Friday, November 23, 2012

The BP Gives Back: Give Love Year 2


The BACKPACKERS had a slight detour from our usual outdoor activities and bonded in the metropolis as we held our second major Outreach Activity in He Cares Foundation in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.  As we delve deeper into this season of sharing and loving, everyone was very willing and cooperative for this undertaking to be successful. It was spearheaded by BP Marion as part of her commitment in sharing her blessings during her birthday month. Here, we had the chance to meet, greet and bond with fifty seven kids of He Cares Foundation. It was an overwhelming feeling for everyone to see the beautiful smiles of these kids while they danced, played, drew art and ate. 

Here's a picture story of what transpired in this very memorable event:

Event host Sir Nickson Garcia
started the program.

Fifty seven excited and eager kids from He Cares Foundation listened to the activities in store for them that day.

BP Lead Ivan Ignacio introducing the group and thanking the foundation for the opportunity.

BP Angel Cawaling shared a story which aimed to promote health and proper hygiene to the kids.

The kids were very eager to answer teacher Angel's questions to test how the kids understood the discussion.

BPs DP Piano and Mon Sarmiento conducted the first game: Bring Me

When the kids heard 'Bring Me a shoe', they rushed towards Sir Freddie Fernandez and Sir Resty Ritualo to forcibly get the ones they were wearing.

BP Liz Honrade explaining the theme of the Art Activity: Protecting and Caring For The Environment.

The kids enjoyed drawing their masterpiece and shared their artistic side.

First Group with their art facilitators BP Jovy Duremdes and BP Bogs Hernandez

Second Group with their art facilitators Ma'am Alexi Lee and Ma'am Checa Catalasan

Third Group with their art facilitators Sir Freddie Fernandez and Sir Resty Ritualo

Fourth Group with their art facilitators lovebirds Ma'am Ghei Agoncillo and Sir Louie de Villa

Fifth Group dubbed as the 'Alvares Family' with their art facilitators lovebirds BP Tin Santos and BP Heinz Alvarez

The judges deliberating and choosing the ten best artworks ~ BP Liz Honrade, BP Marion Macapagal and BP Ralph Flores

While the judges deliberate, the kids played another round of games. This time, they readied for: Pahabaan

Sir Freddie Fernandez ~ one of the coaches of Group 3; the winning team for Game #2!

It's time for Game #3!
Calamansi Relay!

It was a rumble when Game Master Mon Sarmiento announced that the winner was Group #1! Group #2 facilitated by Ma'am Alexi and Ma'am Checa was very close though.

It was time to recharge after the exhausting but exciting games. BP Marion prepared these for the kid which they really enjoyed! Yum!

Yum! Yum! Yum!

The ice cream stand was a box office hit!

Katkat Hernandez, Ralph Flores and Alexi Lee ruled the dance floor with their Gangnam Style dance number

The winners of the Art Activity announced! 10th, 9th and 8th placers!

#7, #6 and #5 masterpiece awarded

The top four were handed their prize.

The little BPs: Katkat Hernandez, Marvin Artillero and Ayesha

The kids with Kuya Ralph

Giving of loot bags.

The winners with their facilitators
The BACKPACKERS and the kids of He Cares Foundation

The BACKPACKERS would like to sincerely thank the following who contributed to the success of this event:

Alexi Censon
Angie Dimakiling
Aries Gonzaga
Carol Cantilado
Chary Asejo
Checa Catalasan
Chicoy Ponce de Leon

Chris Naynes
Cyleen Velasquez
Dave Carpio
Dina Vibar
Donna Duclayan
Donnie Beltran
Ella Ojeda
Ercel Alinsangan
Freddie Fernandez
George Garcia
Geraldine Gregorio

Ghei Agoncillo
Gizelle Reyes
Hana Patrixia Gatchalian
Hermil Ilagan
Hiyas Lopez
Ignacio Lopez-Martinez
Irene Karla Romero
Jay-ar Robleza
Jayson Sta Cruz
Jennifer Isla Ramirez
Jerome Torres
JM Laxa
Louie de Villa
Maecel Padolina

Maibelle Aure
Mavi de Vera
Michelle Fabellar
Michelle Nolasco
Nick Garcia
Raichu Tamayo
Resty Ritualo
Van Salandanan
Wilson Albert Galapon

The BACKPACKERS who were present in the activity
and helped in the preparation:

Angel Cawaling
Bogs Hernandez
Liz Honrade
Jovy Duremdes
Marion Macapagal
Tin Santos
Weng Topasi
DP Piano
Heinz Alvarez
Ivan Ignacio
Mon Sarmiento
Ralph Flores
Anna Aujero
Chons Zosa
Conts Cirujales

“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.”

Jean-Nicolas Bouilly (1763-1842)





Photo credits: Liz Honrade and Ivan Ignacio

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