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The BP Gives Back: Project Give Love Ugo

The BP Gives Back: Project Give Love Ugo
Domolpos Children Deserve a Bright Future
By Heinz Lopez Alvarez, Jr.

The BACKPACKERS with Domolpos Community School pupils

Everybody was undeniably blessed with ample amount of endurance that day. All we needed after seven to eight hours of trekking, and soon as we have reached the "sitio", was a short rest. After that, every one was on his feet again, sorting out give-aways, repacking snacks, and preparing the school supplies that we were about to give to the pupils of Domolpos Community School. Perhaps, the strength which we had that day was sustained because of our great desire to help coupled with the thought that we must deliver so as not to put into waste KaEskwela's generosity.

The Recipient

About two kilometers from the foot of Mt. Ugo lies a peaceful remote village named Domolpos. It is a "sitio" (small community) that is within the parameter of Brgy. Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet. It has a small elementary school where some 40 - 50 students go everyday to receive education - the Domolpos Community School.  

The BACKPACKERS with Domolpos Community School Teachers (center)

The school does not have modern facilities, equipment, fixtures, and  materials that we normally expect and see in city schools. It has a few classrooms with aged wooden desks. The rooms themselves need some improvement so they would have a good blackboards and bookshelves. For the reason that Domolpos does not have electricity yet, it is understandable that there is zero electronic learning equipments in its community school. However, despite of the fact that they do not have all those things, Domolpos children and those coming from surrounding and distant villages, still go there to learn.

Domolpos Community School pupils

On our way to the site, while literally walking under the scorching heat from the sun, our guide, Kuya Alex, told us that many pupils walk at least two hours back and forth Domolpos Community School everyday. There even are those kids who need to walk in barefoot for two hours just to get to the school. That is their story. And we were all moved by it.

The good news is many, who happen to hear the story, do act. We learned that from time to time there are groups, most of them mountain climbers, that would conduct outreach program for the community first before proceeding to reaching the summit of Mt. Ugo. And, with that thought do we feel grateful to have been able to join The BACKPACKERS in putting a meaningful event like this. We were actually surprised when he announced that our Mt. Ugo climb is an outreach program at the same time. The fact that he got the heart to help and he worked on it quietly, until KeEskwela confirmed a partnership with The BACKPACKERS in giving some love for the pupils of Domolpos Community School, made us all proud of our Ivan Ignacio, our lead.

A Domolpos little girl and Ivan Ignacio, The BP Lead

Giving Love to Domolpos Children

"The BACKPACKERS and KaEskwela tied up for this successful and meaningful event which aimed to donate items that the students of Domolpos Community School need," ~ Ivan Ignacio

Raincoats, boots, umbrellas (things that will protect them from the weather when going to school), and some school supplies were the gifts the Domolpos children received from our sponsor. The BACKPACKERS Marion and Chons also donated supplies in the form of puzzles, candies, treats, bags, etcetera.

The whole Group worked hand in hand to make this event a success. From preparing some snacks to repacking giveaways. And, from hosting the program to distributing the gifts.

The BACKPACKERS in action
Jovy gives love
Weng gives love
Ghei gives love
Boots fitting
The BPs give love
Indeed, it was a day full of love for everybody. The children showed smiles on their faces. The parents and teachers were very grateful. And we, The BACKPACKERS, felt happiness - the priceless reward.

We hope that those raincoats, boots and umbrellas would serve as a reminder for those children to not give up and to continue getting education no matter how challenging the road may seem. And as a group, we pray that more and more people would be able to hear the story of Domolpos children so that more and more people could also act to be of support to them. Just like other children in the cities and in any part of the world, they also deserve a bright future.

About Our Partner

KaEskwela is a non-stock, non-profit organization made up of volunteers who are dedicated to helping public schoolchildren attain quality education, which will eventually help them lead better lives. Formed in April 2007, KaEskwela has donated books, school supplies, bags and footwear, electric fans, and computers to public schools. The Team has also conducted workshops on literacy for teachers, art and writing for students.

More information about KeEskwela is available online at

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