Monday, October 29, 2012

The BP Gives Back: Give Love @ Nayon Ng Kabataan

We Care, We Share
I felt I had a very loving heart of a good Christian after I and my groupThe BACKPACKERS spent time at Nayon ng mga Kabataan yesterday and had fun with the street children who are under the custody of DSWD. Thanks Chons Zosa for this outreach. This reminded me of how lucky I had been because of my mom (wherever she is now). 
~BP Clue Fajardo

A Purpose Driven Life
by Clue Fajardo

The way I had viewed life was different. It was an egocentric approach as I value my life, my happiness more than anything else. For me, enriching my own life with money and leisure after hard work is what mattered most. I love to have fun, travel and explore places, and do extreme activities, and with that, I work hard to earn money and have something to spend for myself, my family and selected friends. And I'd been happy doing so. For me that was living life to the fullest.

But some mindsets do change when something special would come into play, just like what happened after I joined the outreach program spearheaded by BP Chons. After engaging in small talks with kiddos at Nayon ng Kabataan, I realized I had long forgotten the basic foundation why I had to enter college - poverty and a dream to change the status quo. When I started earning money, I didn't look back and I kept my focus on my family's well-being as well as mine. I excluded in the scene the society of underprivileged, those who had been hit by misfortune like the street children in Nayon ng Kabataan who are now under the custody of DSWD. I often say, life is a by product of choices but I doubt if these kids had even had slightest opportunity to make choices. I will have to reconsider things and try to look life in its widest view.

What dreams may come, what kind of life I may come across, I must go on but looking back at the Nayon ng Kabataan, I would say, they need help to be able to set forth a bright future.

When my group started to hand them food, I saw a picture of starving kids outside the center. I saw an image of an innocent boy hoping that he gets a regular yummy meal on his plate. Hope. That's all that we can get for absolutely free.


This is BP Chons' way of celebrating her birthday
Thank you Chons!
The BACKPACKERS with the kids of Nayon Ng Kabataan


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