Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Balite Falls

Amadeo, Cavite
P h i l i p p i n e s   

                          The BACKPACKERS Were Here...
Balite Falls

By Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.
Photos taken by April Bedana and Alexi Lee

To celebrate the success of the Group's first official night trek, Mt. Talamitam Climb, The BACKPACKERS and guests had a refreshing treat in a place where the bustling of flowing water is irresistibly inviting - Balite Falls.

Balite Falls is a small but definitely a good place for some water fun! This somehow hidden nature offering is located in Amadeo, Cavite, a good 20-30 minutes drive from Tagaytay Rotonda. In our case, we are all grateful to Wilson, one of our guests, for making the Group's transportation from Sitio Bayabasan to Balite Falls comfortable because of Tami, his L300 box type. 

Tami transported us in two batches and we were already enjoying the company of a complete group before the clock hit 2:00 PM.

We all look forward to side trips like this after each climb. For us, they provide a lot of opportunities that we can enjoy and experiences that we can treasure. 

We found time to relax...

In a falls, where a place conducive to swimming is limited (unless fully developed with big pools of course), sitting by the waterfalls and allowing it to massage your back is relaxing enough.

Relaxing by the waterfalls
Clue dog-paddled to get there :)
Certainly only for adults who know how to swim, one can at least dog-paddle to cross the basin and get nearer to that gigantic rock for some more waterfalls. Clue, known to be one of the bravest BP girls, did not miss the chance to experience it!

One good thing about Balite Falls is that it has a small man-made pool with shallow water so that the kids would have a place to have fun as well. Also, huts and cottages are available for excursionists.

April and Des
A relaxing shower

Relaxing by the swing
Perhaps from a relaxing stroll
For people who prefer not to submerge to the waters, a leisurely walk around the place to simply appreciate nature is also a good treat. 

... and swam in the big basin.

Because it had been raining for the past few days before the Group invaded this secluded part of Amadeo, the water from the falls was not clear at all, but it was not health-threatening either. And, that did not keep us from enjoying the place. It has been second nature to The BACKPACKERS to get the most of every place we visit.

Des, Clue and Ana

Water Adventure

Marion, Ivan, Angel and Heinz
Who got acrophobia?

Perhaps, the most interesting activity one can do in Balite Falls is diving or simply jumping off from the top of the falls down to its basin. Looking at it from a distance seems an easy job to do, but when you are actually there on top, your knees will tremble and your soul will hesitate.

Clue, Angel, Marion, and Heinz took the challenge of proving they got zero acrophobia. And they aced the test!

Height: approximately 3 meters / 9.8  feet
Basin's Depth: approximately 5.4 meters / 18 feet

Clue's brave jump
Angel's jump with poise

Marion and the jump of her life! 
Kokak... kokak...

Busy for the love of BPs

As usual, Mon wholeheartedly served the group as the Master Chef, who cooked masarap na sinigang na baboy.

Ivan, Wilson, Alyssa, and Heinz gave a hand to the BP Master Chef
All-girl crew
A successful night trek to Mt. Talamitam...
and a good side trip in Balite Falls 
equals (?) 

          The BACKPACKERS' July Adventure

Next Stop:
Mt. Sembrano
 (The BACKPACKERS August Adventure and Mon's Birthday Climb)


Dave Transfiguracion said...

meron po ba kayong adventure ngayong year?pwede po ba sumali?

Dave Transfiguracion said...

meron po ba kayong adventure ngaung year?gusto ko sana pong magpammber


Hi Dave!

Thank you for visiting our site!

Yes we have a lot of adventures set for the rest of 2012.

Email our lead at ivan.jfinex@gmail.com so that he can give you a heads up on these future trips.

We look forward in meeting you on our next adventures!