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Subic's Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel

Water Slides Adventure Is More Fun in Whiterock
Subic, Zambales, Philippines

I was a Chicken Little before, too much of a coward when talking about sliding into a pool. Believe me, just the thought of climbing up pool slide scared me so much that I would prefer going home when asked to give it a try. But not anymore, after a friendwhose energy and excitement are so infectiouswas able to bring me up the platform and slide with me into a pool with a huge splash...washing away my fear of waterslides!
Since then, I've never missed slide adventure whenever in a resort.

Last month, I got a chance to have some fun with my new workmates in one of Subic, Zambales' well-known summer getaways  Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel.

Straight from work we traveled three to four hours on a perfect summer day. It was the best time to talk about anything under the sun while sightseeing the panoramic northwestern Luzon through the window, but my officemates were all too tired. They all grabbed the chance to recharge while our bus coursed through what seemed to be a never-ending trip to Zambales. Not a single person except me stayed awake the whole time. I found it interesting, though, and I was able to write this...
"This lengthy express highway reminds me of how far I have gone with my friends in reaching summits... It brings back memories... A concrete road that triggers nostalgia and makes me say: Ang biyahe laging iba... kapag BP ang kasama."

It's true. Though I'm excited to have fun with these great new friends away from the city for the first time as a group, being with The BACKPACKERS will always be different.

We hit the resort at noontime. Making the most out of the remaining hours we had, we rushed to the change rooms, and ultimately to the swimming pools. Whiterock has five well-maintained swimming pools, a beach front, and two enormous wave pools. We experienced them all, except the kiddie pools. And of course, we wouldn't forgive ourselves if we miss an exciting part of a summer adventure - the WATERSLIDES!

Whiterock offers thrilling waterslides especially for adults, and the good news is that the management ensures customer safety. As a matter of fact, each pool has an attendant, and every waterslide an officer who controls the queue and gives the safe go-signal to each swimmer. Too bad, though, that due to a maintenance routine, the See-Saw Slide was not accessible for the daredevils that day. But it's good enough that the Rampage and Big Bowl slides fun were up for grabs!

I did try the Big Bowl slide, a gigantic human-flushing Water Bowl, which put my adrenaline rush over to the top. It's a two-part slide. The first part looks like a lengthy giant straw, just big enough to let an average-sized man (in a sitting position, of course) through. Yes, claustrophobic souls might find it quite challenging. I could not help but shout as sliding through that giant straw felt like forever; I could barely see as water got into my eyes, and I didn't know what to expect when I get to the second part of it  the Big Bowl. I forced my eyes open as soon as I was out of the tube, and all I could see was the blue sky while my world was spinning around for what seemed like a hundred times inside the bowl! Then I was flushed out into the pool. It was an exhilarating experience!

The Big Bowl slide

Another must-try that gave me intense excitement is the Rampage slide. It's long and wide with Point A (the highest point) at approximately 20 feet! Due to its towering height, most people preferred to slide the Rampage with a companion. Testing bravery, I tried it alone while my friends anticipating my power plunge at the bottom. I started in a normal sitting position with arms raised up in the air, but the increasing velocity and the sight of the pool edges freaked me out! So halfway through the slide, I curled up and landed with a huge splash that exceeded my audience's expectations! I definitely want to go back and experience that same thrill I had.

BP Heinz about to make a huge splash at the Rampage slide

Sounds like Whiterock is all about pools and slides only, huh? But not really. Yes, Whiterock - Subic is perfect for water slide adventures. But for people who prefer tranquility and the soft music of waves while resting in Mediterranean-inspired cabanas, I recommend the same place. Its beautiful seashore is also a perfect place for romantic leisure walks by the beach.

Deemed as Subic's number one resort, Whiterock proves it's a great choice not only for vacation, recreation and dining, but also for entertainment and convention venues. I am actually done sharing my experience so if you want a virtual tour of Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel, visit

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