Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anniversary Party 2011

The BP Masquerade Christmas Party 2011

The Parade of Stars...

Ivan, BP Lead
Angel, BP
Mon, BP
Heinz, BP Pioneer
Marion, BP
Ralph, BP Pioneer
Liz, BP Pioneer
York, BP Pioneer
Jovy, BP Pioneer
Contz, BP Pioneer
Bogs, BP and daughter Kat
Dee Pee, BP Pioneer

Clue, BP
Frank, BP Pioneer
Weng, BP

and of Special Guests...

Kat, Bogs daughter
Paul, BP- hopeful
Emily Peralta "Mommy Emz", A BP Friend

The BP Boys

The BP Girls

The Celebration...

with a Mini- Program...

Bogs and Ivan hosted the program.

where "And the AWARD goes to..." was much awaited...

We had party fun!

And strengthened the bond...

Bogs, Jovy, and Kat show they rock!
Mommy Emz and Heinz first meeting.

Clue, Mon, Angel, Contz, Jovy, and Kat ready for the real fun!
Angel, Mon, Mommy Emz, Clue, and Contz
Ivan, Mon, and Heinz
Frank, Weng, and Ralph
Sweethearts Ivan and Angel
Weng and Mon
Paul, Dee Pee, Liz, Ralph, and Marion

It was The Backpackers' BIG NIGHT for 2011!
See you again next year!

Written by Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.
Photos by Frank Aguilar and Clue Fajardo

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