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Matabungka Falls and Exotik Restaurant, Laguna

The BACKPACKERS' Unang Hirit Sa Tag Init continues with the gang descending from Mt. Humarap and enjoying the cascades of Matabungka Falls - a good fifteen minutes from the top of the  mountain. Then they head to one of the most famous restaurant in PH; the one that has a mini zoo and serves exotic dishes: Exotik Restaurant in Brgy. Longos, Kalayaan, Laguna.


Unang Hirit Sa Tag Init 2013
Part 2: Matabungka Falls and Exotik Restaurant
by Weng Topasi


We started the descent at around 9:30AM. According to a local, it was around an hour to climb Mt. Humarap and half an hour to go down. The time usually is split in half during a descent as it is less exacting and exhausting. 

We were all excited to see Matabungka Falls located near the foot of Mt. Humarap. The group except Ivan and Kenji faced again the staircase of the mountain. Ivan and Kenji had to drive the car down town first before they hike to the falls area. No one in the descending party really knew the way but we relied on the sign that we saw the day before located at the first rest station.  Even Mau who happened to be a second timer in the place did not know the exact location. Fortunately Amber and Paul followed the trail of the waiting shed and gave us the directions. Not really happy about the thought of climbing again since my calves muscles were still stiff, it took a little longer for me to follow the rest. Funny thing was, there was also another group of visitors like us who nearly got lost. My plan that time was to just look at the scenery, but upon seeing the falls I could not resist from getting wet.  The icy cold water refreshed my body.  It was really worth the visit.  It was magical to see the water droplets slowly falling from the top of the falls.  

We only stayed there for half an hour since we needed to visit another place. And just before I went back I took one last look at the water and alas! What did I see? A rainbow in front of me.  Such a delight, I did not really need to look at the skies to see one.  That made my day!


We continued the descent and were divided into sub groups. A couple of people waited at the stall that sells Halo Halo - the most famous summer refreshment in PH! Me and some girls stopped by a stall that sells green mangoes! For just two pesos apiece, it satisfied the girls' hunger for something sour.

When we got complete at the parking near the church, we headed to a famous restaurant in the nearby town of Kalayaan, Laguna: Exotik Restaurant! This is like no other restaurant because its aesthetically designed veranda will surely entice you to drop by. It also has a mini zoo where you can see and interact with some animals. The most famous animal - Samantha the python was not in its cage during that time. And ultimately, it is unique for its Food For The Gods - a page on their menu which offers adventurous diners with a list of exotic food ranging from frogs to pythons to eel to monitor lizard.

One best thing about The Exotik Restaurant is that it has this beautiful ambiance that makes you want to click your camera non stop. And here are some of our shots:

After washing up at Kalayaan Twin Falls Resort, we hopped in our service which carried us back to Manila. That was an amazing summer opener for The BACKPACKERS and we can not wait to see and experience what more are in store for us!

Photo Credits to Angel, Ivan, Mon, Paul, Tim

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