shared it to the rest of the tribe.


Malabobo Tribe was defeated and went back to camp empty handed. Marion asked the group if they need to talk about what's going to happen or if anyone wanted to give way in the tribe. "I asked them if everyone wants to play or if there's someone who is willing to give up in order for us to stir away from the drama that can be brought about by tribal council," explained Marion. Nobody stepped up meaning that everyone had their hearts in the game. "I'm only here to enjoy the challenges and give my best in the games. I haven't really thought about the alliances alliances stuffs and the tribal council dynamics. Maybe I won't ever," explained Liz. Liz is very enthusiastic in taking on this game especially the challenges. But she does not like the idea of tribal council and backstabbing and forming alliances.

Liz: I am here for the heck of it! I love challenging myself.
Leah did not want to be the first person voted out of the game. But it looked like she may be the first person voted out of their tribe. On separate confessionals, "I don't think that Leah can last long in the game. This is how I feel our votes should be heading," confessed Resty. "Leah is an adorable person and I love her for it. But I think it would be in my best interest to vote her out since I feel that she may not be an asset in challenges," explained Chons.

But in a very surprising move, Marion gathered the tribe again and proposed for them to vote her out. "This coming council, I want you guys to vote me out. I am willing to give way so that there's no backstabbing or anything. Just promise me one thing guys, that you guys will stick together no matter what happens. Please promise me guys," announced Marion.

Marion enjoying her probable last time in the game
"Marion gathered the group and said that she wants us to vote for her so that it will be a light tribal council for us. Marion is a competitor, and it may hurt us losing her," said Rexie. In an interview, DeePee mentioned, "This tribal council, we all agreed to grant Marion's wish and that's for her to be voted out. She wants to volunteer to get the votes. We are just granting her wish."


The Malabobo Tribe went inside Tribal Council. Right off the bat, the Lucky Strike incident was discussed. Ivan asked Heinz, Resty and Rexie if they would be willing to be voted out so they can have the chance to inhale the nicotine that their lungs were craving for. "Of course not," said boldly by Heinz. "I can manage it. No thank you," answered Resty. "If you make it far in this game, you should reward yourself because your lungs will be spared. Treat this as also a rehab experience," said Ivan.

They were then asked how they felt at the challenge. Leah and Resty responded that the position of the pedestal was a bit unfair because the wind blowing was acting against them. "It was hard because our pedestal was in a position where it was parallel to the wind," Resty complained. However, there's nothing much to discuss about it because "if you are having that difficulty, most probably Amorong also had it, but they succeeded. Let's accept the fact that you lose. And you need to vote someone out," facts stated by host Ivan. But the complaints just cemented the truth that these guys were all out for it. They wanted to win.

The last complete picture of Malabobo Tribe
Chons, Leah, Liz, Rexie, Resty, Heinz, DeePee, Marion
Who will be the first to fall?
They were asked if they were nervous and Liz cut to the chase by saying, "we probably know what will happen." Chons supported the claim by saying, "with this vote, we will prove that we are unified. And we will bounce back and win the rest of the challenges." Rexie mentioned he is happy he knows he will not be voted out since he has immunity.

"Well, Survivor is an unpredictable game. So we can only know if all your confidence are true when we see the votes. Just a reminder, you can not vote for Rexie, he is safe for tonight's tribal council since he was given an individual immunity by his Loved One Erwin. It's time to vote," ordered host Ivan.

One by one, the members of the Malabobo tribe entered the confessional and wrote down  the name of the tribe mate that they want to kick out of the game...

"Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will surrender his or her buff, throw it in the urn, and will be asked to leave the tribal council area, immediately..." 

First Vote: DEEPEE
Second Vote: MARION
Third Vote: MARION
Fourth Vote: MARION
Fifth Vote: MARION

Sixth Vote and the second person voted out of Survivor Pangasinan is... MARION

Marion was asked to drop her buff in the urn and leave the tribal council area. In her last words confessional, she stated, "Well, I asked them to vote me out. I volunteered to be voted out so that we can avoid the drama and backstabbing that may happen which unfortunately happened during the first season among The BACKPACKERS. I left but I made them promise that they will stick together and The BACKPACKERS will win this time."

Marion's exit is not what everyone hoped for. She's competitive and she has a lot to offer. Nobody likes to see someone volunteer herself to be voted out. Perhaps going through this process is better than an outright quit, yes. But Marion's departure marked a big question for the Malabobo Tribe. Will they fulfill their promise to her that The BACKPACKERS will stick together and win this season? Only time can tell. We say goodbye to the Dancing Marimar of Cagayan Province, Marion Macapagal.



CHONS voted for MARION
LEAH voted for MARION
LIZ voted for MARION
HEINZ voted for MARION
RESTY voted for MARION
REXIE voted for MARION


It's the dreaded twist that may send the castaways scrambling

IVAN: "Win or lose, both tribes will head to tribal council and vote out a tribe member."

HEINZ: "This is the worst feeling ever. I do not know what will happen at tribal council."

SHERYL: "As much as I love her, she needs to go."

At Malabobo Tribe, will the alliance of Leah, DeePee and Rexie prevail. Or will Resty form a counter alliance?

RESTY: "Anything can happen at this point."

Will the age gap of Amorong Tribe continue leaving Joyjoy and Shane in danger, or will someone save the young girls in the tribe?

ERWIN: "can definitely see what they're trying to do. And I'll agree with it, but it doesn't mean I'll follow."

Coming up next on SURVIVOR PANGASINAN: Backpackers vs Loved Ones


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