Sunday, May 29, 2011

THREE PEAKS: Mt. Manalmon

San Miguel, Bulacan

Third Challenge: Acing Mt. Manalmon
By: Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr
A view taken from Mt. Manalmon's peak.
"Third peak is the nice and easy Mt. Manalmon. For me, this is the most beautiful among the three peaks that we conquered. This is actually my third time here in Mt. Manalmon." ~ Ivan Ignacio

As what has been mentioned previously, the descend from Mt. Bagong- Bali was manageable.  It was quite a long trek though, from the foot of Mt. Bagong- Bali to our first major stop before climbing Mt. Manalmon.- the river. And, we had to bear with another set of crossing-the-river phase.

A descend.

Couples Ivan and Angel, and Ralph and Liz.

Heinz and Marion crossing the river.

A Rock Challenge.
The most dangerous and extremely challenging part, perhaps especially to newbies, was reaching the other side of that giant rock to actually reach the riverside where we could have our lunch. The only way to reach it was to literally hug and hold on to its rough surface while our feet made use of the almost impossible footholds carved by time on the side of that enormously huge rock!

By The River.
Some had a swim. Some helped in cooking. Rain showered. And, the group ate lunch.

The Backpackers' Top Model, Contz.

Weng and Clue.


A Voluntary Exit.
The previous night while still on top of Mt. Bagong- Bali, Heinz  missed three phone calls (all came from a single land-line number) and had one message. His boss was asking him to report 07:00 PM of the next day, which was Day Two of this activity. On the other hand, Gwen's red alert had commenced. In short, Heinz and Gwen was not evicted from the challenge. They just needed to go back to Manila due to work and personal emergencies.

The Backpackers Lead, Ivan, and Kuya Al guided the two back to Sitio Madlum.

End of the Challenge for you Gwen and Heinz...


Soon as Ivan was back to the group, it started its final climb- to the beautiful peak of Mt. "Manlalamon" (knowing the folklore story behind the name Mt. Manalmon will give you goosebumps... ask your local guide). It was an easy climb for seasoned climbers. Bearable for newbies. The view on top was great. Trees, rock walls, river, and neighboring mountains form a lovely scenery!

"Only 8 of us managed to climb the last summit coz Heinz had to leave coz he still have shift that night, Gwen is on Red-alert, Clue is injured, Marion is dead tired, and Frank needs to have some private time with his koi koi Andi. We did reached the summit of Mt. Manalmon for almost 10 min and for the 2nd time this year, I saw again the beauty of the place that sorrounds that mountain, thus, making Mt. Manalmon my Top 3 of all the mountains that I climbed (Mt. Pulag and Mt. Pico de Loro holds the Top 1 and Top 2 spot respectively)." ~ Ralph Flores

Men Survivors of the Three Peaks
Female Survivors of the Three Peaks

Everybody had the feeling of fulfillment while descending from our last peak goal. Three peaks conquered!

SURVIVORS of the Three Peaks: 
The BACKPACKERS and Friends!


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