Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bayukbok Cave Adventure

Sitio Madlum, Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan

Night Spelunking

"The adventure didnt stop after we finished climbing the 3 peaks of Bulacan. Since we are The Backpackers, we normally have some side trips after the main event (100 islands after Team Building in Pangasinan, Harbor View after Mt. Marami trek in Cavite,etc). But this time, it's a more challenging one. We did night spelunking, which according to our guides (Madlum Association), first time that will be experienced by their visitors/trekkers. We started the caving with Rappelling. And I have to admit, I really had a hard time finishing this task coz I really hate trusting my life with a piece of long & strong rope (remembering the rope in Toreng Bato in Pico de loro). Then we are welcomed by big spiders, sounds of snails (Gary), beautiful rock formations and stalactites. This is far more difficult than the first caving we had when we did the Men's Room. One wrong step and you'll die (or you'll be lucky enough if you will just break a bone). But seriously, for me this night spelunking is the most difficult among all the things we did for the entire two days." ~ Ralph Flores

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